This & That: June 28, 2019

Jun 28, 2019

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American Princess: A Novel of First Daughter Alice Roosevelt by Stephanie Marie Thornton

A playful fictional tale of a rambunctious first daughter who mixes and mingles with the congressmen on Capitol Hill, much to her dismay, but along the way earns the nickname as the Other Washington Monument. Alice Roosevelt leads one unique life in Washington D.C. and the plot is sure to entertain.

Paris, 7 a.m. by Liza Wieland

Set in June 1937, author Liza Wieland imagines what three life-changing weeks in Paris may have been like for Pulitzer Prize winning poet Elizabeth Bishop, as the city was on the precipice of war.


Ludlow Garden Table, Rowen & Wren

Take me outside and let me soak up the sun whilst poking about in the garden from time to time. This galvanized iron finished small dining table could fit in unassumingly with nearly any decor. Perfect for dining al fresco or a potting station for working outside, a simple, yet timeless addition to the outdoor furniture.

Palm Leaf Woven Basket (small or large), Rowen & Wren

Woven baskets are worth collecting, but also, and most importantly, using for practical purposes as well. I am smitten by these palm leaf woven baskets, and their price is quite nice as well.

Serena & Lilly Bedford Tray

Trays are always a good idea to have on hand for a variety of reasons in the home. I actually saw this tray in person last week in San Francisco, and can attest, it is large, sturdy and lovely to use as decor and/or serving a delicious breakfast in bed.

Serena & Lilly Sandbar Tray (3 sizes)

And since we are looking at trays, these are a bit less expensive (2 of the 3), and available in an oval, square and rectangular shape. Having one similar in my home for years, I regularly use it for serving or storing reading material.


Wild Rose

It happened last week that I was watching Late Night with Stephen Colbert, and while I fast-forwarded through one of the interviews, I am glad I keeping watching until the musical act performed (which I do not often do). Jessie Buckley performed the lead song of the new movie Wild Rose. And while at the time, I had never heard of the film, as soon as I heard the song, I wanted to know more about the story. Critics are very excited about this film and Buckley’s performance. Go ahead and read NPR’s review and have a listen to the main song of the film that showcases Jessie Buckley’s voice magnificently – Glasgow (No Place Like Home). The trailer is below.

Francophile Find

Death in Provence: A Novel by Serena Kent

Summer reading is all about leisure and escape, and Serena Kent’s new cozy mystery is exactly that. Taking readers to Provence, and the main character Penelope to a farmhouse in The Luberon, the mystery begins when she finds something (or should I say, someone) in the swimming pool that should not be there.

The Heart of France, a Victoria magazine book

Victoria magazine often publishes thematic books on the countries of France and England, and while their The Heart of England is hard to find, their The Heart of France is worth checking out. Discover chic boutiques, inns and restaurants in this classic homage to France which was published in 2001.


Joie Holdena Top in Clean White

Eyelet, white and loose. A wonderful blouse for summer style and leisure.

Reformation Cosa Dress (more colors)

Wearing dresses in the summer is one of the best ways to feel comfortable in the heat and look sensational, and Reformation continues to offer lovely new prints and designs perfect for the season.

Serena & Lilly Cavallo Linen Pajamas (more colors)

Linen is a quality choice for not only homewares, but clothing as well, and these linen pajamas are classic and will carry you through all four seasons as your skin will be able to breathe with ease.

Sézane Suzie linen stripe top

Speaking of linen, a simple linen camisole to add a touch of color to your summer wardrobe.

~recipe for Dukkah Roasted Cauliflower Salt with Creamy Avocado Dressing~

I do believe I have France on my mind, especially after you look at the list of links and videos shared below. After awakening my tastebuds last week in San Francisco, I am excited to hop over to France for more food excursions. Be sure to follow along on Instagram.

But in the meantime, I do hope this past week treated you well. It was nice to settle back into my home, spend oodles of time with the boys and enjoy a thundershower now and then. Stepping into my kitchen whenever the mood struck was also a pleasure (a few pics were shared on IG Stories), and with an opportunity to return to Afternoon Live in Portland to talk about food as well, I felt very fortunate indeed. Below are a handful of links you might enjoy, and two wonderful videos, one of which had me laughing so hard I was crying when I first viewed it. I do hope you enjoy, and until Monday, bonne journée.

~David Lebovitz shared his list of the best restaurants, bistros, bakeries and cocktail bars in Paris

~Marc and Angel share their list of 8 Little Wake-Up Calls You Need to Receive Before It’s Too Late

~A tribute and memorial to Karl Lagerfeld took place last week in Paris at the Grand Palais. [Vogue]

~Staying in Paris, The New York Times shared A Year in Paris That Transformed Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

~Jacquemus revealed their 10th anniversary Spring 2020 collection amongst the lavender in Provence this past week, and it is a collection and a setting in the South of France to enjoy gazing at. The look below caught my eye and style taste. [Vogue]

~Enjoy two videos this week. One, from Alex the French Guy Cooking who shares where he found Paris’ best croissant.

~And two, James Corden goes to the Champs-Élysées and brings Les Miserables. It is a fantastic 12 minutes that will have you laughing, dancing and enjoying.

11 thoughts on “This & That: June 28, 2019

  1. The Crosswalk version of Les Miserables is truly the best thing I’ve seen all month. My entire office was dying laughing. I love ALL of your posts and recommendations, but this is the first time I’ve had trouble breathing while checking one out! Wishing you a weekend full of fun and joy!

    1. Oh my goodness, I know what you mean! I was dying laughing, crying and just had to watch it more than once. So happy you and your colleagues enjoyed as well! Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for visiting the blog regularly! I appreciate your time and interest. 🙂

  2. Avoiding lots of pastries…escargots…oh my dear, this is brilliant. Seriously the best way to begin le weekend, thank you Shannon!

  3. The Crosswalk Musical was absolutely laugh-out-loud funny! Thanks so much for sharing a great week of This & That. Can’t wait to hear about your upcoming trip to Paris. Bon Voyage!

  4. Dear Shannon,

    I enjoy reading the TSLL newsletter and the posts of the week, on my Saturdays, in the morning, with a leisurely breakfast. Then I am the internet for the weekend. Thanks for bringing those nice moments to my weekend! 🙂 TSSL is the best “magazine”.

    This week I mostly enjoyed your TV appearance video – very nice, congratulations! -, and Alex, at the French Guy Cooking, testing all those croissants. And Les Miserables very very funny.

    I wish you a good trip and a great time in France. Bon voyage!

  5. Hi, Shannon,
    My name is Donna Fitzgerald. I reside in Honolulu, Hawaii. I have the whole collection of the original VICTORIA MAGAZINE, from Volume 1/Number 1 to Volume 17/Number 6. They are in really good condition because I never mark or fold the pages in my journals. I’d like to give them all to you if you’d like to have them. Please let me know.
    Thank you,

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