This & That: July 3, 2020

Jul 03, 2020

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Hamilton has arrived in your living room, sales and sales and more sales, a political satire starring Steve Carell, escape to beautiful homes near the sea, a French cookbook and wine bar to put on your list, and oodles of articles to read for Francophiles and Anglophiles.


Diana Vreeland: Bon Mots, Words of Wisdom from the Empress of Fashion by Alexander Vreeland

A collection of quotes that celebrates the wit and prescience of fashion-world legend and icon Diana Vreeland. Released this past March, the book is “sourced and edited by her grandson Alexander. Diana Vreeland: Bon Mots covers Vreeland’s incisive views of subjects such as allure, fashion, and style (“I mean, a new dress doesn’t get you anywhere; it’s the life you’re living in the dress”); beauty (“The neck is the beginning and end of looking like anybody”); age (“The quickest way to show your age is to try to look young”); color (“Black is the hardest color to get right–except for gray”); and her powerfully creative way of thinking (“I’m looking for the suggestion of something I’ve never seen”).”

~Support local and independent bookstores by purchasing this title from


Summer to Summer: Houses by the Sea by Jennifer Ash Rubick

Be swept away to the sea this weekend when you read through author and journalist Jennier Ash Rubick’s new book Summer to Summer. Explore 25 homes across the coasts of the United States in which Rubick “invites us into a minimally decorated, Isamu Noguchi–designed home in Northeast Harbor and Sister Parrish’s cozy multigenerational house in Dark Harbor. We imagine relaxing in a comfortably cushioned rattan chair on the sun porch of a Nantucket house designed by Tom Scheerer, taking in the view of Long Island Sound through the glass curtain wall of a sleek house on Fishers Island, and feeling snugly cosseted in a tiny Provincetown cottage.” Below is a pic she shared on her IG account last year as she was compiling her images from homes featured in the book.

~Support local and independent bookstores by purchasing this title at


Hamilton, on Disney+

The time has come! Finally, for all of us who have not yet had the opportunity to see the cultural hit that took to the Broadway stage in February 2015, we now can see it as it was presented. Recorded over three days in 2016 with largely the entire original cast during live productions and in between productions (listen to Miranda’s conversation about the taping of the show here on GMA), viewers will have to subscribe to Disney+ to enjoy the show which premieres today, but for $6.99/month that is far cheaper than a broadway ticket. I for one will be enjoying it in the coming days. Have a look at the trailer below and enjoy.


Released last Friday (originally scheduled to be released in theaters in May), from writer and director Jon Stewart comes a film set in rural Wisconsin with a mayoral race at its center. Starring Steve Carell, the film follows a Democratic strategist who tries to help a local candidate win an election in a small right-wing town. Described by many as a soft satire, if you are looking for a dose of Carrell humor and a political story-line, this may be the film to enjoy this weekend. Check out the trailer below, and look for it on Amazon, iTunes or other streaming services.

Francophile Find

La Buvette: Recipes and Wine Notes from Paris by Camille Fourmont and Katy Leahy

A new cookbook La Buvette will be released next Tuesday, and it reminded me to stop by this lovely Parisian destination the next time I have the opportunity to be in the city. Sharing 50 recipes, Camille Fourmont, the owner of La Buvette,” a tiny wine shop that doubles as a bar and café—in Paris’s 11th Arrondissement, [shares] this guide to wine, food, and Parisian lifestyle unlocking the secrets to achieving that coveted je ne sais quoi style of entertaining, along with revealing the best of the City of Light.”

~Support local and independent bookstores by purchasing this title at

The Truth (La Veríté)

The Truth starring Juliette Binoche, Catherine Deneuve, and Ethan Hawke originally was set to be released in March. And while I did share this film many months ago on a This & That, I wanted to bring it to your attention again as it will be released today in the states in limited forums (look for it to stream on Amazon and iTunes). I am quite looking forward to it, as the mother-daughter relationship looks intriguing as the daughter discovers her mother’s memoir that is about to be released is all but accurate about her mother’s parenting and the daughter’s childhood experience. Have a look at the trailer below.

Silver Wine Holder, found in Paris, available at Madame de la Maison

I could not help but share with you another item from Madame de la Maison. Isn’t it lovely? I can remember Julia and Paul Child using one of these wine holder and pouring tools in one of the episodes of The French Chef and think it would be a lovely item to have on hand. There is only one available, so be sure to scoop it up quickly if you are interested.

A lovely find to add to your entertaining essentials. Having just become available in Madame de la Maison’s shop, this silver wine holder is one of the many treasures found in France and made available to us all.


DVF Site-Wide Sale

Simple, classic, with modern feminine designs as style as well as comfort is the key to DVF approach. Use promo code LIBERTY to save 25% off site-wide and scoop up some lovely additions for your summer wardrobe.

Evolve Zayne Wedge Sandal (more colors), 40% off

Espadrilles with a wedge are quintessential summer footwear, but sometimes the wedge can get a bit too high. When I saw my good friend wearing the Evolve sandals shown above recently paired with a navy striped top and ankle-skimming denim jeans, I inquired immediately what they were. The mustard yellow looked brilliant with the neutral ensemble, and the height was just right. On sale currently at Nordstrom, be sure to check out more styles like their Kassie Strappy Sandal (currently 50% off) from Evolve as well.

Mango Site-Wide Sale

The July 4th sales are abundant, and if you are looking for well-priced, simple items to layer with, be sure to check out Mango. I have shopped a few items below.

