This & That: March 20, 2020

Mar 20, 2020

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A fun British series to dive into if you love the comfort of The Great British Bake-Off, sales are in abundance if you know what you need, decor books that take you to the English countryside and imagining the perfect kitchen, a novel that comes highly recommended, notecards for spring correspondence, the spatula I have long been looking for, and sooooo much more.


How to Eat: All of Your Food and Diet Questions Answered by Mark Bittman and David Katz

Released earlier this month, respected food author Mark Bittman and health expert David Katz’s new book How to Eat answers questions about everything food. From diet to superfoods and basic nutrients, discover the answers you’ve been looking for. “Inspired by their viral hit article on Grub Street—one of New York magazine’s most popular and most-shared articles—Bittman and Katz share their clear, no-nonsense perspective on food and diet. Topics include dietary patterns (Just what should humans eat?); grains (Aren’t these just “carbs”? Do I need to avoid gluten?); meat and dairy (Does grass-fed matter?); alcohol (Is drinking wine actually good for me?); and more. Throughout, Bittman and Katz filter the science of diet and nutrition through a lens of common sense, delivering straightforward advice with a healthy dose of wit”.

When All Is Said: A Novel by Anne Griffin

Released last year and receiving high acclaim, Anne Griffin’s novel about an 85-year-old who sits down at the bar of a grand hotel in a small Irish town dives deep into self-reflection and the gifts of what one can discover. “He’s alone, as usual – though tonight is anything but . . . Over the course of this evening, he will raise five toasts to the five people who have meant the most to him”. Sounds intriguing.

British Finds

At Home in the English Countryside: Designers with Their Dogs by Susanna Salk

Yesterday I shared on IG account a picture of Susanna Salk’s new book (released this past Tuesday), and while there will be more to come in a profile post, I wanted to bring your attention to this wonderful decor book. For Anglophiles and dog lovers, if you are looking for decor inspiration, this is a book to welcome into your library.

The Great Pottery Throw Down, BBC Two

How much fun is this show! So much fun! If you are a fan of the Great British Bake-Off, and love the British’s approach to a competition, and in this case including pottery, you will love this series. Have a look at the very first episode that aired on BBC 2 (these episodes are also on YouTube), and perhaps you have your next handful of evenings filled with what to watch. 🙂


The Elements of a Home: Curious Histories behind Everyday Household Objects, from Pillows to Forks by Amy Azzarito

From a design historian and former manager editor of *Design Sponge, Amy Azzarito’s new book (released earlier this week) will delight anyone who loves history, design, or décor. Discover tales from every nook and cranny of a home with entries featuring historical details from locations all over the world, including Europe, Asia, North America, and Africa.

The Perfect Kitchen by Barbara Sallick

I am a few days ahead of this book’s release, but I could not wait. The Perfect Kitchen by Barbara Sallick will be released next week, and as my mind is on my kitchen and how to customize it well, I am all ears (or I should say eyes) when it comes to expert ideas. Sallick is the cofounder of Waterworks (a luxury bath and kitchen fixture destination) and shares hundreds of images and practical advice.

Sallick “explores the process of designing a kitchen in great and beautiful detail, from surfaces and finishes to storage, cabinetry, and hardware. The book is enriched by dozens of images of kitchens by esteemed designers such as Steven Gambrel, Gil Schafer, and Suzanne Kasler; essays by top food icons including Julia Turshen and Melissa Clark about their own kitchens; and important, how-to advice”.

Pottery Barn Bedroom Sale Event, up to 30% off

Up through yesterday, Pottery Barn was having a site-wide sale (it may still be on, so be sure to check it out). However, what is still going on is their Bedroom Sale Event with savings up to 30%. From bed linens to curtains, if you are in the market for fresh new linens, be sure to have a look. The white linen curtains shown above, I have something similar in my own bedroom, are a simple way to add a touch of lightness and a touch of France to your living space.

Schoolhouse Electric Spring Sale

Looking for retro decor? Be sure to check out Schoolhouse Electric’s spring sale.


