This & That: June 12, 2020

Jun 12, 2020

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Two cookbooks that will take you to France and show you how simple cooking really can create the most delicious meals. A new novel translated from French to take you behind the scenes of the culinary world, a new series on AcornTV for Franny Fisher fans, the return of a Masterpiece favorite, sales, home decor and outdoor furniture finds and more!


The Pocket Butler’s Guide to Travel: Essential Advice for Every Traveller from Planning to Packing to Making the Most of Your Trip by Charles MacPherson

I want to thank a long-time TSLL reader for bringing to my attention Charles MacPherson’s books, The Pocket Butler. He recently released The Pocket Butler’s Guide to Good Housekeeping this spring, but I will admit, I cannot in good conscience recommend a housekeeping book, as I myself do not enjoy the cleaning component one bit (whenever I have extra money, I always try to see if I can hire a cleaning service). However, what I was incredibly interested in was his Essential Advice for Traveling book which was released in 2018. As well as these two books, he has a manners book and the one that continues to be bestselling The Butler Speaks in which he talks about how to host a dinner party, make a bed, set a table, use the proper fork, polish silver, make and hold a conversation, prepare high tea and much more. From Canada, having served as Major Domo for one of Canada’s most prominent families, he also is the resident butler answering questions on CTV’s The Marilyn Denis Show. Learn more about him on his website here.

British Find

Grantchester, season 5 premiere on PBS

Returning this weekend, on June 14th on PBS Masterpiece at 9pm, Grantchester’s fifth season premiere will air. Here is a summary of what this new season will be all about, and be sure to take a look at the trailer below.

“It’s 1957, and Will Davenport (Tom Brittney) has settled into his role as the vicar of Grantchester, preaching to a packed church. His best friend, Detective Inspector Geordie Keating, has come to accept his wife Cathy’s commitment to her job – just about. Mrs C. happily juggles her roles as the vicarage housekeeper and being a well-to-do married woman, and after a trip to Marrakech, even Leonard has managed to carve out some happiness with Daniel. But Will’s faith will be thoroughly tested as he and Geordie are reminded once more that there’s darkness lurking in their little corner of Cambridgeshire…”


The Pastry School: Sweet and Savory Pies, Tarts and Treats to Bake at Home by Julie Jones

You may have been first introduced to baker Julie Jones through her delectable food photography on Instagram, or been fortunate to take one of her pastry classes in England, but you may also have just been introduced to her like myself, and if so, you are in for a treat (pun intended!). Julie Jones’ new cookbook is being called a masterpiece of stunning photography as the food she bakes becomes art as well as full of deliciousness. While her baking classes are on hold at the moment, look for her to resume them in the coming year. If you live in the UK, be sure to see if you can purchase her book from her website directly as she is offering 20% off with a special promo code PASTRY. And if you live outside of the UK, be sure to purchase your book on your trusted bookshop or Amazon website.

~Support your local and independent bookstores and purchase this title at

Francophile Finds

Le Cheffe: A Cook’s Novel by Marie NDiaye

Translated from its original language it was written, French, award winning author for her book Three Strong Women, Marie NDiaye writes a novel told from the voice of the legendary female chef’s assistant (and unrequited lover), “the facts her life, the nearly ineffable qualities of her cooking, and the obsessive, sometimes destructive desire for purity of taste and experience that shaped her life.” Looks to be a delicious read to me.

~Support your local and independent bookstores and purchase this title at

Le Moulin Brégeon, Le Petit Moulin of the Loire Valley: Introduction to the French Lifestyle and a Collection of Recipes by Kathryn Gordon

An acclaimed chef now having just released her third cookbook, Kathryn Gordon “shares the French enjoyment of food and the spirit of a sustained community carrying on cooking traditions, eating local ingredients and joy in preparing simple, fresh meals”. Having taught cooking classes at the 18th century water mill which has been restored and become a luxurious retreat called Le Moulin Brégeon in the Loire Valley for 20 years (learn more about the class offerings as spots are still available for 2021), you can have private, hands-on cooking courses all while exploring France and staying in lovely dream-like accommodations.

But back to the cookbook. Since many of us are not in France and cannot go to France at the moment, let’s escape there with our food, shall we? Gordon’s new cookbook offers what the guests at Le Moulin Brégeon have been asking for for years, a resource for the delectable meals they have enjoyed, but presented in an easy-to-follow formula. Featuring fresh and seasonal produce and basic cooking techniques flavored with herbs and spices versus lots of salt, welcome this cookbook into your repertoire and improve your finesse in the kitchen impressively.

~Support your local and independent bookstores and purchase this title at

Plat du Jour: French Dinners Made Easy by Susan Herrmann Loomis

This inclusion in today’s This & That is a heads up to all of my fellow Francophiles and fans of Susan Herrmann Loomis. Finally, the wait is over! She has been working for a couple of years on her latest cookbook (in fact, it was this cookbook she was working on when I had the opportunity to take her cooking class in Normandy this past summer), and it will be available on January 12, 2021. Preorder now or put it on your reading list to purchase at the end of the year. I do hope we can have her back on the podcast to talk food, France and life.


Aerin Raffia Round Tray

I am not sure if one can have enough trays, but what I have discovered more than anything, so long as they are trays you love, you will find a way to use them. This is a stunning and unique tray – both beautiful and functional.

Boden Effie Jersey Dress in Rich Emerald, Petal Arrow, 30% off

This lovely emerald print dress caught my eye the moment I saw it, and I wanted to share it with you. For a few more hours you can use promo code T6F4 to save 30% off site-wide, exclusion apply.

