This & That: No. 29

Oct 16, 2012

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A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view a much talked about piece of art, pajamas to purchase for absolute luxury and comfort, a new illustrator I think you’ll adore and why women should never take their ability to read for granted . . .


~Scream by Edvard Munch at MoMa in NYC

The most expensive painting to sell at auction to date ($119 million), Edvard Munch’s 1895 painting Scream will be on display for the public at New York City’s Museum of Modern Art beginning on October 24th and running through April 2013. Situated on the 5th floor, if you happen to be visiting the Big Apple or are lucky enough to live there, be sure to take a trip to see what an anonymous art collector found to be worth such a lofty price (while the buyer’s name has not been revealed, it has been speculated to have been purchased by New York financier Leon Black who, coincidentally, is on the board of the very museum in which it will be on display.)

~Article to Read

~”Turning the Page: How Women Became Readers” by Joan Acocella in The New Yorker

Since women’s issues tend to be at the forefront of the political discussion as of late regarding health and abortion, I found “Turning the Page: How Women Became Readers” to be incredibly eye-opening. Second to only contraception, Acocella points out that literacy regarding the history of women was a matter of great importance.  Reviewing Belinda Jack’s book The Woman Reader, Acocella shares a glimpse of the struggle and finally the victory that women claimed in fighting for their right to be able to learn how to read and then read whatever they pleased. Because as we know, knowledge is power. 

~Blog to Visit

~Paper Fashion

I had the fortunate opportunity to meet the talented illustrator, Katie Rodgers this past weekend, who is the creator and talent behind Paper Fashion blog and business. Located in Boston, Katie is an inspiration to any one with a creative talented who wants to make a living doing what they love. Genuinely modest, but certainly talented in such a way that makes me wish I could draw more than a stick person, Katie’s illustrations are founded in fashion, style, and femininity. I remember seeing this particular illustration and knowing immediately I wanted to learn more about the artist. Be sure to visit her blog, Paper Fashion, for regular updates and art work, and shop her illustrations and upcoming 2013 calendar here.


The team of Unclutterer aims to help its readers organize both their home and office. With tips for those who need organization to create more productive lives, as well as lovers of organization who want to become even more efficient, Unclutterer offers practical tips and suggestions that will keep your life in line and your goals in clear sight.

~Blog Post to Read

~”Answering the Inevitable: So, Are You Totally Fluent in French Now?” HiP Paris Blog

I don’t know about you, but it feels upon choosing to learn a new language as an adult, that I will never be completely fluent. So when I came across Tory Hoen‘s blog post “Answering the Inevitable: So, Are You Totally Fluent in French Now?”, I took a big sigh of relief. If you too are learning a second, third or fourth language, her post will put your mind at ease and bring perspective to how fluent you most likely already are, but aren’t giving yourself credit for. As an English teacher who is regularly learning more vocabulary to add to my mind’s library of words, the definition of “fluent” in another language becomes more and more distant based on my understanding of my own first language. But the reality is, as long as you are able to communicate, navigate and feel secure enough to enjoy yourself, you’re more fluent than you realize.


~Eberjey Gisele stretch-jersey pajama set

You may remember the recent giveaway here on the blog sponsored by Eberjey and the Gisele robe that was luxurious prize. Well, Eberjey is now available at Net-a-Porter! If you are in the market for comfortable, yet chic pajamas for the cooler winter months that are about upon us or wish to travel with suitable sleep attire, have a look at their Gisele pajama set now available for purchase.

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