This & That: June 15, 2018

Jun 15, 2018

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Alone Time: Four Seasons, Four Cities and the Pleasures of Solitude by Stephanie Rosenbloom

Loving. Absolutely loving. I almost didn’t write anything more as the title speaks for itself, and then when I share that the four cities are Paris, Istanbul, New York City and Florence, isn’t the deal sealed? So far I have devoured New York Times‘ writer Stephanie Rosenbloom’s first chapters where she takes readers with her to Paris, and now she is stepping off a ferry into Istanbul. Delectable, insightful, thought-provoking, and validation as to the power of traveling alone, as well as simply savoring your time alone wherever you find yourself.


French Grill: 125 Refined & Rustic Recipes by Susan Hermann Loomis

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to welcome cookbook author Susan Hermann Loomis on The Simple Sophisticate podcast (episode #192). If you had a listen, you will remember Susan’s vivacious personality and passion for cooking delicious, seasonal food from where she calls home – Northern France. In her new cookbook (her previous cookbook In A French Kitchen is still one of my favorites), she offers her talents to those of us who love to cook during the summer months, love barbecuing but want to continue to welcome the French flavor and expertise to the grill. Having had the opportunity to pour over a copy of the book, let me just share with you some of the recipes that captured my tastebuds’ attention: Grilled Bread with Smashed Tomatoes, Smoked Olives, Bacon-Wrapped Goat Cheese Salad, Tomatoes Provençales, Salmon with Tarragon Butter, Grilled Chicken with Sweet, Spiced Rhubarb, Grilled Peaches with Little Spice Cookies and Sparkling Jelly, Sugar-Grilled Pears with Pound Cake and Caramel, and the list goes on. Susan also includes detailed tips to teach you how to grill, ingredients to use, how to smoke foods and what two-step cooking is. Most importantly, she reminds readers to get out of the way of the ingredients. In other words, it truly is simple if we shop seasonally and let the food shine.


Set It Up

I stumbled across Netflix’ new film Set It Up which premieres today on the streaming service. Starring Zoey Deutch, Glen Powell and Lucy Liu and Taye Diggs, the premise is about setting up their bosses (Liu and Diggs) so that they (Deutch and Powell) can have some free-time, but then the setting up takes an unexpected spin. Have a look at the trailer below and enjoy as I will this weekend (or save to your watchlist.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor

I remember quite vividly watching Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood on PBS when I was a young girl in the early eighties. The Land of Make Believe and the puppets, the ritual of Fred Rogers arriving at his house, switching from his jacket to his cardigan as well as exchanging his shoes. At the time I wasn’t aware of the deeper messages intended for his hound audience, but I appreciated the compassion he expressed with his guests and how the puppets interacted. Seemingly a simple 30 minute program, this year marks the 50th anniversary of his debut in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which became a culture children rearing classic series. The documentary is receiving very positive reviews, and I look forward to watching it when it debuts at our small independent theaters (out now in select locations). Have a look at the trailer below and be reminded of the power of kindness and civility toward one another.

Francophile Find

Chateau Life: Cuisine and Style in the French Countryside by Jane Webster

I must extend a big thank you to a TSLL reader for bringing my attention to Jane Webster’s new book which will be released here in the states on July 2nd, but I couldn’t wait to share with you today. Chateau Life is for Jane Webster and her family, native Australians, who have made their home in Normandy, captured in the beautiful book full of sixty recipes organized around ten themes such as holiday traditions, lunch box contents, joie de vivre and French Sunday lunch. Have a look at their chateau below and welcome a beautiful and inspired book into your home and your kitchen.


Courage & Clarity

I was recently introduced to a new-to-me podcast, Courage & Clarity which is organized around an original idea that works brilliantly. Host Steph Crowder welcomes a new female entrepreneur each Monday and tapes two episodes: The first is the Courage episode – how the guest made the leap from their original profession to their own business; and the second is the Clarity episode – where the guest breaks down specific steps that help them attain success. The professions and expertise are vast and the insights are current. I have already devoured the first six episodes and look forward to garnering as much information from the more than 70 episodes left.


Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce, final season

Just yesterday (I know, I should have included the heads up about this premiere in last Friday’s T & T), Abby, Barbara, Phoebe, Delia and Jo return for the fifth and final season of Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce. Thursday nights on Bravo, tune in to see how it will all wrap up. Star Lisa Edelstein gave an interview to The New York Times in last week’s Sunday paper discussing whether she is pleased with how each of the lives of the characters conclude, how she feels about starring in a comedy series that doesn’t meet the requirements for an Emmy of a comedy (must be 3o minutes, GGTD is 60 minutes) and how unique it is to be a 52-year-old star cast as a “sexy-ish, vital” leading lady. Have a look at the trailer for the final season.


~recipe for Strawberry Ooey Gooey Cake~

In less than a week, summer will arrive (June 21), and while it feels as though spring began forever ago, it also feels as though it zoomed by. With that observation on my mind, I am ready to slow down, complete fewer to-dos on my daily list (or even better – put fewer to-dos on my list) and just breathe as more moments are savored, remembered and appreciated.

Pairing delicious food with this habit of savoring doesn’t sound like a bad idea either, and between Susan Hermann Loomis’ new cookbook, Jane Webster’s luxurious French food tome, as well as the dessert above and the burgers in the film below, I don’t think good food will be hard to find.

This week was a big week on the blog as TSLL’s 2nd book debuted as preordering of signed copies began, and I continue to be humbled by the response of TSLL readers. Be sure to stop by this post to learn about all of the details, as well as Instagram (check out 2nd Book Highlights) for a short video series sharing even more information.

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for the weekend as it also signifies the end of the school year. Wahoo!!! A journey begins for TSLL in some small way as I will be returning to France in the next few days. Be sure to stay tuned on Instagram as well as the blog where I will be sharing images and posts from my travels. But I am here in Bend for a few more days spending it with family, and I am looking forward to each moment. I do hope you have a wonderful weekend, and below are a few posts and a video you might enjoy. Until Monday, bonne journée!

~A Clueless Fan’s Guide to the World Cup – count me in!

~3 Hard Perspective Shifts that Will Gradually Make Your Life 3 Times Easier

~The Best Career Advice I Ever Received from Cup of Jo

~Oliver Gee of The Earful Tower stopped by HiP Paris to share How to Get Paris Right the First Time

It will be summer this next week, and burgers will be the entrée of choice at many gatherings. Why not know how to make this summer meal just right from a fun YouTube channel Basics with Babish? Have a look at the video below to learn how to master the burger and fries meal.

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  1. Another great offering of ‘ this and that’. I have Susan’s French Grill on order. Just love her spirit. She looked amazing in the video in the streets of Paris demonstrating the grill in some fab red heels
    The recipes look amazing and it would be great to get out of the kitchen when we finally get some summer here in North west France!!
    Bon weekend

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