This & That: No. 152

Apr 03, 2015

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~A Fine Romance by Candice Bergen

One sitcom that I have always wanted to watch in its entirety as I have only watched a few episodes (each piquing my interest further), is Murphy Brown. And as it is only on Encore Classic, it was going cost a little extra each month. Needless to say, I adjusted my budget and added the channel to my tv package, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the humor, and most importantly, the issues that are creatively broached.

With all of that said, Candice Bergen is a force. An inspiring force. Younger viewers may recognize her as Carrie Bradshaw’s editor at Vogue in Sex and the City, but for those who are also a fan from long before, you will remember her spat with Dan Quayle and much more. On Tuesday, Bergen releases her latest memoir, A Fine Romance. Following up her best-selling Knock Wood (1984), her latest book divulges insights and tales surrounding her marriage to a famous French director, her time on Murphy Brown, being a widow, falling in love again and observing her daughter blossom into the woman she is today. My copy is on its way soon, and I am eager to learn more about this intriguing woman.


~Classic Recipes for Modern People by Max & Eli Sussman

From fellow chef siblings, Max and Eli have just released their fourth cookbook (March 31) which is a handy resource of classic recipes that have been spruced up to reflect bolder and more satiating flavors. Divided into eight sections, such as “Breakfast Classics”, “TV Dinner Classics” and “Future Classics”, have a look below at a few samplings below.

waffleyum tomatotart



As someone who loves fresh flowers in my home, I also like to know that when I send flowers as gifts to loved ones in which I am unable to select the bouquet and quality myself, what is delivered should exceed my high expectations. Last month I was introduced to Roseshire, a luxury rose delivery service that pays attention to every detail, and exceed my expectations they most certainly did.

With each order being delivered from the top flower producers in California, my special delivery of two dozen roses arrived in two days (see the images below), and each rose was in impeccable shape. Each are individually cared for and packaged, and simple, detailed instructions are included for the recipient. Whether you prefer red, soft pink (see above) or a party mixture, I highly recommend their service.

Case in point, I had been traveling this past week and didn’t realize the delivery would be made when I was gone. Upon arriving home, the roses were still exceptionally fresh and plush, well-watered and still (one week later) look stunning – the image below as captured Thursday evening. Graciously, they sent me a second delivery as they wanted to ensure I had the freshest flowers, but I must say, the first delivery spoke to their quality even more due to my absence. So at this moment I have four dozen roses in my home. Would anyone like one bouquet?

roseshire11 rosehire22


~Aerin Vaccaro sandal (more here)

It is sandal season, and perhaps you, like me, are in need up a spruce up in this department. Searching for a statement sandal that can be versatile with many different outfits, Aerin Lauder’s accessories line regularly offers beautiful seasonal options and her Vaccaro sandal is no exception. Available in tan or white, this sandal is an investment, but it will be a classic you will be able to wear for years.

~Enza Costa gray mid-weight cashmere sweater

Light to mid weight cashmere sweaters are my favorite to have on hand for spring and summer evenings. Pair this cashmere with white denim ankle pants and Aerin’s sandals, and well, chic, effortless style has been accomplished!

~Vionnet silk & jersey top

A beautiful silk blouse with a statement print is a fun and simple way to step away from a solid shirt option. And at a reasonable price, why not check out Vionnet’s?

Yard & Garden

~Worx Aerocart

Time to get out and work in the yard. And oy-vey, do I have a lot of pruning and trimming to do as last year’s cold zapped a few of my perennials. In other words, I will need a  wheelbarrow, but to have one that serves as a dolly as well to move items about – not a bad contraption. Saving space and helping out around the house – now that is a frugal purchase.

meyerlemon ~recipe for Meyer Lemon Almond Tea Cake~

Such a fun and memorable past seven days, not only with regards to the book signing, but with new and returned beloved series here on the blog. What are they? A bit more shopping has returned on a weekly basis to TSLL as well as a new series I have been eager to kick-off.

Ah, but after a very eventful and busy week, I am ready for the weekend. The grass is beyond green, the sprinklers are now turned on, so that means some time in the yard is beckoning and I will gladly oblige. Oh, but this Saturday, I am going to take much of the day for me: reading a few new books that just arrived (here and here), pampering myself with a spa visit and getting back into my yoga groove. What will you be up to this weekend? Hopefully something restorative, much-anticipated and wonderfully aligned to your interests.

If you happen to be reading this weekend, here are a few items you might enjoy. Until Monday everyone, bonjour!

~The Coveteur goes inside Arianna Huffington’s home and closet

~Have you ever considered letting go of social media? Find out what it could be like here.

~How to Live a Long, Happy & Healthy Life

~Never stop learning . . . How to Discover What You Don’t Know You Don’t Know

~A reader kindly brought this to my attention and I am absolutely grateful. How to simplify your phone to limit distractions

~And about money, enrich your life by weaning yourself from living paycheck to paycheck

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5 thoughts on “This & That: No. 152

  1. As usual love this “this and that ” post, always full of ideas happy Easter Shannon, for us it will be a ski weekend in Val d Isere in a gorgeous hotel some self care retreat hugs from France

  2. Thanks shannon, fab links as usual.

    I also loved your post on grammar and the video by Stephen Fry on the perils of pedantry – a hole I sometimes fall down!

    The photo with the hunter boots in it comes from a wonderful Australian blog called

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