Le Creuset Silicone Spatulas, on sale

Okay, one of the seemingly small, yet honestly, very much needed items in the kitchen to have is the spatula. I have been waiting to find exactly the right one and buy a couple or three (as the solitary one I have is asking for a break). Per David Lebovitz’s recommendation, I found what I have been looking for. Le Creuset’s silicone spatulas are currently on sale and available in four different styles and two different design lines. Available in a handful of colors as well. Shop while the sale lasts!


Chinti & Parker, Sale 25% off

It just began this week, English sustainable clothing company Chinti & Parker announced a sale on their spring collection and everything else. Quality investment pieces, be sure to take a look. They have fun embroidered tees and sweaters as seen above with the “Bonjour” (front) and “Bonsoir” back tops, but classic cashmere sweaters as well. See below a few pics from their shop.

Cuyana Oversized Hobo (four colors)

Cuyana is a high quality, sustainable brand. In fact, I have their everyday tote and use it everyday when I go to the classroom. It is their new Oversized Hobo tote that recently caught my eye. Available in four colors, pre-order now.

Madewell, 25% off site-wide

Another sale unexpected, but worth checking out if you are looking to update your spring and summer wardrobe. Use the promo code BRIGHTSPOT to save 25% site-wide.

Nordstrom, 25% off Site-wide Sale

Yet another site-wide sale which could end at anytime, so be sure to take advantage of the opportunity if you have items on your spring capsule wardrobe shopping list.

Daffodils Boxed Notecards

Last, but not least, bringing some spring into our routines with these Daffodil boxed notecards. I have my own set and have been enjoying sending “thinking of you” notes as well as “thank you” messages as these cards are blank inside. Receive eight cards for fewer than $10.

~recipe for Jumbo Butternut Squash Ravioli with Kale Pesto~

What a week. With lockdowns in many countries and Americans being asked to stay home for all but necessities, all of our lives have shifted in one way or another quite swiftly. Some of us are adapting well and others are struggling. This is not easy, and recognizing that we are all going to handle it differently is important. What I have been trying to do on TSLL’s IG account (especially in the IG Stories) and here on the blog and podcast is offer uplifting content while still acknowledging what we are going through with dependable information that offers clarity and helpful ways to move forward well.

So what have the boys and I been up to? Admittedly, I have loved being able to spend more time at home with my two older gents. I can never get this time back, so I am soaking up every minute which includes soaking up the sun with Norman and Oscar on my porch quite frequently whenever the sun treats us with a beautiful clear blue sky day. As here in Oregon schools we are not to go back to the buildings until the end of April, I will begin teaching remotely April 1st, but will be at home as well as working in both of my capacities – teacher and writer. I look forward to staying in touch with you, so please do not hesitate to reach out. We’ve got this, and it has already gone better progressing through it with all of us touching base and sharing positive ideas and inspiration.

Now to the weekend where a decor project may take place, time in the garden/yard to prep a bit more and certainly a slower pace. Below are a handful of articles I thought you might enjoy, some inspired by our circumstances, but not all. Wishing you lovely weekend as you make it so, and until Monday, bonne journée.

—This was one of the most helpful articles and visual aids I read this week to better understand the power of social distancing if done effectively, Why Outbreaks Spread Exponentially and How to Flatten the Curve [The Washington Post, no paywall for this article]

12 Famous Museums from around the world you can Tour Virtually [Travel & Leisure]

The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Museum Resources

Classical music concerts streamed at home to be enjoyed live [Classic FM]

—David Lebovitz shared a long list of Stay-at-Home Recipes to make and enjoy

—Check out the progress on Paris’ Notre Dame cathedral, in pictures [BBC]

The first lines of 10 Classic novels rewritten for social distancing [Lit Hub]

~If procrastination is an obstacle, instead of better managing your time, tend to your emotions [The New York Times]

What’s the best age to retire? The answer may [or may not] surprise you []

