This & That: No. 18

Jul 31, 2012

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The last day of July, so I’m beginning to plan my fall shopping list, but can’t stop thinking about summer. Discover a wonderful article, the must-have book for bloggers and two fantastic inspiring and helpful websites . . .

~Article to Read

~“Test of Time” Bel Kaufman’s interview in Vogue US August 2012 “Age” issue

In the most recent issue of Vogue US (August 2012), their age issue included some inspiring stories of many different women. One in particular caught my attention, as it was an interview of former high school English teacher and author Bel Kaufman who is now 101 years old. Her savvy, sharp wit and intellectual observations were impressive, and while the link above doesn’t take you to the interview (it is not available online yet), it does take you to a recap of it. So be sure to pick up this month’s Vogue to read a worthwhile article. (page 78)


~Work Awesome: Work Better, Live Better

Pooja Lohana and Tina Su make up the team behind Work Awesome. A blog that regularly posts advice, inspiration and ideas on how to improve your job prospects, enjoy the career you are currently in and pursue the dream job you hope to one day have.

~Think Simple Now: A Moment of Clarity

Tina Su also is the founder behind another blog that I thought you might enjoy – Think Simple Now. With lengthy advice about relationships, emotions and balancing it all, she speaks from experience being married, a mother to a young son and having created a successful blogging career. Have a look.


~Addison Stripe Tank Dress – $328

A post last week on my Tumblr blog and Pinterest boards that quickly garnered attention was this beautiful silk maxi dress. So, I thought Addison’s silk maxi dress might be something to take a look at to add to your summer wardrobe. After all, we still have more than a month to savor.

~Michael Kors Surf Blue Large Hamilton Tote – $348

I have been on the hunt for a quality tote for work and travel, and for quite some time have had my eye on Michael Kors’ Hamilton totes.  This particular bag (in surf blue) caught my attention. While initially it doesn’t seem available, you can still order it, and it is expected to ship before August 10th. The perfect colorful tote for the fall season.


~Fashion 2.0: Blogging Your Way to the Front Row by Yuli Ziv

Many of you have written to me asking about advice on a variety of aspects about blogging. Well, have I found the book for any aspiring blogger! If you haven’t already read it, you most certainly should. Yuli Ziv shares in great detail all of the secrets and insights on how to make your business as a blog work and work well. Not in any way superficial, it becomes clear that she wants to help her readers. With advice on creating the foundational structure of your blog (template, logo, mission statement), to creating a media kit and communicating with PR companies, you will not be disappointed.

2 thoughts on “This & That: No. 18

  1. Dear Shannon,
    Your Blog is so very much inspring, thank you so much! Every Friday I look forward to receive your newsletter and in between, I read the posts that are about the themes I’m just in with. I would best translate your entire blog into German, in order to let all the non english speaking Germans and Swiss people participate…!
    I wish you a great holiday in Europe and look forward to read more about your experiences! Sincerest regards, Christina from Zurich, Switzerland

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