This & That: May 26, 2017

May 26, 2017

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Christophe Robin Lavender Oil (for hair)

In last week’s This & That, I shared my first item found on the highly credible Violet Grey’s beauty website, and this week I want to share another. The French hair colorist Christophe Robin at the young of 24 became known to the beauty and fashion world for being the man behind Claudia Schiffer’s golden mane. And in 1999 he began sharing his haircare products. His Lavender Oil is designed for all hair types restoring shine and offering protection. If you are looking to bring a touch of luxury to your hair, perhaps check out this item as you will only use it 1-2 times a week and the bottle will last for months.


The Future of Happiness: 5 Modern Strategies for Balancing Productivity and Well-Being in the Digital Era by Amy Blankson

Motivated to combat the idea that technology, the more of it, the more it does for us, will enable us to become happier was one of the primary catalyst for Amy Blankson’s book released last month. Demonstrating that indeed technology is thwarting our efforts for true happiness when we use it inaccurately, she offers five strategies to better utilize technology so that it benefits us rather than depletes us.

How Emotions Are Made: The Secret Life of the Brain by Lisa Feldman Barrett

Knowledge is power and being a slave to our emotions is a miserable way to wander through life. Released this past March I have placed psychologist and neuroscientist Lisa Feldman Barrett’s book on my summer reading list and look forward to sharing what I find here on the blog as well as the podcast. Are emotions truly automatic? Can our health be affected by how we manage our emotions? And what about emotional intelligence? It looks to be fascinating, and once we know how our emotions work with our mind, we can become the master.


Simple Fare: Spring & Summer by Karen Mordechai

Karen Mordechai is offering the first of a two book series which offers something similar to TSLL Capsule Menu (Spring and Fall). Released in April, Karen’s first cookbook is illustrated and full of seasonal food inspiration to ensure you are eating flavorful fruits and vegetables and able to support your local farmers. With 68 recipes and 3-4 ideas for food substitutions in many, you will find nearly 170 total recipes.

I can remember first following Karen’s blog Sunday Suppers when she began bloggingback in 2010. With her beautiful photography, each recipe prompted me to desire the fresh seasonal food that was used and step into the kitchen. And if you are impressed with the first cookbook, look for her second cookbook, Simple Fare: Fall & Winter, on September 19th.

Francophile Find

Mistakes were Made (Some in French): A Memoir by Fiona Lewis

A playful love story told by model and actress Fiona Lewis, follow her journey as she and husband decide (she more than he) to restore a French chateau in the south of France. Initially such a decision sounds glamorous as she is seeking reinvention upon reaching her 50s and asking herself the deep existential questions, but as one who has taken on a remodeling project knows, behind the scenes can get messy. I can only imagine the headaches if one chooses to tackle a chateau. A time for reflection, a time to come to better understand her fascination with France, a time for readers to enjoy the struggles without incurring them for themselves. Perhaps an ideal Memorial Day weekend read.


Nordstrom’s Half Yearly Sale

Beginning on Wednesday and running through June 4th, Nordstrom’s Half Yearly Sale has begun. Below are a few items I have found, but be sure to take a look for yourself here at the entire sale.


Barefoot Contessa’s New Season: Cook Like a Pro

After hearing Barefoot Contessa on Katie Couric’s podcast this past March, I discovered her new season “Cook Like a Pro” was kicking off this spring. And now we know exactly when: this Sunday at 11am (eastern). An eight part series, she teaches viewers the basic steps and begins with how to roast a chicken, the Barefoot Contessa way. I am beyond elated and was also tickled to learn she is working on a new cookbook as well, so be sure to stay tuned.

House of Cards, Season 5 Premiere

Yes, the fifth season will finally land this Tuesday May 30th on Netflix. With 13 episodes and Frank’s bid for the Presidency with Clare as his running mate, this season is expected to be nerve-wracking. But what else did we expect? After taking a look at the trailer, I have no doubt a binge watch may be in order if there is any rainy day in the near future.


