This & That: March 6, 2020

Mar 06, 2020

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A new French-food-inspired cookbook, a beautiful tour of homes from Eyeswoon’s Athena Calderone (Jenna Lyons’ and Nate Berkus just to name a few!), a new film rendition of a Jane Austen classic, Monet comes to Atelier des Lumieres in Paris, timeless decor and entertaining details, a sale not to miss and so, so, so much more.


Don’t Overthink It by Anne Bogel

Released earlier this week to great reviews, Anne Bogel’s new book Don’t Overthink It is determined to demonstrate to readers that “not only can you overcome negative thought patterns that are repetitive, unhealthy, and unhelpful, but you can replace them with positive thought patterns that will bring more peace, joy, and love into your life”. Discover “actionable strategies that can make an immediate and lasting difference in how you deal with questions both small–Should I buy these flowers?–and large–What am I doing with my life?“.

The Ultimate Retirement Guide for 50+: Winning Strategies to Make Your Money Last a Lifetime by Suze Orman

Whether you are near or currently retired or not. Even if, and perhaps especially if, retirement is the last thing on your mind, move it to the forefront, so you can reduce your stress and worry down the road. Financial guru Suze Orman’s new book “will guide you on how to let go of regret and fear, and with her unparal­leled knowledge and unique empathy, she will reveal practical and personal steps so you can always live your Ultimate Retirement life”. This book will be enjoyed in my home soon.

British Find

Emma, the movie

Opening nation-wide today, the new rendition of Jane Austen’s comedy Emma will find you discovering a quirky new version. Have a look at the trailer below.

English Vintage Transferware 3-Tiered Stand and Teacups

I have been looking for a 3-tiered stand for TSLL’s upcoming annual British Week, and I may have found one. Vintage finds available at Food52, discover a classic entertaining piece for my fellow afternoon tea drinkers and entertainers.

Last Tango in Halifax, Season 5

It’s back! Actually, it’s been back for two weeks as I am a bit behind on this one (my apologies!). The entire gang of Last Tango in Halifax is back for its fifth season in a four-part series stint on BBC. Have a look at the trailer below, and I will be patiently waiting for it to come to either PBS or Netflix (hopefully sooner rather than later).


Dinner in French: My Recipes by Way of France by Melissa Clark

I cannot wait for New York Times food columnist Melissa Clark to release her new cookbook, and I have to thank a TSLL reader for bringing this new release to my attention. Thank you!!! You know me all too well! 🙂

Being released next Tuesday (see, I really cannot wait! :)), Dinner in French is an homage to France, “where Melissa’s family learned to cook and eat. And as her own culinary identity blossomed, so too did her understanding of why French food is beloved by Americans”. 

Clark “updates classic French techniques and dishes to reflect how we cook, shop, and eat today. With recipes such as Salade Nicoise with Haricot Vert, Cornmeal and Harissa Soufflé, Scalloped Potato Gratin, Lamb Shank Cassoulet, Ratatouille Sheet-Pan Chicken, Campari Olive Oil Cake, and Apricot Tarte Tatin (to name a few)”, Dinner in French looks to be a French food lovers’ new favorite cookbook.


Live Beautiful by Athena Calderone

Released just this past Tuesday, blogger and cookbook author (and now podcaster) Athena Calderone’s new decor book takes readers inside the homes of friends of hers from around the world. But first, let’s start with Jenna Lyons. Yep, that Jenna Lyons who is the former creative director J.Crew. Calderone lets the owners of each of the homes showcased share their simple decor ideas and secrets for making their home their sanctuary, and Jenna’s tips are fantastic, as well as the stunning photography of every home.

Mad About the House: 101 Interior Design Answers by Kate Watson-Smyth

A wonderful how-to guide for everything you may have questions about as you begin the decorating process in your home. Organized by chapters titled Walls, Floors, Ceilings, Windows, Doors and Skirtings, Furniture Layout, and Lighting, find answers to “the most important questions of all: Who? What? Where? Why? How? And When? The aim is to answer these before you start any decorating scheme to avoid the most common mistakes, save money, and, most importantly, create a home that works for you and the people who live there”.

Having had the chance to read through Kate Watson-Smyth’s new book (released earlier this week), it certainly is a wonderful resource to give you confidence in your decision making as you transition your house into a home, into your sanctuary.

The White Company Seagrass Woven Tray

I love The White Company for so many reasons, and this unique, yet timeless round serving tray is one of them. Use in the living room, the kitchen, anywhere you want to gather items in a effortless, yet stylish way without the fuss.

The White Company Orford Small Wine Glasses

Similar to the glasses I found two weeks ago at a vintage shop, I wanted to share these small wine glasses (they need not be used solely for wine) that caught my eye (and maybe they will yours as well).

