This & That: March 1, 2019

Mar 01, 2019

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British Treat

The Real Wallis Simpson: A New History of the American Divorcée Who Became the Duchess of Windsor by Anna Pasternak

It has been my observation as an American, that Wallis Simpson receives mere mentions and with each, a distinct negative distain infused characterization. Now, as much as is possible to put myself in the shoes of the British public, perhaps it is deserved, but it seems to me that King Edward escapes much of the blame and lays it at the feet of the woman he married. Either way, it always takes two, so I am most curious to learn more about a part of British history that continues to fascinate the public, or at least me. 🙂


Rowen & Wren Cadby Velvet Button Stool

Rowen & Wren were included recently in the latest issue of Victoria magazine, and well, what they curate is simply lovely. These velvet button stools would be a simple luxurious touch to a sitting area, boudoir or library, and not take up much space either.


Cold War

The Oscars have come and gone, but this film, Cold War, Poland’s entry for Best Foreign Film, has the critics raving. Produced by Amazon, it was released this past fall and in select theaters this past December. Have a look at the trailer and perhaps enjoy this weekend.

Francophile Find

50 Is the New 30

The most recent episode of The Simple Sophisticate shared my favorite French films released in the past 10 years, and while I haven’t seen 50 is the New 30, it may just be a film I add to the list. Released in 2017, some TSLL readers have already seen it and recommended it. Have a look at the trailer and get a good laugh and boost as well that life is truly full of wonderful surprises no matter what our age.


Hilary Hahn plays Bach: Violin Sonatas Nos. 1 & 2; Partita No. 1

J.S. Bach has me smitten when it comes to classical music, and so I am trying to learn more and understand how different musicians can play the same arrangement differently. Hilary Hahn broke onto the scene as a young woman more than 21 years ago, and this past October released a new album. From the selections I have heard, it is simply wonderful. Read The New York Times review of her album and have a listen to one of the tracks below.


Cuyana Half Moon Shoulder Bag (more colors)

Half Moon shoulder bags are becoming quite en vogue as of late, and while they are available at many price points from a variety of designers, Cuyana offers a medium range price for a quality leather bag.

Cuyana Silk Wrap Blouse

If you haven’t visited Cuyana yet, be sure to have a look. As I have shared a few items in the past weeks and a couple today, I cannot help it as they are timeless and well-made. This white silk blouse is simple and quite flattering. Even Habitually Chic, Heather Clawson, a blogger I regularly follow, is a fan.

Land’s End Women’s Cashmere Lined Leather Texting Gloves (more colors), 40% off

It may be the first of March today, but as the Pacific Northwest has experienced, winter is definitely still here. And while it may be gone in a flash, now is a great time to scoop up deals on wintery items we need and don’t already have so that next winter, we are ready to go as soon as the chill hits.

I just purchased my own Land’s End cashmere lined leather gloves in black and saved 40% with promo code SNOW with PIN 6342. There are more colors available, and since this will be my first pair of nice winter gloves (not gloves I might wear skiing), this purchase was loooooong overdue. I cannot wait to add them to my winter capsule.

Shopbop’s Buy More, Save More Sale

While buying just to save money is not a wise idea, it is worth taking a look at such deals just in case what you want happens to be over $200, so you can save some money along the way. Shopbop’s sale runs through the weekend, and below I have found a few items – clothing, shoes and bags – that may be of interest. Either way, if you have a particular item you are keeping an eye on, check out this sale to see if it’s available. And save some money when you discover it is.


Backyard Envy

If you want inspiration to get you in the mood for spring’s arrival, tune in Thursday night on Bravo to their new series Backyard Envy. Don’t worry, this may be a reality show, but the only drama is with the plants not arriving on time and the weather not cooperating. Everyone on the team gets along quite well, in fact the trio has known each other for a very long time, and their friendship is fun to witness – they truly work well together.

I have watched three episodes so far, and what I appreciate about the show is that they landscape one commercial and one residential client each week, usually in the New York City area. Along the way, they teach you so much about different plant varietals, so I find myself taking notes from time to time.

