This & That: July 5, 2019

Jul 05, 2019

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Supper Club by Lara Williams

Being released next week, this debut novel by Lara Williams centers around an intimate gathering  taking place after dark bringing to together young women who want to reclaim their appetite. While I haven’t read the novel yet, I am not sure if the reference to appetite is literal or connotes far more, but “each [woman is] extraordinary yet unfulfilled; [therefore], the club is a way to explore, discover, and push the boundaries of the space they take up in the world”. Sounds intriguing, most definitely.


Serena & Lilly Sutter Linen Quilt (more colors)

Linen sheets and duvets and blankets, a luxury to welcome into the home indeed, and Serena & Lilly has many beautiful options including this linen quilt available in a variety of shades.



I recently listened to the interview with the skipper Tracy Edwards on Terry Gross’s interview show Fresh Air who is the leading individual in an extraordinary story that took place in 1989. What happened, you might be wondering? An all-female sailboat crew raced around the work in the competition of open-ocean racing, and did rather well. Premiering in America and Canada this weekend, have a look at the trailer below and have a listen to her interview here which, if you’re like me, will captivate your curiosity.

Francophile Find

The Little(r) Museums of Paris: An Illustrated Guide to the City’s Hidden Gems by Emma Jacobs

Released last month, Emma Jacobs invites readers to travel vicariously with engaging illustrations to little known worlds of smaller museums within and just outside of Paris as well as into and behind the scenes of artists and their studios.

My Paris Market Cookbook: A Seasonal Culinary Guidebook to Paris with More than 70 French Recipes by Emily Dilling

With a successful release in 2015, Emily Dilling’s cookbook – My Paris Market Cookbook – did so well, that now the paperback version has just become available. Inspired by her blog, Dilling takes readers off the beaten path throughout the city of Paris and introduces new ideas for cooking with the fresh, seasonal produce she finds.


Boden Sale

The Fourth of July Sales are up and running, and Boden is offering extremely generous discounts on full price and summer collection items. From stripe tops, to summer dresses, classic sunnies and more, be sure to take a look and use promo code M9C9 to receive an even nicer discount beyond the sale price.


Everlane Cotton Weave Picnic Dress

A classic summer dress to be worn for years to come, Everlane’s cotton weave stripe picnic dress is simple, yet statement making.

Madewell Sidewalk Low-Top Sneakers in Leather

If you are traveling this summer, having a pair of comfort shoes is a good idea, but keeping your style quotient elevated is still possible. Add these white leather sneakers for comfortable and versatile footwear.

Papier Notebooks

If you are looking for quality notebooks and planners, and perhaps would like to personalize them for what content you wish to keep inside, Papier offers a variety of different styles and designs, as well as making available monogramming.

~recipe for the Almond Cake~

Welcome to the Fourth of July weekend and welcome to Friday. What a full week it has been as the month of July has begun. Admittedly, my days are getting messed up with the nine-hour difference, but what a luxury to not have to worry too much about the day of the week. Certainly, not something I or most of us are used to, and something I am savoring at the moment. However, I will admit, my routine in many ways is dearly missed. Sometimes, that is exactly what needs to happen, a change in some way that helps us appreciate all that is going well in our everyday lives.

I do hope you have a wonderful weekend, and thank you for stopping by. The blog schedule has offered fewer new posts due to my travels, but rest assured, it will return to its regular weekly posting next week. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

This week I don’t have any links or videos for you as I have been traveling abroad in France, but I have been busy on Instagram, so be sure to stop by and check out my recommendations discovered so far and my IG Highlight reel – FR Trip ’19 – Part one and two.

2 thoughts on “This & That: July 5, 2019

  1. Oh my dear Shannon,
    The fact that you are working at all and concerned about us while you are traversing en France is, I think, dare I say, worthy of sainthood. I loved your Friday newsletter, so insightful, and, true to you, honest and informative. (I know you don’t take to compliments, and I agree, but…you are a gem. So there.)
    Your insta posts are so fab, thank you, can’t wait, (but must), for the interview and all the other goodies you have in store for us. As we say down here in the South–you’re a peach!

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