~recipe for Bacon & Egg Breakfast Pies~

The long Memorial Day week is about to commence here in the states, and I have been ready for its arrival for days (in fact, all day Thursday, I thought it was Friday – argh! – the frustration when I realized my mistake!). Why am I so excited? For no other reason than time to do as I please. There are no big and grand plans, but rather my plans, my time schedule, my sleep schedule, my chore schedule, time to breathe and be. After all, time to recharge is vital, and with a few books I want to read, finishing up with spring cleaning jobs and a few other projects I am looking forward to, a three day weekend is a very good thing.

What will you be up to? I would love to hear your plans. Wherever and however you are spending your time, I do hope you have a wonderful experience. Thank you for your time in stopping by, and below I’ve gathered some reading you might enjoy whether you are on the road, in a plane or snuggled up in your armchair. Until Monday, bonne journée!

~A commencement speech from Senator Tammy Duckworth that will motivate you to get involved when life doesn’t seem to be going the way it should.

~As a solo female traveler, these tips are worth checking out so that you can still be adventurous, yet safe.

~A French woman who epitomizes effortless chic (and wrote a book about it), get to know Caroline de Maigret

~A simple dish to mix it up with chicken on the weeknights, it’s all about the white wine sauce (and yes, we can do it!). Having tried it on Wednesday, I can attest – simple and scrumptious!

~And this Feta & Herb Tart doesn’t look bad either.

~Any guesses – What is the worst fat in the food supply??? Find out here and how to avoid it.

~Marc and Angel offer grounding inspiration: 7 Life-Changing Truths Most People Are Too Scared  (or too stubborn) to Admit

~And to be a Francophile, one must know the history of croissants. Are they truly French?

~Since we’re talking about French food, or food associated with the French culture, this Croque-Monsieur recipe looks divine.

~Traveling to San Francisco anytime soon? Either way, save this post. The Top 10 Things to do in the Bay Area

~Let’s talk about marriage and the truth regarding our health. While studies are helpful, it is always important to ask what was excluded just as much as what was included. And as this recent study found out, vital information was left out of the studies up until now about who truly is healthier, those who get married or those who do not. Take a look at the article. 

9 thoughts on “This & That: May 26, 2017

  1. The solo article has good points. I’d add one: go ahead and hire a guide, especially a kid. I did it in Morocco, and not only were the kids charming company (and since they were kids they let me decide what to see and weren’t pushy), and all the other would-be guides left me alone, which was the biggest benefit.

  2. I especially loved this week’s This & That! I love love love Christophe Robin products especially the salt scrub if you have itchy scalp. If you are in LA, definitely stop in at Violet Grey. Cute little shop in Melrose Place and they are so friendly and helpful there. I am getting my copy Mistakes are Made today! Ina Garten…what can I say…thanks for letting me know the series starts soon so I can record. Glad you mentioned Marc & Angel–their emails have truly been thought provoking and extremely helpful! Thanks for what you do and all the information you give us!

    1. Thank you for stopping by Maria. The more I learn about Violet Grey, the more I fall in love with their business model. So happy you enjoyed the post. Have a lovely long weekend. 🙂

  3. I’ve spent the morning listening to your Podcasts Shannon just love them!
    Enjoy your long weekend:)

  4. Discovered a wonderful little tea shoppe in Duncans Mills, California … Mr. Trombly’s Tea. I thought of you when I picked-up some “Lady Grey” loose tea. It’s a perfect blend of Earl Grey and lavender. The shoppe is also packed with just about every imaginable tea accessory, many imported, and has a web site if you’d like to peruse the many, many teas offered. Duncans Mills is located in Sonoma county, between Napa Valley and the Pacific coast. We stop in when we make a trek over to Bodega Bay. If you ever get down to the Bay Area-Sonoma-Napa area, you might enjoy visiting Duncans Mills and the Pacific Coast Hwy. (Hwy. 1) area.

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