This & That: July 28, 2017

Jul 28, 2017

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The Mindful-Based Eating Solution: Proven Strategies to End Overeating, Satisfy Your Hunger and Savor Your Life by Lynn Rossy PhD

This summer a handful of episodes of the podcast have focused on food, eating well and savoring the bounty of seasonal produce and recognizing that we can eat delicious and dreamed about food so long as we know where to find real flavor. Receiving rave reviews after having just been released, Dr. Lynn Rossy offers proven ideas for slowing down, savoring our food thereby causing us to eat less. Addressing emotional eating and eating out of boredom, mindful eating is an approach that will not only improve your eating but your entire approach to living well.


The Cook Book: Fortnum & Mason

If you are ever in London, ride the metro to Piccadilly station and walk the few blocks to Fortnum & Mason. It is a dream of a grocer, as well as offering multiple restaurants and a tea room, the food is a luxurious experience simply to observe and wander about in. This past May they released their first Cook Book which is already a bestseller in England. Full of wisdom about historic British cuisine, it also includes modern approaches to classic British dishes.


Eat Basically

With the arrival of Bon Appétit’s latest issue, they announced their new sister website – Basically. The site is clean, simple and streamlined, full of clear images to help you in the kitchen make delicious, seasonal food (a perfect resource to this week’s episode of the podcast).

Francophile Find

How to Make a French Family: A Memoir of Love, Food and Faux Pas by Samantha Vérant

A memoir of reality meeting fairy tales. Samantha Vérant is from Chicago, and upon marrying her husband who was a widower with children, she moved to southern France. However, all doesn’t go as she had dreamt. Enjoy reading her journey and see France from a fresh new perspective.


Muuñ French Market Totes

Sturdy, quality straw totes made in a variety of sizes with two different ribbon options (black or white). Available for international purchase, have a look and welcome a timeless accessory for your summer market perusing.

Citizens of Humanity, The Principle Girlfriend Jeans

The wash, the length, the fit, these jeans are ready to be worn for summer and casual outings. Wear with flats, where with sneakers, where with heels to dress them up. The options are truly endless.


Madewell Large & Small Crystalline Travel Bags

It is travel season, and having just returned from a getaway for a few days, having a travel tote stocked and ready makes the time away more enjoyable while there and upon returning. As well, the clear material enables you to find what you want when you first reach into the bag which is always nice and simple. There are two different sizes, and the prices are nice and affordable. Be sure to have a look.

~recipe for Beet, Avocado and Fried Goat Cheese Salad~

What a week it has been, what a beautiful, wonderful week it has been. Some sun, some agitating thunder and then some sweet, much anticipated rain. Beginning with walks on the coast on Long Beach to returning to Bend and savoring a summer storm, we are in the throes of summer at the moment, that is certainly for sure.

I wanted to take a moment and thank a TSLL reader, Suzi for bringing to my attention a lovely inclusion of The Simple Sophisticate podcast on The EveryGirl’s website in their 10 podcasts that will transform your commute. I was tickled to see the podcast was included as the company was quite talented. Be sure to check it out and discover more podcasts to put in your listening line-up.

Well, July is about to wrap up. How has it gone for you? Hopefully, you had some time to get away, slow down or simply enjoy many moments to breathe and relax. I can hardly believe August is nearly here, but indeed it is. And so too will this upcoming eighth month be amazing if we set out minds that it shall be. Below you will find a long list of articles I found intriguing this past week. I do hope you enjoy, and until Monday, bonne journée!

~How to put your inner critic in its place

~Could it be possible it isn’t your fear of failure but rather your fear of success that is holding you back? Find out if it’s true in this article.

~Simple, doable advice from Richard Branson on the method to being more productive . . . and it’s only two words. Find out what those two words are here.

~These are worth checking out. I absolutely love #1 and couldn’t agree more. 21 Behaviors That Will Make You Brilliant at Creativity and Relationships

~What is trending in kitchens now is revealed by House Beautiful, and these 6 things are often seen in the weekly Decor Inspiration posts. Have a look here.

~5 Ways to Become Your Best Self . . . so simple, each just takes conscious effort and planning

~Let these four things go – 4 Distractions You Must Stop Stressing Over if You Want to Succeed

~Perhaps all of us introverts should share this article with our significant others – 6 Great Reasons to Date an Introvert

~Traveling to France soon and don’t know much of the language? Read this article and discover the 40 Essential French Phrases to Master Before You Head Off to France

~This weekend’s breakfast idea – Cracking the Code of the French Omelet

~Moving on to Italy, discover what it is really like to live as an expat in Florence, Italy

6 thoughts on “This & That: July 28, 2017

  1. When I took a French class that was mostly aimed at people planning to travel, the teacher gave us photocopied sheets of phrases to memorize. She said it was essential to know the phrases so they would just roll off our tongues. It was a good point. Memorizing some key phrases really helps make you feel more at ease about speaking when you’re starting out.
    As for the omelet, it takes two things: lots of butter and close attention. As the article says, the ingredients should be the best quality. You can’t make something good without very good ingredients, to paraphrase Montagné.

  2. Oh my, oh my! The last Friday in July already! Summer is slowing down and families are gearing up for back to school. Like this time of year…it’s almost like New Years a second time around. A time to get our heads and homes in order to be the very best they can be for ourselves and our families!-Laurel

  3. Hi Shannon, I love love love your blog and podcast. Ever since i started following you my life has changed. You are such an inspiration. I wanted to ask you a quick question – what are your most favorite cookbooks? Much love!

    1. I have many! Such a tough question. I would encourage you to check out the Cookbook page under TSLL Shop drop down on the menu. Patricia Wells’ cookbooks and Ina Gartens are regularly looked too, Julia Child’s classic tome is also always at the ready.

  4. I love your blog and your content in fantastic. It’s just what I need to be inspired and happy! I recently discovered your podcast through as well and I’m so happy I did! I’m a new blogger starting out and you’re a great model of how to build an online platform of all things you love and care about without having to focus on just one specific thing! I especially love this post and the most recent podcast on love and self-discovery. Thanks for being an authentic part of this huge and sometimes overwhelming blogosphere!

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