Francophile Find

Monet, Renoir . . . Chagail. Journeys around the Mediterranean Exhibit

For anyone traveling to Paris this year, be sure to stop by Atelier des Lumieres and enjoy their new exhibit which just opened last month and will run through January 3, 2021. Showcasing loved French artist in a unique new way, “this exhibition presents an itinerary that spans the period between Impressionism and modernism. Tthe new digital exhibition will highlight the link between artistic creativity and the Mediterranean shores, as the principal centres of the modernist movement. The exhibition will immerse visitors in the masterpieces of twenty artists, including Renoir, Monet, Pissarro, Matisse, Signac, Derain, Vlaminck, Dufy, and Chagall, amongst others”.


Le Creuset Signature Oval Dutch Oven, 3.5 Qt, Honey, on sale

Sur la Table is having a cookware sale, and this yellow honey Dutch Oven would be a wonderful dose of sunshine as we eagerly wait for spring to arrive.

Shopbop Sale

Enjoy 25% off full price items with promo code SPRING. Shope a few of my pics below, as well as the ballet flats seen at the top of the post – See by Chloe Jane Point Ballet Flats.

A weekend to stay home. A weekend that needs me to stay home, take a deep breath and just be . . . well, home. Maybe to trim to shrubs in the yard in preparation for spring, maybe to snuggle with my boys, maybe to dream and plan or read and then read some more, but this weekend I will be home and I cannot wait to anything else. And since we are losing an hour of sleep this weekend, it may just be the perfect plan to fully rejuvenate for the next week.

I hope your week has gone well as March began and already we are nearing the end of winter. The weather report calls for some snow flurries this weekend, but otherwise, spring is indeed near. Wahoo!!! I am hoping much rain is in our near future as we need it most certainly, and well, I cannot wait to make my perennials happy and see them bloom into life.

This week I have found more than a few articles I hope you will enjoy, and please do not skip checking out the new photo that was captured yesterday in London of Harry and Meghan. It is just plain, yep, awesome. Thank you so much for stopping by this week, and wishing you a wonderful weekend. Until Monday, bonne journée!

~THE shot of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex that will, going forward, be very hard to beat. It is stunning. (scroll down to the sixth full length shot in this article from Town & Country)

~Save this list – the 20 Best Bakeries in Paris [Conde Nast Traveler]

~Since you’re going to the City of Light – A Social Guide to Paris [Financial Times]

~Did you know? Dior joins forces to with the Louvre to Restore Tuileries Garden [WWD]

~French Decor Fans – Everything you need to know about antique French furniture [House & Garden UK]

~7 Things You Never Have to Wear Again [Marc & Angel]

~If you have ever felt uncomfortable with online dating no matter how hard others tried to convince you to join ‘the way we date now’, read this for reassurance that listenign your gut was a good idea – How Dating Became a ‘Market’ [The Atlantic]

~Discover 9 Simple Ways to Be Good [The New York Times]

~How to Stop agreeing to things that aren’t good for you [Tiny Buddha]

~A worthwhile checklist to reduce the angst and increase the calm – How to Prepare your home for Coronavirus [NPR]

~Why your most valuable asset is your positive attitude [Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper]

~If disappointment has your mind at the moment, read this – 5 questions to Consider if Disappointment is Drowning You [Pick the Brain]

~Jenna Lyons in her much-talked about kitchen (yep, she has a La Cananche stove) and learning to make one of my favorite dishes – Spaghetti Carbonara. AND she will show you how to properly roll a sleeve. Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “This & That: March 6, 2020

  1. I saw Emma last night at its opening at my local theater and can’t recommend it highly enough. They really captured Austen’s biting humor, and the sets, music, and wardrobe were impeccable. It came out at the perfect moment, too, since we are on the brink of Spring—the colors and nature settings have me more excited than ever for new blooms and the sun on my back. See it as soon as you can, and then again!

  2. Can’t wait for Emma to come to our small theater. Loved the suggestions of books, decor, clothing, etc. I live in the mountains as well. Fair weather for this weekend – can’t wait to enjoy my daffodils, but rain expected all of next week. A nice intro into spring!

  3. I placed the books on reserve at the library. Thank you for the information on Last Tango in Halifax. I didn’t know it was back. Thank you, Shannon! Enjoy your weekend! ?

  4. I love all of your posts, but this one in particular… Four months ago, my husband passed away. After reading your post on a Saturday morning, I bought the Kindle edition of “Don’t Overthink It” and read it in two sittings. Then I bought Suze Orman’s book, which has information I need to know, written in language I understand. Lastly, I began watching “Last Tango in Halifax” on Netflix. This particular post turned what was going to be a long, lonesome weekend into a productive one, including taking action to organize a closet in need of organizing. When you wrote this post, you had no way of knowing how timely it was for me. I cannot thank you enough…

    1. Sandra, First and most important, I want to send my condolences for your loss. I am touched that you took the time share how this one post brought some comfort and sparked curiosity. With all my heart, Shannon

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