~13 Proven Steps to Stop Being So Cynical [Live Bold and Bloom]

—I enjoyed this article this past weekend as the world’s views are changing when it comes to women, beauty and age – Can Women Really Look Like Jennifer Lopez at 50? [WSJ]

A Guide to Setting Personal Boundaries (and sticking to them) [Thrive Global]

A Guide to Champagne Glasses, because why not celebrate the little things even if we are inside more than usual. 🙂 [Wine Folly]

~Let’s stick with wine for a moment, Perfect Pairings for Wine with Salads [Wine Folly]

~Aside from showing your family and friends the video shown just below, if they are not taking this current events seriously, read this article on how to communicate the message effectively. [Huff Post]

~Loved and appreciated this helpful, yet in good humor PSA from comedian Mel Brooks and his son Max on social distancing. Click on the video to view in Twitter.

17 thoughts on “This & That: March 20, 2020

  1. Wonderful ideas, Shannon, I look forward to exploring in more depth. One plan I have for the weekend is to rewatch “Mrs. Miniver” – strength under adversity!

    1. Sorry about that vague question…what I meant to ask was, are there any specific sizes/styles of the Le Creuset spatulas that he states is a must buy? Thank you! 🙂

  2. I so appreciate your daily and weekly posts. I too have my furry gent to get me out and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Here in Reno we have gotten a little snow, so although it’s spring it’s still chilly . So looking forward to a little warmer weather. Puzzles, books, baking, and family and friends staying well, there is so much to be thankful for.
    Thank you for lifting our spirits up.

  3. If you are looking for another TV series try The Great British Sewing Bee. Each series gets better and the standard of the sewing and the challenges increases a lot. Patrick Grant from Savile Row, Esme Young who teaches at Central St Martin’s College and May Young are the judges.

    1. I was going to suggest the same thing, Lynette !
      Thank you for doing it for me .
      I think , even if you do not sew, Shannon, you will enjoy watching this , and there have been several series .
      Happy watching ?
      Best Wishes from the UK , stay safe and well everyone

  4. Hello from Wisconsin! Fabulous suggestions as always. Thank you. I ordered the Mark Bittman book, …also the Kitchen book..looks lovely. We remodeled our home extensively about seven years ago, and while it was time-consuming and disruptive, I embraced the process and so enjoyed the creative challenge. I LOVE our home…it is a true representation of who we are and never fails to make me smile.
    Beyond our beautiful home and getting outside when I can, some things I’ve been enjoying: Mark Hyman’s book, Food Fix, David Levobitz’s, Drinking French…along with his fabulous Instagram and blog, Parisienne Farmgirl’s book, From France to the Farm..along with her You Tube Channel and new podcast (a fellow Wisconsinite!), Monty Don’s Italian and French Garden’s series on Netflix, too many new cookbooks to name (Amazon loving me right now!) and Alexandra Stoddard’s beautiful lifestyle books that I discovered way back as a college girl. I’m an avid fiction reader as well, but can’t seem to focus long enough to stick with one book. Does anyone else have this problem right now?
    Your blog is a major source of comfort right now! Stay healthy and cheerful! ?

    1. Thank you for sharing all of these lovely reminders Jeannine. 🙂 So happy for you and your kitchen and home. You have a sacntuary to savor. So happy for you. Be well and thank you for stopping by. Have a lovely weekend. xo

  5. Thanks so much for the positive message! So many people are giving in to their anxiety that it’s nice to have someone (other than myself) saying, “we’ve got this.” Thanks for giving us a respite. :))

  6. Shannon, Thanks for your posts; they are helping me to distract myself from the pandemic and reminding me life will be OK – if different – again in the future.

    1. It certainly will be okay. We often learn lessons through unwanted events. Lessons we would not have had the chance to learn and then apply. We will get through this. I am not unshaken, but I am cautiously confidently that all will be better in many ways unexpected. Admittedly, we just do not know what they are and that is why we have each other. Thank you for stopping by Deborah. xo

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