This & That: July 12, 2019

Jul 12, 2019

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British Finds

—Duchess of Cambridge’s sunglasses worn at Wimbledon – Ray Ban’s Wayfarer II Classic

If you enjoy staying apprised of what the royals are wearing, you may want to follow @eholmes, but it is her IG Stories that contain the royal style alerts and sartorial details (not her permanent IG posts). Case in point, as Wimbledon has been taking place these past two weeks, the royals have been visiting the royal box, as well as the Duchess of Sussex visiting a different court to watch Serena Williams early in the tournament. But back to the sunglasses. The Duchess of Cambridge regularly chooses to wear Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer II Classic in dark brown and demonstrates how a classic with a subtle feminine touch will always be in style. And I thought I would share with you exactly the style so you can shop if you would like.


Lidney Sussex Trug Basket, Rowen & Wren

Summer time is garden time, and that means harvest time to step out in your potager and bring back into the kitchen a few tomatoes, a handful of lettuce and anything else that is ripe and ready. Rowen & Wren’s Lidney Sussex Trug basket is just what you need to carry them all back into the kitchen in simple and sturdy style.

Francophile Find

Le Mystère Henri Pick

During my flight to France last week, I discovered this gem of a film. Based on the novel written by French author David Foenkinos which was published a few years ago, The Mystery of Henri Pick (aka Le Mystère Henri Pick). the plot centers around a discovered manuscript in a library of unpublished authors. However, the author of the text has recently passed away, and so the book is published posthumously. Initially this discovery is a shock to his family as they didn’t know he wrote, let alone read anything, but then they accept it as truth. However, this blind acceptance is questioned by a revered book critic, and then the plot begins. Starring Fabrice Luchini and Camille Cottin (from Call My Agent), have a look at the trailer below and look for it in boutique theaters and on streaming services soon, if not already.

Murder In . . . 

A couple of weeks ago I shared I watched and enjoyed Jennifer Aniston’s latest film that can be found on Netflix – Murder Mystery, and a TSLL reader suggested I might enjoy the French series Murder In . . . . And she was right. With multiple seasons available, each episode is set in a different town in France, so not only are you solving a murder (different detectives solve the murders in each episode, although they do have them return for multiple episodes periodically), but you also have the opportunity to take in the countryside of France. Find it on Amazon Video and subscribe to MHz which offers international mysteries, dramas and comedies for $8/mo.

The Second-Worst Restaurant in France: A Paul Stuart Novel by Alexander McCall Smith

Being released next Tuesday, Alexander McCall Smith has another new novel, and this one is part of the Paul Stuart series. Paul Stuart is a cookbook writer, and as he is trying to finish his manuscript, he eagerly accepts an invitation by his cousin Chloe to stay in a small country town in France thinking it will expedite completion, but instead it offers more than he expects. Little writing is completed as he is asked to assist in improving the cuisine and patch up relationships in a town that believes he may be the answer to their problems.

My Stylish French Box, August – Summer in Provence-themed

I wanted to share one more reminder to subscribe and receive one of the best My Stylish French Boxes that I have ever received from Sharon Santoni. The window to place your order (which will arrive mid-August) closes in just a few weeks, and when you do, rest assured you will be delighted by what you receive. Learn more about the box and what to expect here.


Amazon Prime Day

Amazon is holding their annual Prim Day next Monday and Tuesday – July 15th and 16th, offering an abundance of sales. So if you have a few things in your basket, be sure to hold out and see if you can find some savings on Monday and Tuesday.

Madewell Denim Jacket

I just love a classic denim jacket; in fact, I live in the dark denim one I have had for years throughout the spring and summer. And this one from Madewell is available in a classic watch that will easily be with you for many years to come.

Neely & Chloe weekender bag (many colors)

A large, yet classic and stylish weekender bag is a good idea to have on hand for short getaways or as a carry-on, and Neely & Chloe’s comes in a long list of color options with many on sale at the moment.

Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale

Early Access to Nordstrom’s annual Anniversary sale on new seasonal items begins today at 9:30 am for Nordstrom card holders and runs through July 18th. The sale for everyone begins on July 19 and runs through August 4th. Have a sneak peak catalogue here, and be sure to stop by as new collections for the fall season are included in this sale with items reduced up to 50-75%.

Tory Burch Frieda black and white Espadrille sandals, on sale

Having a sturdy pair of wedged espadrilles is something I love in the summer to add height, but enable sturdy and comfortable walking. These black and white stripe 4″ espadrilles are currently on sale, and would be lovely with a solid white or black outfit or even a solid color of any hue. There is also a khaki color available as was showcased in yesterday’s Outfit of the Week.