Equipment, Site-Wide Sale, 30% off

If you are looking for quality, yet affordable silk shirts, this is a sale to check out. I love Equipment’s Adalyn v-neck silk button-up blouses. Available in a variety of colors and prints, their entire site is 30% off, so be sure to check it out. I have picked out a few items below.

One King’s Lane Regal teak Devon Steamer Chair, multiple colors

We must dream and sometimes, eventually, we are able to welcome our dreams into our lives and turn them into a reality. As One King’s Lane was having an outdoors sale last weekend, I came across these classic steamer deck chairs. Aren’t they fun? Can’t you just imagine them in a Poirot episode whilst they are on a boat upon the Mediterranean? Anyway, if your dream is to have a steamer chair, OKL has four different color options, and I have a feeling they will be having a sale again soon, so keep them marked.

navy, blue and multi-stripe, gingko green, navy/canvas

Sur La Table Summer Sale

Cooks and chefs, check out this sale! At awesome reductions (the cappuccino maker from a brand I highly recommend is reduced considerably), if you are looking for a particular item or an item you realize you need, be sure to stop by Sur La Table this weekend. I have picked a few items below.

Vince Textured V-Neck Dress (more colors)

Made with Japanese crinkle fabric with a metallic sheen, this textured V-neck dress is both comfortable and sophisticated for summer chic style. Wrap it up with a belt, accessorize with a statement piece of jewelry or keep it simple and you will certainly make a stunning sartorial statement.

Vintage European Dough Bowls

Wooden dough bowls with patina and history, that is what you will find in these vintage European designs.


Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries

I just learned of the follow-up murder mystery series to Miss Fisher’s Mysteries when I stumbled upon this new series which stars Peregrine Fisher, Phryne Fisher’s niece. Set in the 60s in Melbourne, Australia, the lead lady is of the same moxie as Phyrne, and the partnership between her and the dashing police detective is similarly fraught with sexual tension. Have a look at the trailer below and enjoy the first season (which premiered in 2019) which includes five episodes on AcornTV.

~recipe for homemade bagels~

School is out for the summer and in a few short days, the summer season will officially begin. With a few plans this weekend, one being welcoming people to my garden for a fun gathering and just settling into the new schedule, it’s hard to believe the long holiday has begun.

I want to thank again all of TSLL readers who stopped by for Tuesday’s post and read and many sharing their thoughts. As I shared on this IG post on Tuesday evening (shown below), I deeply and most sincerely appreciated your feedback and response. I will be beginning to make some of the changes next week, but it will be gradual, and I will continue to communicate those tweaks, additions and reductions in posts as the summer unfolds.

Francophiles you will find more than a few articles to enjoy below, and to everyone looking for a boost, I think you will enjoy the first video I have shared below. Thank you for stopping by and wishing you a lovely weekend. Bonne journée.

~Are French Restaurants More Likely than American to Survive the Lockdown? [Paris by Mouth]

~The Best Things to Do in Aix en Provence [Le Long Weekend]

~The 15 Easiest Flowers to Grow this Summer [House & Garden]

~A recipe for Lavender Gateau St. Emilion [House & Garden]

~Parisians Savor More than the Coffee as Cafés Reopen [The New York Times]

~Paris Restaurants and Cafés Welcomes Back Customers [Vogue]

~Paths are Made by Walking, Not Waiting [Marc & Angel]

~Author Brené Brown offers the Class of 2020 her words of inspiration and advice – Don’t Be Afraid to Fall. No matter your age or how the pandemic has affected you, I am confident you will appreciate her message. Key quotes to give a taste of what you will hear:

  • Self-awareness is power.
  • Take smart risks and trust yourself because you have taught yourself the tools to get back up.
  • Courage and curiosity are born of vulnerability.
  • Vulnerability involves uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure.

~One more video to take you to London and France by way of Caroline de Maigret – Alexa Chung Learns Hot to Grow Older the French Way (inspired by Maigret’s latest book)

10 thoughts on “This & That: June 12, 2020

  1. This and That is my FAVORITE of your posts and of all blogs I read (I read way too many)..thank you for wonderful way to begin each Friday

  2. I, too, am a tray person & have gotten my husband into the habit of using them as well. They corral everything beautifully — literally & figuratively — & I find make housekeeping so much easier as you can just lift a tray up to dust a piece of furniture, then clean everything ON the tray & then tray itself. And thanks for the head’s up re “Miss Fisher Modern Mysteries”. I never miss the original — mainly because I love seeing what gorgeous outfit she’s going to wear next — & hadn’t known of this one. Also looking forward to “Grantchester” (I’m a long-time fan of Robson Green’s) when it starts here. Another wonderful Friday round up — thanks!

  3. Great words of wisdom by Brene Brown. She is always so inspiring and encouraging. I gained a lot from listening to her as I navigated a life change last summer. Thanks for including that!

  4. Thank you, Shannon…and happy weekend! So excited for Susan Herman Loomis’s new book.
    Have you enjoyed the cookbook, “the Bonne Femme Cookbook” by Wini Moranville? It was published in 2011. She is an American cook who began her French journey as a high-school exchange student in Burgundy. She writes beautifully, and explanation of many French traditions are sprinkled throughout the book. There are no food photographs, but many charming illustrations that remind me a bit of the talented illustrator you work with. I revisit this cookbook often for inspiration! In fact…it is very possible that you are the one who suggested this cookbook!
    I also LOVE Robert Arbor’s Joie De Vivre…am grateful you recommenced it many years ago…I revisit this treasure often. It brings such joy. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if he would write another book…or perhaps a blog???
    Thank you as always for your delicious content and enjoy the weekend! 💐

  5. Have you watched Nydia’s Time to Eat on Netflix? It stars Nydia Hussain who won the sixth series of the Great British Bakeoff.

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