This & That: No. 183

Nov 06, 2015

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~Super You: Release Your Inner Superhero by Emily V. Gordon

Beyond a self-help book, Emily V. Gordon’s book Super You will help you tap into the amazingness that dwells within you begging to be discovered. Reminding readers that all superheroes came from a less than glorious past, the book might just be the motivation you are looking for to soar into the dream you have harbored for far too long.


~West Elm Reclaimed Wood Tray

Breakfast in bed, serving drinks to a crowd mingling before dinner. Having a timeless tray that is functional as well as stylish is something to always have on hand, and now West Elm’s reclaimed wood tray has been reduced. While it will come in handy during the holidays, it will also be something to enjoy year round.



Daniel Craig is back. Also known as James Bond, but frankly, I’ll take Daniel Craig (did I just write that out loud?).  Opening today in theaters nation-wide, James Bond journeys from Mexico City to Rome where he meets an alluring widow (Monica Bellucci) of an infamous criminal. Where does the term Spectre come into play? The term Spectre refers to a sinister organization which is infiltrated by none other than Bond. Along the way an unexpected connection is revealed between himself and the enemy (Christoph Waltz). Sounds interesting and certainly something just about anyone as the holidays near.


A trip back to the late 40s and early fifties when the Red Scare was predominating and decimating the likes of top screenwriter’s careers in Hollywood such as Dalton Trumbo (Bryan Cranston), the film Trumbo chronicles his ability to outwit and even win two Academy Awards that exposed the absurdity and injustice. Flanked by the talents of Helen Mirren who plays Hedda Hopper, a top gossip columnists at the time, Diane Lane, John Goodman, Louie C.K. and others, director Jay Roach tackles the mid-20th century’s delicate debacle. Premiering tonight, have a look at the trailer below.


~Oprah’s Favorite Things on Amazon

Oprah Winfrey’s daily television who may not be on the air anymore, but Amazon will offering a insider’s shopping guide to her Favorite Things. Yep, handpicked by Oprah herself, complete with videos as to how she made her choices, be sure to check out the entire list here. And let the holiday shopping begin!


~Total Body Moisturizing Towelettes

Moisturizing is key for feeling good in your skin, but when I travel (especially flying), my skin can become thirsty. However, as we all know, bringing along bottled lotion isn’t always an option or can become a sticky mess in our purse. I am excited to share with you a simple, dependable option: Total Body Moisturizing Towelettes. I was given more than a handful of Luv Pur Moisture’s moisturizing wipes to review, and instantly I discovered why I will now be packing them in my carry-on and in my luggage instead of any more lotion. Exclusively moisture (not a cleanser), simple to use and easy to pack. For less than $27 you can order 15 packages, and larger options are available.

Yard & Garden

~At Home in the Garden by Carolyne Roehm

Lifestyle guru Carolyne Roehm‘s new coffee table book is a stunner and ideal for gathering yard and garden inspiration. Full of images from her historic Connecticut home, Weatherstone, each photograph capture the beautiful vantages and intimate vignettes as seen in each season. The approach is classic all the while letting Mother Nature work her magic. 


~recipe for Crockpot French Onion Soup with Cheesy French Toast~

More than just a chill is in the air, and a cup of hot French Onion soup looks quite scrumptious indeed. With a wide-open weekend to dive in and enjoy, I might just mix it up in the kitchen. Or maybe I’ll get lost in a few books, or well . . . who knows. Oh, and with an invite to catch a glimpse behind the scenes of one of my new favorite bakeries, this weekend is sure to be a treat. Stay tuned on Instagram and in upcoming posts to see where this weekend takes me. That is the beauty of a free weekend, no? Many have asked about my routines throughout the week, and with an invitation from Georgie of Where the Light Plays, I’ve sharing a few earlier this week. Be sure to stop by and have a look.

Also, if the upcoming holidays will involve some travel, or you are looking for a few eBooks to add to your eReader library, KOBO is offering three books for the price of two AND Choosing The Simply Luxurious Life: A Modern Woman’s Guide is on the exclusive list. This special offer is only available through November 9th, so be sure to take a look and take advantage of this limited deal.

Books, simple luxuries, free time, the weekend does not get much better. I do hope you have a splendid few days to do as you please and in the meantime, a few articles you might enjoy. Until Monday bonjour!

~The truth of the matter, something to read and ponder “Why Women Compete with Each Other

~One of my favorite bloggers is back, and has returned with what I adore most about her blog. Her inspiring lists! Check out 100 Everyday Ways to Be Adventurous

~Looking for the brands that the French tend to prefer? Refinery 29 shares How to Shop Like a French Girl

~Forbes offered an article that spoke to me in many ways, and perhaps it will for you as well . . . Why Not Having Kids Was the Best Decision

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6 thoughts on “This & That: No. 183

  1. I always look forward to your Friday posts; invariably it gives me book titles to put on hold at the library. And movies to add to my Netflix roster. AND a recipe that I will definitely make this weekend! Thanks!

  2. Thank you for sharing that Forbes article. It’s fascinating to hear from other women about why they chose to opt out of motherhood. Not always a popular decision, but there are certainly upsides.

  3. Thank you. You always conjure up such a fantastic picture of what a weekend could and SHOULD look like. As a single mother of 3 boys and a very active 18 month year old granddaughter (who I’ve had the pleasure of looking after this weekend) I often forget to just let go and have fun. After reading your post I didnt forget. After relinquishing my grandmother duties I took my 12 year old to see James Bond. Fantastic movie. We then as a whole family went 10 pin bowling and then my eldest son of 23 cooked Sunday lunch!!!!! Now that was a first. To top it off we all ventured out into the blustery english autumn weather to take the dog for a walk. Being stopped in our tracks by terrential rain resulted in laughter and soggy clothes followed by hot baths and hot chocolate. The whole weekend was a delight so thank you for putting the idea into my head x x

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