—One Hundred Stars Dressing Gowns, shipping available to the States

After sharing One Hundred Stars Dressing Gowns a couple of weeks ago, many readers in the states were understandably disappointed (as was I) to discover the company did not ship to the states. Well, I kept scouring, and found three companies that source the dressing gowns from One Hundred Stars, sell them at the same price and DO ship to the states at very reasonable rates. In fact, I purchased my own to see if indeed it was true, and it is! Below are the three companies I found that ship to the states if you too were keen on welcoming one of these beautiful pieces into your wardrobe.

Rag & Bone Slub Tees, on sale

Reduced by 33%, the classic favorite of Rag & Bone, their slub tees are available at a great price for stocking up on essentials. I recently purchased their grey Slub Vee t-shirt as I have always loved the softness, as well as hang and fit of these tops. With a pricetag that is hard to beat for a quality layering piece under blazers, light jackets and other items, it was an easy decision. Be sure to peruse all of their slub tee styles, cuts and colors.

Theory blazers, Etiennette in Good Wool

Theory’s blazers are a mainstay in my closet as they are well made and fit as they should. The Etiennette Blazer hits a little lower on the hip and is available in oodles of colors, many of which are reduced in price just as the sky colored blazer is. As well, Theory has reduced their Shirts & T-Shirts by 40% for their current sale, so be sure to take a look.

In honor of the United States’ Independence Day celebrations, Theory is dedicating 10% of all sales now through July 5th to the ACLU.

July is here and wow! Where did June go?! The temperatures this week have been lovely enabling an enjoyable get-together with one of my dear friends in my garden as we sat in the Adirondack chairs and delighted in the birds just seemingly inches away nibbling at the bird feeder. As well, gradually other projects are moving along, and moments on the porch swing have beckoned as I mosey through my work days at home. The nasturtiums and day lilies are beginning to share their blooms and toodling about in the kitchen has been a fun pastime as I consider which recipes to include and share in the upcoming third season of The Simply Luxurious Kitchen.

I do hope your week went well. The long weekend has begun with many celebrating the Fourth of July tomorrow here in the states. I will be keeping my weekend rather low-key and am looking forward to making a new scallop recipe, complete perhaps with crusty bread and topped with a simple sauce. Much more was shared in today’s newsletter to subscribers (it is being delivered bi-weekly during the summer months and will start its permanent monthly delivery schedule in September), so be sure to check out the benefits of subscribing here. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, and thank you for stopping by. I have gathered up quite a few articles on France and Britain as well as two videos I think you might enjoy. Until Monday, bonne journée.

~When the Louvre Reopens, It’s Going to Be Quiet [The New York Times]

~If you love food and good writing, (one of my favorite types of genres!), be sure to check out Abe’s Books list of The 50 Best Food Memoirs

~La Cuisine Paris is offering online cooking classes this summer. Learn how to make French macarons, sauces as well as French basics.

~An interactive map of where Coronavirus cases are increasing or decreasing according to your state or country.

~How to save French Bistros and Cafes [Paris Update]

~The Eiffel Tower Reopens [NPR]

~How France is not quite back to normal: Masks, Fines and No Kissing [The Local, FR]

~Looking for love? Check out this article from HuffPost for simple ways to let go of unbeknownst-to-you barriers potentially standing in your way

~Marilyn Monroe saved a Paris Theatre [The Telegraph]

~Why You Might Want to Plant a Butterfly Garden [Middle-Sized Garden]

~Pubs in the UK are reopening on July 4th: Everything You Need to Know [Country Living UK]

~How to Start Embracing Your Perfectly Imperfect Self [Maria Shriver]

~What Paris is Like Post-Lockdown [CN Traveller]

~Discover Paris’ prettiest squares [Hip Paris]

~The Tour de France was pushed back until late August this year, but Is France Cycling More Than Ever? [Complete France]

~Discover ways to keep up with the current affairs in France [Complete France]

~So Can You Go to Europe? Not so fast Americans [Rick Steves]

~Discover the 10 Most In-Demand UK Seaside Towns to Live In [House Beautiful UK]

~For my fellow tennis fans and especially Wimbledon fans, unfortunately, this year Wimbledon was cancelled (the French Open has been pushed back, but will take place this year, just in September rather than in May). However, the annual celebrated event has not gone forgotten. The Duchess of Cambridge gave her voice to the tribute and opening day message that was released earlier this week, titled “Worth the Wait”. Have a look and listen.

~Slip away to the west of England for a tour with Rick Steves

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  1. Thank you for posting the link to Rick Steves’ YouTube. I’ve already watched the one you posted and have moved on to the Scottish Highlands. Have a lovely 4th of July weekend.

    1. Beth, I am not sure which company you tried to purchase from, but do try the links I provided in the bulleted list. I purchased mine from Old School Beauly without a problem.

    2. Beth, I am not sure which company you tried to purchase from, but do try the links I provided in the bulleted list. I purchased mine from Old School Beauly without a problem.

  2. The Wimbledon video had me a bit emotional for some reason, thanks so much for sharing Shannon! I lived in the UK for several years (back in America now) and it was always such an exciting time each July. Fingers crossed for 2021!

    1. It moved me as well, and I will be eagerly awaiting its return. How wonderful to had such an opportunity to call the UK. I can only imagine what memories such events bring back. Thank you for stopping by Kristin. 😌

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