This & That: May 12, 2017

May 12, 2017

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Jane Austen: The Secret Radical by Helena Kelly

Now this is a book to read for anyone devoted to progress, courage and creative use of one’s intelligence. Helena Kelly seeks to set the past two centuries correct when it comes to the intention and gumption of beloved English writer Jane Austen. Looking beyond the aesthetics that inspire numerous film adaptations, Kelly reveals Austen’s intent to bring to light and comment on controversial topics of the time: slavery, feminism, poverty and the Church, to name a few. Depicting her as ambitious, daring and subversive, perhaps even those who admire her haven’t appreciated her fully.

The New Rules of Work by  Alexandra Cavoulacos (Author), Kathryn Minshew

As the twenty-first century begins to barely unfold and technology plays a more significant role in our personal and especially professional lives, authors Alexandra Cavoulacos and Kathryn Minshew broach the idea of how to successfully find the right path, land your ideal job and grow and advance the career you have found to be right for you. Released just last month, the creators of the career website The Muse address the modern world of work and tips to assist anyone no matter where along life’s trajectory one might be.


The Dinner

A thriller surrounded by an abundance of foodie delights, perhaps to soften the harshness of the discussion that is shared between two brothers and their wives about how to deal with an egregious crime their children have committed. The juxtaposition is obvious, but how they should respond is not and may not be entirely clear by the time the film concludes. However, it certainly stirs intriguing conversation, what would one do in a similar situation? Debuting in theaters today, if you’re looking for a unique approach to a dark plot, perhaps this is just what you’re looking for. And maybe save dinner until afterwards, as I have a feeling you will work up an appetite. 😉

Francophile Finds

A Day with Claude Monet in Giverny by Adrien Goetz

If you are looking for a leisurely beautiful read to enable you to escape to the French country-side, pick up Adrien Goetz’s new book A Day with Claude Monet in Giverny. I have had the pleasure this past week of pouring through the stunning illustrations and images of Monet’s home just northwest of Paris. Paired with the photography is historical context and exploration into Monet’s life on the land, around his estate and with his family. I have been enjoying reading it outside as it seems only fitting, appreciating with each page all the more the power of Mother Nature.

—Paris Can Wait

I absolutely cannot wait. Diane Lane stars in Eleanor Coppola’s directorial debut film Paris Can Wait which follows Lane’s character, guided by Arnaud Viard (who plays a business partner of Lane’s husband played by Alec Baldwin) through the bucolic countryside of France on their way to Paris. No more needs to be said. Count me in. I already know I will be watching this film as much as I watch It’s Complicated and Something’s Gotta Give and Under the Tuscan Sun –endless and forever, infinite amounts. The film debuted at the recent Tribeca Film festival and arrives in theaters today. Have a look at the trailer and enjoy!


La Ligne Bonne Nuit Pajamas

Luxurious, simple pajamas will always be a staple in my wardrobe, and recently I found a pair that would be most welcome in my closet. The new brand La Ligne known for their chic, sophisticated French stripe offerings in classic hues is now offering 100% super soft cotton pajamas in white, as well as navy. For under $200 it is a worthwhile price for an investment in luxury providing comfort and style.

~recipe for Creamy Lemon Cheesecake with Vanilla Wafer Crust~

A whirlwind of a week is just wrapping up. From the political world-shifting events, to the weather’s brilliant hot sun and chilly side-ways rain to a culmination of months of work at school, the grand world-effecting occurrences to individual personal events made this week one for the books. I do hope your week went smoothly, and you find yourself coasting into Friday and the upcoming two days. At a few different moments throughout the work week I found myself in my kitchen trying a new recipe, and each time, a deep breath of relaxation took place. I was reminded in these moments to return to what works, to return to what restores balance and return to what is best for my overall wellness.

Below I have oodles of articles I think you will enjoy reading this weekend, and be sure to stop by on Sunday for a delicious sweet treat of a recipe you won’t believe is as easy as I profess (it truly is!). Until then, bonne journée.

~The Single Most Important Ingredient . . . any guesses???

~However, it is not this ingredient . . . 6 Good Things That Happen When You Stop Eating Sugar

~Receiving robocalls on your cell phone? Read this to find out to stop it quickly and efficiently

~This restaurant is on my list to visit the next time I return to Manhattan . . . Discover which restaurant earned top honors this year at the Beard Awards

~More awards – the annual Best Baguette in Paris went to . . .

~Love many of the European television shows but aren’t sure how to stream them? Read this

~Prevention is key and many of these breast cancer prevention tips are just ways to live well. We can all do that and enjoy the everyday all the more.

~And for good skin, a list of foods to eat and a food to walk away from  

~And since regular exercise is on the list, a new approach that I am definitely on board with this idea: exercise for awe, not the number of calories burned

~Relinquish these five destructive thought patterns to live a long and lovely life.

14 thoughts on “This & That: May 12, 2017

  1. Thank you! Your daily book & film info: precious, informative. I am grateful.
    Take care & God bless

  2. Really enjoy opening my emails on Fridays knowing I’ll have a “letter” from you. Like catching up with a friend. Thanks for the book suggestions, especially anything French or Jane Austen.

  3. Foodie movies seem to be having a moment. There’s also “Beatriz at Dinner,” with Salma Hayek, which sounds like a smart movie.
    Paris Can Wait is right–there’s so much to enjoy in France beyond Paris.

  4. I love those films, too. A few years ago I started a tradition for myself; every Thanksgiving I curl up at some point during the day and watch “Under the Tuscan Sun.” It’s become my way of checking in with myself about the life I want to live, a life that invites the ladybugs.

  5. I’m laughing as I read your post because my list of favorite movies is EXACTLY the same as yours (only I would add “The Holiday” to that list). Great minds think alike 😉 I, too, can’t wait for “Paris Can Wait” to hit theaters near my town. Can’t wait to compare notes with you! Have a lovely weekend, Karen

  6. I always look forward to This & That. Every week, I learn something new about books, movies, and pertinent articles. After I watched the trailer for Paris Can Wait (which I also am looking forward to seeing), I googled Eleanor Coppola, the director. What an interesting life she’s had, between helping her husband, raising children, and carving a life out for herself.
    She’s 80 years old. Gives me hope and inspiration. As they say, “Age is but a number.” Thank you, Shannon. You’re an inspiration, too! ?

  7. Please check out the comments on the breast cancer article- especially the NCS referenced which directly conflicts what the article states.

  8. Thank you for the heads up on the latest films, will be looking out for them. Love all the the films you mentioned, they are among my favorites. Thank you for all you share, I look forward to your articles each week.

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