This & That: No. 175

Sep 11, 2015

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~Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000

As someone who immediately noticed a difference in my hair when I began using an ionic blow-dryer (smoother hair, quicker and less drying to the hair), when I heard about Harry Josh’s blow-dryer as recommended in a handful of fashion magazines, I wanted to take a look. This tool is excessively expensive, however, Josh’s editorial style expertise is respected throughout the fashion industry and so I wanted to share with you this product as it will last for years and be a quality product to use. You may be wondering, what dryer do I use? I couldn’t live without my T3 Tourmaline Infused blow-dryer. I have had mine for eight years and it is still going strong. Highly recommend.


~Everybody Rise by Stephanie Clifford

Still needing one more comfort novel to wrap up the final weeks of summer? Stephanie Clifford’s tale of navigating the social elite cliques on the Upper East Side in NYC finds 26-year-old protagonist Evelyn Beegan, who while wanting to carve her own path, finds the temptations well . . . far too tempting. People magazine has been raving about this title and it looks like a quick, enjoyable read.

~My Last Supper: 50 Great Chefs and Their Final Meals; Portraits, Interviews and Recipes by Melanie Dunea

After listening to a recent interview with award-winning photographer Melanie Dunea, I wanted to take a look at her coffee table book My Last Supper. After all, there are some amazing coffee table books available, but few involve food. Part of the reason I love cookbooks is for the images they contain, so why not share the last meal preferences of famous chefs, paired with creative imagery to cultivate interesting conversation with your guests? Dunea is currently working on a second edition of this book to spotlight a new group of beloved chefs, so do stay tuned.

~The Mystery of the Lost Cezanne: A Verlaque and Bonnet Mystery by M.L. Longworth

Ah, yes, a cozy mystery series continues. The fourth book in M.L. Longworth’s Verlaque and Bonnet capers, set in Provence, the captivating couple attempt to unravel a mystery that involves a painting found at an apartment once occupied by the artist himself, Cezanne. Set to be released on Tuesday (September 15th), this book is on pre-order as I always enjoy having an enjoyable read on hand after a long day at work.

~Sisters in Law: How Sandra Day O’Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg Went to the Supreme Court and Changed the World by Linda Hirshman

My students will not be surprised by this admission, and perhaps you won’t be either, but I am intrigued infinitely by the workings and rulings of the United States Supreme Court. And therefore, it should come as less of a surprise that the women, beginning with the first woman on the court, Sandra Day O’Connor, and the second Ruth Bader Ginsburg (who is still serving), intrigue me to no end. Thus, this book is on my wish list. Just released on September 1st, the book is already a best-seller. Do be sure to have a look.

~Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling

Sharing her ongoing journey in pursuit of “contentment and excitement” in her adult life, best-selling author, Mindy Kaling’s new book (set to be released on Tuesday – September 15), presents the idea and her tenacity to pursue the path of her dreams even if she doesn’t “look the part”. Always inspiring with her über intelligence and crafty wit, I look forward to reading this book, and I think you might too.


~recipe for Fig and Honey Cheesecake Gallette~

Halston Heritage’s Spring 2016 collection has me captivated to say the least (view one image from their upcoming line above), even though it won’t be for six months that I will want to wear such clothes, but still. New York Fashion Week officially kicked off this week, and I am eager to see what designers have in store for the spring season. However, I am throughly enjoying the time to finally enjoy the few new items in my fall wardrobe.

With school beginning, as you can see from today’s This & That, reading and books are on my mind. And while academically, I am having to stay on top of non-fiction, analytical articles, I always make sure to have an easy read next to my bed to enjoy before I turn in. Hopefully today’s list will provide a good balance to choose from.

I do hope you had a wonderful week. I thoroughly enjoyed the many comments and life experiences readers shared on yesterday’s post about settling in to a new home town. Thank you for sharing, and if you stop by, feel free to share your experience. It is amazing how we can inspiring others with our stories and life experience without evening knowing it.

Whatever your weekend holds, I hope it is lovely. My weekend will be simple: watching the US Tennis Open finals, taking a good long walk and relaxing. Bon Vendredi!

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