This & That: March 29, 2019

Mar 29, 2019

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A free app making available recommendations on what you are looking for, discover what fellow shoppers are raving about or shying away from. “No paid-for posts. No bots. No sponsored pages. Just real people talking about what works for them.” Masse has been recommended by Vogue editors and other top magazines as a trusted source for shoppers. If nothing else, have at the ready as a source to double-check items you have your eye on.


Happy Singlehood: The Rising Acceptance and Celebration of Solo Living by Elyakim Kislev

Currently, I am in the middle of reading Elyakim Kislev’s new book that was released earlier this month, and I have a feeling it will inspire an upcoming podcast episode. In the meantime, I wanted to share it with you as it “charts a way forward for singles to live life on their terms, and shows how everyone — single or coupled — can benefit from accepting solo living.” Addressing not only social awareness issues but political changes that would support each of our journeys regardless of whether we choose to live with someone, raise a family or neither, the research has been compiled and the insight is compelling.

The Minimalist’s Way: Minimalism Strategies to Declutter Your Life and Make Room for Joy by Erica Layne

Released earlier this month, Erica Layne’s book of fewer than 160 pages is compact but packed with ideas, tips and inspiration for applying the minimalist mindset to home, career, relationships, family, and money.

Women with Money: The Judgment-Free Guide to Creating the Joyful, Less Stressed, Purposeful (and, Yes, Rich) Life You Deserve by Jean Chatzky

Just released this past Tuesday, Women with Money. Upon discovering this new title, I put a copy in my shopping cart and look forward to diving into it next month. Jean Chatzky’s financial books are often at the top of my recommendation list when it comes to money (The Difference is one I highly recommend). And in her new book, she offers a three-part plan “formed through detailed reporting with the world’s top economists, psychiatrists, behaviorists, financial planners, and attorneys, as well as her own two decades of experience in the field”:

Year of Wonder: Classical Music to Enjoy Day to Day by Clemency Burton-Hill

While this book was released last October, as I recently spoke about my shift to filling my days with classical music instead of news, I came across Year of Wonder and thought it perfect timing to share. Organized into 365 days, each spotlighting “one inspirational piece each day of the year”, the author Clemency Burton Hill is an award-winning violinist and BBC Radio personality who knows of what she writes. Learn, discover and delight all the more in classical music with this book.

British Find

Murder by the Book: The Crime that Shocked Dicken’s London by Claire Harman

I had recently read a mention of biographer Claire Harman’s new book Murder by the Book in New York Magazine‘s “Books We Can’t Wait to Read in 2019“, so when I wandered into the local independent bookshop at the Oregon Coast during my holiday this week, I was already curious to read a bit of it to see if it might be something I would enjoy. Needless to say, I was impressed enough to purchase it, and so far, it is a wonderful read.

What is it about? A true crime story set, as you might have guessed, in mid 19th century London – May 1840 – to be precise. The murder of Lord William Russell takes place, and it is his valet and the book he is reading that catches the eye of the police in their search for the murderer. As this is a biography, Harman takes us all the way to the end as the crime is solved, and the murderer finally confesses his guilt, citing this novel in question in his defense.


Bokser French Linen Duvet Cover (many colors)

If you are looking to add a touch of France with a linen duvet cover to your bedroom, look no further than Bokser as currently the many different colors, and one stripe print as well, are on sale.

One King’s Lane 1930s/1940s California Pottery Carafe

Rowen & Wren Isla fluted Champagne Coupe

The classic coup modernized with the height of a fluted champagne glass. How stunning are these!?!


Mlouye Business Tote (many more colors)

Muun Claudia mini straw bag

Summer is coming, and this straw basket, labeled a tote, would be ideal for the daily market visit if you need just a few deliciously fresh, seasonal items for your dinner.


VEEP, final season premiere

The last season of Emmy-award winning show VEEP has arrived, and beginning Sunday March 31st, Julia Louise-Dreyfus will have her final bow as Selina Meyers. Have a look at the official trailer for the show below and enjoy this absurdly satirical comedy that can be quite the respite with the current political situations around the globe.

~recipe for Croque-Monsieur with Poached Eggs~

The last week in March is always a time of year I enjoy recharging as Spring Break arrives in Oregon, and this year, much of the rejuvenation took place on the Oregon Coast with the boys (be sure to check out TSLL’s IG for more pics). I am often reminded of how much rest I need only when school goes on break, and so I am thankful to have had the opportunity to rest, nap and just follow the schedule my body needed. However, prior to popping over two mountain ranges, I stopped in at Portland for a segment on AM Northwest which was a great opportunity to talk about TSLL’s new book.

