This & That: No. 151

Mar 27, 2015

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~Late Afternoon Blog

Fashion blogger, Liz Cherkasova, has created a beautiful respite of beauty, style and living well in southern California. Having happened up on her blog while perusing the web for street style looks, I began diving into her archived posts and discovered recipes, simple home decor touches and well, gorgeous photography.


~Murder on the Champ de Mars by Cara Black

Ms. Black is back with her latest sleuth tale starring Aimée Leduc. Just released on March 3, Leduc finds herself in Paris in 1999 trying to solve a mystery of a missing mother who appears to have been abducted before she can share a life-long held secret prior to her impending passing due to bad health. Impelled by the mother’s son to investigate, Aimée lands herself in the middle of another Parisian caper.


~Women on 20s

It came to my attention earlier this past month that there is an ardent movement to replace Andrew Jackson on America’s twenty dollar bill with a prominent, historical female figure by the year 2020 (the centennial of the 19th amendment – women’s suffrage). After all, the United Kingdom has Queen Elizabeth II on their paper currency, Eva Perón on Argentina’s, but is this actually a change that could be come to fruition?

Put simply, yes. In an 1862 act of Congress, the Treasury was given near complete control over the paper currency (Congress remains in control of the coinage). So long as they don’t change the face on the dollar bill (the 2001 Legal Tender Modernization Act protects George Washington), the words “In God We Trust” are written on the currency and the face represents someone who is deceased, the change can be made by the executive branch.

One hundred thousand votes are needed to petition for the change, and as reported earlier this week, more than 150,000 have now voted. But who should appear on it? You can vote here for your top three from a list narrowed down to 16. The final vote will take place in April, so be sure to return to cast your final voice on what looks to be a long-awaited change. (Have a look at the discussion in The New York Times.)


~Custom Matchbooks from For Your Party

Matchbooks are becoming harder and harder to find as fewer and fewer people choose to smoke, but what about the need for matches around the home to light our candles and fireplaces? While created for party planning, anyone can purchase and customize their very own matchbooks from For Your Party. With a variety of different styles, colors and box shapes (triangle, round, envelope, box, etc), you are sure to select a unique design that will provide simple, yet fitting aesthetic touches to vignettes around your home.


~Him in the Kitchen cookies

New York based food photographer Armando Rafael Moutela with training from the Institute of Culinary Education in baking spent an entire year perfecting a cookie which strikes the perfect balance between chewy (the middle) and crunchy (the outside edges). But wait, we all have recipes that can do that. This is what makes his unique: cardamom and cayenne pepper. You read that correctly. Finished with a dash of sea salt on top, the lethally scrumptious pairing of sweet and savory is destined for a pleasurable response. With only one varietal, but two sizes (mini and mega), you can order a dozen for $10 (mini) or $20 (mega) here.


~Jeffrey Campbell Meryl Suede Sandal

Suede is the trend of the season, and if you’re not planning on wearing it in your clothing, why not add the unique texture to your toes? These nude suede sandals won’t break the bank, but will certainly help to elongate your leg and show off your most recent spring pedicure.


proscuitto ~recipe for Goat Cheese, Prosciutto and Fig Tartine~

Between rain showers and sunshine streams, this past week has been an absolute treat to savor. Sometimes it takes a week such as this in which the seasons are changing to recognize that we too can indeed change as well if we so choose. While there will always be heartbreaking news occurring in our world, there will also always be beauty and joy if we choose to seek it out and cultivate it within ourselves. I was constantly reminded of this life truth as I lost myself in my life this week, in a very good way.

The readers of TSLL blog, you, continue to humble me with your time, your comments and your support. Your desire to courageously live your best and most amazing life reminds me that there is far more good and hopeful entities in our world than there could ever be the contrary. Whatever it is you wish to materialize in your life, whether it’s a unique invention, a new and creative business venture, travel experiences that you are right now only dreaming about or to simply hold a diploma of your desired field in your hands, know that you will be successful. With ardent perseverance and determination, you will be successful.

This weekend marks a dream come true for me, the first of a handful of book signings and readings is taking place, and more excitedly, the first being in my childhood hometown. No matter how few or how many people stop by, just being able to have this opportunity is a dream come true. And I share this primarily to note that I know, I know very well, that none of this could have happened without you, the readers of TSLL. Merci beaucoup. So keep striving, keep diving into your life, because as I have a feeling you are discovering, it is an amazing treasure hunt with beautiful moments and memories to experience.

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