~recipe for Clams in Saffron Mint Broth~

~Discover what deals to enjoy which month of the year for world travel [The New York Times]

~Staying on the topic of world travel – Rick Steves shared Europe’s 10 Best Markets

~Looking to move and not just visit? 3 Reasons France Could be Your Retirement Destination [International Living]

~Make a note: Vogue France shared their new favorite Paris boulangerie

~One more note on Paris, just in case you are traveling there – Forbes shared their 11 Restaurants to Try Right Now in Paris

~Okay, one more. This is the last one, I promise. How to Eat and Drink Your Way Through Provence [The Telegraphy]

~Gardeners who love French country aesthetics – read Chez Pluie’s article on The definitive guide to classic French garden pots, planters, urns & olive jars

~Staying in the garden for a moment – Gorgeous Flower Arrangements – An Expert Floral Designer Shares Her Arranging Secrets [Architectural Digest]

~I love carrot cake, and while I have a recipe I adore from Elephant’s Delicatessant, this Dori Greenspan one looks like a keeper as well [The New York Times]

~Speaking of enjoying our food – 5 Metabolism Myths You Should Stop Believing [Byrdie]

~If you have a highly sensitive person in your life (HSP), or are one, here is a post to help you understand how to best love them [Introvert, Dear]

~And on the topic of love, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of 10 Things You Need to Know to Have a Strong Relationship [Tiny Buddha]

~If you’ve read David Lebovitz’s latest book – L’Appart (listen to episode #182 of The Simple Sophisticate in which David was a guest on the show!) – you will want to check out this video as Oliver Gee of The Earful Tower (Oliver joined me on the podcast in episode #222) tapes his interview with David in David’s kitchen – yep, the kitchen which was the center of the book – the renovation and all of the hiccups. It’s an hour long, but if you’ve already heard the interview on the podcast, skip to the final 15+ minutes of the video to see David give a tour of his kitchen space.

9 thoughts on “This & That: March 1, 2019

  1. Dear Shannon,

    Thank you very much for the Newsletter on Friday. I am sorry that I missed your birthday, but I am wishing you now all the best for this new year and, indeed, new decade of your life! I can only speak for myself, of course, but I can say that the 40’s are a wonderful age to be in. I found it for me to be the “perfect age”, a point of true balance in life, as a fruit in its peak of ripeness. Congratulations and enjoy! 🙂

    My favourites this week:
    – “50 is the New 30”;
    – Hilary Hanh – thanks for bringing this musician to my attention. I love Bach and I am very fortunate to live in “his city” (Leipzig, Germany);
    – Kahmune;
    – LE Gloves;
    – Carrot cake – and there we have another still recipe to try on the weekend, my my… 🙂
    – Palmiers!!!! – and not just the concept, haha… Patience & Intention is very much my motto in life.

    Bonne fin-de-semaine! Also for your little ones, bien sûr.


    1. Isabel, Thank you so much for your comment and birthday wishes about this new decade. I am so happy you enjoyed the blog this week. Have a most wonderful weekend in Germany!

  2. Sorry for the typo. 🙁
    What I meant was:
    – Carrot cake – there we have *still another recipe* to try… – and not *another still recipe*, of course. Whops!

  3. Shannon,
    thanks for introducing me to Hilary Hahn, such an energetic young musician and a breath of fresh air. I hadn’t listened to classical music since I was a child, and I had been wanting to broaden musical horizons. So at the start of 2019 I bought the book “Year of Wonder” which has a corresponding Apple Music playlist. Each day of the year has one page in the book. It’s designed so that while listening to the track on the playlist, you read one page about either the composer or the piece of music & it has become a daily joy. I just love learning about new artists through people who share the same taste, and your recommendations are right on target.

    And also thanks for introducing me to the Hot Sardines! I became a fast fan & have now had the pleasure of hearing them live several times.

    Your cooking videos and all this new music has inspired me to spend more time getting friendly with my kitchen, which is something I’ve struggled with for years. So many thanks for that too! (Seeing David Leibovitz’s kitchen didn’t hurt either!)

    Lisa in cold, grey Chicago (no beautiful white snow here)

    1. Lisa, Thank you for your comment and so happy you have found music here on TSLL that you are enjoying. The Hot Sardines are fantastic! And live, truly awesome. So happy you have had this opportunity. Have a wonderful music-filled weekend. ☺️❤️

  4. 40! Miss Shannon… you are on the brink of starting your life . I loved all of my
    past years, but I really think my life began at 60.
    I think you are so grounded and have created such a blessed life so far….look where you can go! Please realize how many lives you have touched and also inspired.
    Happy Birthday.

  5. Shannon, Happy Birthday…40 a milestone one but as June said above, you already have ‘figured out’ life so far so the world is your oyster. At 63, life is just getting sweeter and easier, all those mistakes I made in my earlier years make choices so much easier. 🙂 I am loving Backyard Envy too, it’s been snowy here in Colorado but so looking forward to getting back into the garden.

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