As we wrap up March, I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and below are a handful of articles and one TEDx Talk you might enjoy. Be sure to stop by Monday when TSLL’s annual Spring Shopping Guide will be posted – full of trends to splurge and save on, as well as direct shopping items. Until Monday, bonne journée!

~10 Things to Make Time for Today [Marc and Angel]

~Jacques Pepin opines on the new study about eggs [The Washington Post]

~Ballerina Misty Copeland on Balancing Eating and Bonding with Meghan Markle [The Chalkboard]

~Jennifer Aniston shares her Morning Routine and How It Sets Her Up for a Happier Day [Thrive Global] and listen to the entire conversation on the first episode of Ariana Huffington’s podcast.

~Tips and Expert Ideas for Planting a Cutting Garden [A Way to Garden]

~Having written a detailed episode/post (episode #44) about being HSP (a highly sensitive person) in 2014, this TEDx Talk was something I appreciated and wanted to share with those who also identify as HSP or love someone who is a HSP.

12 thoughts on “This & That: March 29, 2019

  1. Hello! I believe you may have a small typo in the post. In your blurb on “Murder by the Book,” you say that the book is set in the mid-19th century, and then specify May 1940. This looks like a fascinating read. I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  2. Oh, that Business Tote, and Oh, that poached egg on the Croque Monsieur! Equally appealing to me!! Thanks for the beautiful post – it is a highlight of my Friday and always reminds me to savor the day as well as the upcoming weekend.

  3. Dear Shannon,

    Thanks for Friday’s newsletter. I am glad you had a great time. 🙂

    I can totally relate with the difficulty of returning from vacation trips and feeling that truly I am leaving “home” instead of “coming home”. Buffers are a necessity, so I always make sure that I have a “transition period” before and after the trip, to ease my way into things.

    I very much appreciated to re-listen to the podcast on French style. I it was one the first podcasts I listened to from the Archives when I first arrived at TSLL. My own style is not very far-off, so I went trough my own list: check! check! check! I am missing a oversized sweater though.

    Other favourites this week:

    -“Murder by the Book” – another very appealing book for the anglophile in me. I have a long to-read list, even longer now, and I guess I will have to reserve a shelf just for “Shannon’s books”… 🙂 In April, we will be reading “The Museum of Modern Love” on my Book Club here in Leipzig, on your recommendation that I passed along. Did you ever considered to feature a Book Club here on the TSSL?

    – Champagne glasses – I have looking for ages for something just this lovely, so thanks!

    – Croque-Monsieur – Oh, yes, how yummy. Can “Madame” also have it for today’s lunch, with a salad? I think “Madame” is willing to try. 😉

    – HSP video – thanks for your attention to this matter. It is so important to create awareness.

    Have a lovely weekend, Shanoon, all the best! Give a pat to your boys on my behalf. 🙂
    Greetings from a sunny albeit cold Leipzig,

  4. I’ve just downloaded “Year of Wonder” on audible and am looking forward to listening and beginning the musical journey. The author’s voice is lovely, which will make a pleasant prelude to the classical selections. Thank you for the recommendation.

    Also, if you haven’t yet read “The Gown” by Jennifer Robson, it’s one I think you would love! (Apologies if you’ve previously written about it, as I am fairly new to SL and am catching up on your archives!) Here is the description from Amazon:

    London, 1947: Besieged by the harshest winter in living memory, burdened by onerous shortages and rationing, the people of postwar Britain are enduring lives of quiet desperation despite their nation’s recent victory. Among them are Ann Hughes and Miriam Dassin, embroiderers at the famed Mayfair fashion house of Norman Hartnell. Together they forge an unlikely friendship, but their nascent hopes for a brighter future are tested when they are chosen for a once-in-a-lifetime honor: taking part in the creation of Princess Elizabeth’s wedding gown.

    Toronto, 2016: More than half a century later, Heather Mackenzie seeks to unravel the mystery of a set of embroidered flowers, a legacy from her late grandmother. How did her beloved Nan, a woman who never spoke of her old life in Britain, come to possess the priceless embroideries that so closely resemble the motifs on the stunning gown worn by Queen Elizabeth II at her wedding almost seventy years before? And what was her Nan’s connection to the celebrated textile artist and holocaust survivor Miriam Dassin?

    Happy Saturday!

    1. Happy Saturday Beth! Thank very much for your comment. And thank you for reminding me of The Gown. I do look forward to reading it and now it is on its way to my home thanks to your reminder. ? So happy to hear you are enjoying Year of Wonder. Have a lovely weekend. ☺️

    2. Beth – thanks for the reminder that this book is available on Audible. I have a few credits to use up and will download this one!

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