Suits, season 9 premiere

Meghan Markle (aka as the Duchess of Sussex) may no longer be part of the cast of Suits, but I am hooked. So as the show is premiering its final season next Thursday, I wanted to make note and share. Interestingly enough, “Mike” (Patrick J. Adams) will return in the fifth episode of the season in what sounds like to say his goodbyes. And he also revealed in an interview that “Rachel” (Meghan Markle) would somehow say goodbye as well via phone or audio (I am not sure if it will be her voice or how they will do it). Have a look at the trailer below for the season, and find it on USA.


~recipe for Prosciutto Arugula Burrata Pizza~

What a week of sport, sun and relaxing. I will admit, I am still not completely past my jetlag, but knowing I have Le Tour de France and Wimbledon to enjoy while taking breaks and naps now and again throughout the day certainly helps. With that said, I wanted to make up for not sharing any links last week on the regular This & That (thank you for understanding as I was still in France) and have below many different articles and one timely and enjoyable video I think you will appreciate if you are a tennis fan and avidly watching Wimbledon as I am.

The weekend has arrived, and I am looking forward to the lovely, moderate weather we are having, and am contemplating taking in the annual Tour of Homes in the area. Nothing like seeing new homes and their interiors to get ideas and see where architectural and design trends are going to spark a bit of imagination for our own homes. As well, I will be cheering on the women in the Wimbledon Championships tomorrow and today watching the much anticipated match between Federer and Nadal in the semifinals. Do I have to choose? Nope, just a great match will suffice. Oh, and on Sunday, it is Bastille Day! While there may be few people in Bend, Oregon, celebrating this French holiday, you know without a doubt that I will be in my own way. And if you are as well, have a lovely go of it. Santé!

Wishing you a lovely weekend, and thank you for stopping by. Until Monday, bonne journée!

~Guilty Pleasures? No Such Thing [The New York Times]

~Inside Isabel Marant’s Secret Paris [CN Traveler]

~6 (not so obvious) Signs an Introvert Cares About You [Introvert, Dear]

~How to Just Be: 5 Life Lessons Learned from Watching Sunsets [Tiny Buddha]

~4 Must-See Paris Exhibits to Visit in July 2019 [French Vogue]

~13 Techniques for Self Development Everyone Should Adopt [Pick the Brain]

~A worthwhile read written by Serena about the debacle that was the US Open last September. It is honest, it is raw and appreciated. I respect her all the more after reading it. Serena in Her Own Words [Harper’s Bazaar]

~Ideas for Getting Creative with Courgettes (Zucchini) [BBC Food]

~10 Insanely Popular Ways to Weaken Your Self-Confidence [Marc and Angel]

~A Conversation about Over-Tourism and How to Mitigate It [CNN Travel]

~A intriguing article about the realities of marriage in the United States versus other countries – What You Lose When You Gain a Spouse [The Atlantic]

~US Women’s Soccer Team’s True Power: Demanding the Moment [The Washington Post]

~A worthwhile news segment from PBS Newshour detailing the women’s soccer team’s demand for equal pay by the numbers compared to the men’s soccer earnings.

~Since it’s the Championship weekend at Wimbledon, I wanted to share Vogue‘s 73 Questions with Roger Federer which solidifies the gentleman that he is and takes you behind the scenes at the storied grounds of Wimbledon. Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “This & That: July 12, 2019

  1. Thank you Shannon I so look forward to your this and that on fridays I am always inspired by your recommendations…so many wonderful ideas.

  2. I love the Murder In series on MHZ! I watched many of the episodes before I went to France in May and what a travel guide they were. There are many French series that are wonderful for showing you France and give you ideas of where to go next.

  3. Is it really a year ago you were in France for Tour de France and quatorze juillet? Time flies! Lots to look forward to this weekend. Our little village is sprucing up for Sunday’s celebration. I love trugs and lived near the village in Sussex where it all started. It is indeed a labour of love. If you love gardening It’s the only basket to have for all your cut flowers and vegetables and anything else. Bon weekend?

  4. I am glad you had a great time in France, and congratulations on the US winning the World Cup! Go, ladies!

    Thanks for the newsletter, and have a nice weekend. Give my best to Oscar and Norman. 🙂

    Greetings from Germany,

  5. Interesting article on overtourism. We deal with it here in May and June when American schools are out but ours are still going on. The throngs of tourists sometimes make everyday life logistics more difficult than they need to be. It is definitely a subject that needs consideration.

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