This & That: No. 22

Aug 28, 2012

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Fall shopping, an insightful book and a way to bring a bit more French language into your daily routine . . .


~Heirloom Tote – Rib & Hull – $285

Many of you have been asking about an ideal travel tote, and while I promise to discuss what to look for in more detail tomorrow (in part two of Why Not . . . Travel Internationally?), I came across this lovely leather tote last week from Rib & Hull that I couldn’t wait to share. The only drawback for travelers who like compartments and strict organization is that the Heirloom Tote has none, but it certainly is a fantastic bag for large items, papers and travel. Without question an investment that will last, and complement any stylish ensemble.

~Surprise Sale at DVF!

I was thrilled to discover this surprise sale on many of Diane von Furstenberg’s Fall collection pieces as I was adding a few finishing touches to my NYFW wardrobe. Simply enter SURPRISE as the promo code on labeled items and receive 30% the regular price! (sale ends September 3rd)

~The OutNet

If you haven’t shopped at The OutNet (which was created by Natalie Massanet and her team that created Net-a-Porter), you will find impressively reduced designer clothing and accessories.

So now that I am in love with scarves, I am on the hunt, and while perusing the internet doing some fall shopping, I found at The OutNet these fantastic Valentino scarves at a great price reduction.

~Blog to Follow

~Suburbly Chic tumblr

If you enjoy looking for endless style inspiration online, you will thoroughly enjoy Suburbly Chic’s tumblr blog. Defined as the upscale casual look, Suburbly Chic regularly shares ideas for creating outfits that have a touch of femininity with a stylishly chic edge. Have a look.


~News in Slow French

As second language learners know, the best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in the culture, and while living in France would be a dream, it isn’t plausible for many of us unless we spend our vacations there. So . . . why not choose to tweak one of your daily routine activities so that you are listening and absorbing it in the language you are trying to learn? News in Slow French (other languages are available as well) not only reads the news aloud slowly, but you can read along on the page. For a small price, you can regularly receive news updates and other language lessons.


~Committed: A Love Story by Elizabeth Gilbert

Finally, after receiving positive reviews from many fellow bloggers and readers, I have read the follow-up book to Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir Eat, Pray, Love. Committed is Gilbert’s quest to understand and find peace with the institution of marriage as she and her loyal boyfriend Felipe are essentially forced to marry in order to live in the states together. Her research reveals intriguing histories of marriage and how it was dealt with, accepted and has evolved over time. While her clear intent is to find a way to accept it, what she also shares with the reader are many ways to strengthen the intimate bond with our significant others to help create a stronger relationship made when two loving, yet whole people come together. It was a lovely and thought-provoking read that I highly recommend.

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