This & That: No. 147

Feb 27, 2015

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~Molton Brown, London

At my recent stay at Portland’s White House Bed & Breakfast, I discovered a line of lotions and bath products that were quite the lovely little travel bottles of luxury. Molton Brown offers an entire line of bath and beauty products that while an investment, will not leave you wanting for silky smooth skin. Made exclusively in England, my preference are the wide array of body lotions, especially the White Sandalwood body lotion. Have a look at their entire website and see what catches your eye.


~Acquired Tastes by Peter Mayle

One of Peter Mayle’s first books, Acquired Tastes, is a compilation of essays from his travels while working with GQ. Full of his descriptions and detailed experiences of sampling the luxuries of life in France from Parisian bistros to antiques and on to truffles, the decadent life couldn’t be more sweeter with Mayle at the helm. As a fan of his cozy mysteries and tales, this is the one book I have yet to read and cannot wait to indulge in.


~The Audience

“Sixty years. Twelve Prime Ministers. One Queen.” Helen Mirren returns in her leading role that won her great acclaim in London in 2013, as she brings Queen Elizabeth to the Broadway stage in The Audience this spring season. Currently in previews, and only running through June, Mirren reprises her ability to channel the beloved monarch and offer a behind the scenes glimpse into the Queen of England’s weekly meetings with the Prime Minister. Beginning with Winston Churchill when the queen was merely in her early twenties through the current incumbent David Cameron, this is a play I hope I am able to see.


~Dee Keller’s Sky Blue Suede pumps

Blue suede shoes never looked so chic and modern. Ideal for spring, and full of height, why not have these on hand in your closet for wearing with a simple denim look or a twist on a classic work dress or skirt?


~R.Nichols 20% off Sale

If you are looking to stock up on stationery, and happen to be smitten with French Women Don’t Get Fat’s illustrations, you will want to be introduced to the talented R.Nichols. Yes, he is the man behind the svelte French silhouettes we’ve all come to adore. And with the promo code sunshine you can save 20% off site wide this weekend. Don’t miss this. This set of cards and this one are my favorites.


~House of Cards, Season 3

Heeeeeeee’s baaaaaaack. Kevin Spacey that is. I mean Francis Underwood, who is now the President of the United States. Yes, and the recently anointed First Lady played by Robin Wright. Season 3 is now available on Netflix, the entire season. I must admit, I didn’t catch on to this addicting political drama until last spring, but I will now confess, I am eager to watch the third season. On a fashion note, due to to Claire Underwood’s new position, Christian Dior and Oscar de la Renta are expected to make appearances in her wardrobe. Have a look at the trailer below.


February is wrapping up and that means someone is celebrating a birthday. While I most likely won’t be kicking up my heels in any grand fashion as the first image displays, I will without question be reveling in a few of my favorite luxuries – perhaps listening to my favorite records, savoring a sweet treat or two and in all seriousness just letting go and losing track of time letting the day take me where it will.

It’s funny how some years you feel like throwing up your arms in great revelry, while other years you simple want to savor and keep it simple and cozy. The latter is how I’m feeling this year, and I cannot wait for the day to begin.

Since my birthday does fall on the last day of the month, I’ve always been curious as to why February only has twenty-eight days (most years, that is). Well, I’ve found out, and I want to share. Have a look at the short film produced by PBS.

Now you know!

And here are a few other articles and websites you might enjoy reading or visiting this weekend . . .

~We all have one . . . 7 Ways to Unmask the Superhero Inside of You

~For anyone who has traveled and dined in Paris or wishes to, read this In Defense of the Notoriously Arrogant French Waiter

~A new beta program has been created to match you with your best career based on your personality – I’ve just begun to see for myself what I might discover. Have a look at Pymetrics as they try to find the right fit for you.

~Many readers responded to this week’s Thoughts from the Editor post when the topic of shopping locally and more healthfully were the focus of the discussion as I shared my weekly market routine and why I enjoy it so much. If it piqued your interest, you may enjoy this website – Modern Farmer. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a farmer to find something to welcome into your life.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, and thank you for taking the time to stop by TSLL! Bonjour.


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11 thoughts on “This & That: No. 147

  1. Happy Birthday for the 28th! You share your birthdate with American director Vincente Minnelli who of course married Judy Garland and is father to Liza.
    My birthday was yesterday and shared with Johnny Cash, Levi Strauss and Michael Bolton.

  2. Hi Shannon,
    I saw Helen Mirren in The Audience when it was in London. She is magnificent in the role. Highly recommended.
    Do hope you get to see it.

  3. Love the Dee Keller shoes! She lives in my hometown (Baton Rouge, LA) and is a fabulous woman! Also, I’m enjoying your book – thanks for writing it!

  4. Have a wonderful birthday!! Oh and I loved the article about the French waiters. So interesting! And it really made me want to hop on a plane to France. One of their days…

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