This & That: June 1, 2018

Jun 01, 2018

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Perricone MD Pre:Empt Series Refreshing Shower Mask

Always looking for quality beauty products that simplify my routines yet at the same time amplify my skin’s youthful glow, when I learned of Perricone MD’s refreshing shower mask, I took a closer look. While I do use my other masks in the shower as well, this particular mask is designed to soften and smooth skin. Certainly something to try as it contains Perricone’s proprietary NRF2 Antioxidant Support Complex™, which improves skin’s own ability to combat oxidative stress and environmental aggravators and works to preempt the first signs of aging. However, each individual’s skin will react differently, and figuring out what works best with your skin and lifestyle is key.


Dear Madam President: An Open Letter to the Woman Who Will Run the World by Jennifer Palmieri

Each time I see this book in my local bookshop, I immediately think to myself, “What a perfect graduation gift for a young woman who is excited to enter the world and make a difference.” Simply to hear those words, Madam President is something I wish I would have heard more of when I was younger, and I hope that my niece and other women hear encouragement from their families, teachers and community leaders to step forward and strive for the highest governmental office in our country if they share a curiosity to do so.

The Simple Path to Wealth: Your Roadmap to Financial Independence and a Rich, Free Life by J. L. Collins 

While released a few years ago, J.L. Collins’ book has received an average reader review (523 to be exact) of 5 stars. The concept hits home for anyone who strives to be financially independent, not to be rich, but to be able to put our efforts toward giving ourselves to this world without worrying about money. Inspired by his own daughter and wanting to ensure she was well equipped to be financially successful, his book breaks down all of the caveats to money in our lives from investing to health costs, debt and more.


Modvin Culinary Herbs + Culinary Spices Art Prints

The key to having fun in the kitchen and welcoming flavor into our everyday cooking experience is to season our food with herbs and spices. But which ones? While I look forward to talking about this more in-depth in the upcoming first season of my new vodcast The Simply Luxurious Kitchen (premiering September 8th), having the information readily available in the kitchen can be helpful and a way to decorate our home as well. Modvin now offers an illustrated print – one with herbs and one with spices – you can enjoy using in your kitchen. While I don’t have this print, I do have their seasonal fruit and vegetables one in French (now available in Spanish as well) which hangs in my kitchen and is framed to add a simple informative, yet stylish touch to the space.

Francophile Find

The Earful Tower’s Guide to Paris (150 Things to Do)

Oliver Gee of The Earful Tower podcast shared with listeners a few months ago his Paris Guide which includes 150 things to do and enjoy in the City of Light. Organized by the 20 arrondissements, he has taken what his many guests have shared over the past two years and streamlined the information for you to utilize during your next visit. It’s free if you support the podcast on Patreon, but you can pay a one-time payment and either have a downloadable pdf or handbook.

French House Chic by Jane Webster

Last year a reader introduced me to Jane Webster, an Australian author, dreamer and expert decorator who thirteen years ago purchased with her young family a chateau in Normandy, Chateau Bosgouet, and their life has been forever changed. The French House takes readers inside intimate French residences throughout the countryside and cities (yes, Paris too!). Revealing how to cultivate a French chic style in our own homes no matter where around the globe they may be, this book will certain spark much inspiration.


Roberto Cavalli printed silk scarf

Sales continue and having beautiful, quality scarves is always a good idea (a few too many – is there such a thing?). Roberto Cavalli’s print scarf would work well year round paired with solid neutrals to add a touch of signature without being too contrasting or loud. Perfect for an effortlessly chic look.

Sézane Salma bag

Unique summer totes for jaunts to the market, errands or even a lovely day trip to anywhere your heart desires are a great idea to have on hand. Sézane’s salma bag is made with raffia and is a nice large tote ( 35 x 45 x 17 cm / 14 x 18 x 7 ins). Add a subtle touch of personality to your summer outfit with this timeless accessory.


The Great Courses Plus

Challenging our minds is a wonderful habit to forever endeavor in, and The Great Courses Plus makes this absolutely possible. With courses available on the subjects of travel, science, music and even food & wine, your curiosity will always have something to keep it entertained. A free trial is available for 14 days where you can explore and take any class you wish. After the trial period you can pay $19.99/month for unlimited access, pay $10.99/month for 6 months (one lump payment) or an annual unlimited option for $144. While it may be something that you swap in after you swap something out of your budget, it is certainly worth considering.

~recipe for this Afternoon Lemon Cake~

The first day of June. Yes, it is June. What will this month bring? Celebrations, congratulations, a shift in pace, a stepping away to unwind, a stepping back to slow down. June happens to be a month of transition for me each year with regards to the end of the school year. But whether you are a teacher, a student, have school-age children or are well beyond your time in school and adhere to your unique annual schedule per your career, it is a transition for everyone as again the seasons will change and we too have the chance to do the same.

How would you like to change? How are you already changing? Do you like it? I often feel that Mother Nature is the wise, seemingly ubiquitous teacher who, should we choose to listen, is telling us everything we need to know in order to navigate our path as to align with our truest self. Perhaps this month, take a little extra time to listen, observe, savor and then respond in such an inspired way your old self wouldn’t recognize.

As we head into the weekend, below you’ll find some reading you might enjoy. Thank you as always for stopping by and until Monday, bonne journée.

~With both women and men waiting longer before they marry, For a Better Marriage, Act Like a Single Person certainly made some intriguing points worth considering when it comes to building a healthy marriage as well as remaining a healthy individual in or out of marriage.

~Speaking of marriage, well . . . the first day of marriage at least, How the Royal Wedding May Influence Weddings to Come. Many of the ideas were discussed in our discussion right here on the blog. I think you’ll enjoy the article which was shared this past week.

~Could the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) become the law of the land here in America? Legally, it may be a possibility. Have a look as to how here.

~A serious conversation about The Strange Failure of the Educated Elite in America – definitely intriguing ideas to contemplate.

~Some great ideas in this list, and #8 is one that makes a lot of sense – 23 Ways to Be a Little Smarter About Your Money

A video to remind us of the qualities of an emotionally healthy individual. Perhaps we have our moments of weakness, but understanding what qualities we embody that demonstrate we are stronger than we realize is always something to be reminded of as well.

4 thoughts on “This & That: June 1, 2018

  1. Lovely lovely what else can I say about “this and that”. I am always on the lookout for cakes with reduced sugar and this one definitely fits the bill. All the ingredients are in the pantry so a bonus
    Making this tomorrow for teatime and whatever else follows. Happy 1st June Shannon?

  2. Great round-up this week, Shannon. That lemon cake looks almost too good, and the best news? I bought 6 really nice lemons yesterday because they were on sale at such a ridiculous price I couldn’t resist, even though I had NO idea what I was going to do with them. Don’t you love how the Universe does that? LOL! Have a great weekend, and welcome to June (no, I can’t believe it’s June — I don’t know what happened to February through April, to be honest).

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