This & That: January 5, 2018

Jan 05, 2018

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The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor

After listening to Shawn Achor’s conversation with Oprah on Super Soul Conversation’s podcast, I was curious to check out his books. Flipping the formula on its head regarding what it takes to reach success, Achor argues that rather than hard work being needed to cultivate success and thus happiness, it is rather we who must be happy, knowing how to enjoy our everydays and what we choose to do that will actually cultivate true success and thus motivate us to work hard. Sounds thought-provoking, and I must say, I think he may be right.

Treating People Well: The Extraordinary Power of Civility at Work and in Life by Lea Berman and Jeremy Bernard

Being released this coming Tuesday, January 9th, Treating People Well (with a foreword by former First Lady Laura Bush) is written by two former social secretaries to the White House, one serving during George W. Bush’s administration and one serving during the Obama administration. If you’re looking for inspiration and ideas about how to improve your confidence in social settings, this may be the book to take a look at.

Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine by Madeline Puckette and Justin Hammack

One of my favorite genres of podcasts is food and cooking podcasts, so I tend to get them mixed up when it comes to authors, writers and food I learn about. And so is the case with the expertise of Madeline Puckette. Invited as a guest to either Bon Appétit or The Splendid Table to talk about champagne with the New Year’s impending arrival, I was impressed with her knowledge and passion and further curious to pick up her best-selling book which was published a few years ago, Wine Folly.


The Cottage Kitchen: Cozy Cooking in the English Countryside by Marte Marie Forsberg

After reading the most recent issue of The Cottage Journal in which blogger and cookbook author living in the English countryside Marte Marie Forsberg was featured, I made a quick stop at her blog. Upon doing so, I discovered her talent for photography as well as living a cozy, beautiful life in the countryside that I recently visited. Knowing in my own small way why so much inspiration is at her fingertips, the cookbook indeed looks lovely.

David Tanis Market Cooking: Recipes and Revelations, Ingredient by Ingredient by David Tanis

I look forward to the end of the year as the programs I listen to and watch share their top lists of the year. On Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Radio podcast, he and his publisher shared their top five cookbooks of the year, and David Tanis’ market cooking cookbook made the cut. Offering his approach to season-inspired cooking, I was intrigued enough to take a closer look myself.


Sur La Table Winter Sale

During my recent trip to Portland this past week, I popped into Sur la Table and discovered the winter sale was on. I stocked up on a few items I needed for my dinnerware as my dishes are white, as well as purchasing a few quarter-sheet pans (seen below). With reductions up to 60%, have a look at the entire sale here, as well as a few hand-picked items below.


Raey v-neck fine-knit cashmere sweater or crew-neck (multiple colors available)

Classic, comfortable, yes, this item certainly caught my eye. Having purchased a few items from Raey, their quality is worth the price point, but not over the top, and their fine-knit cashmere v-neck and crew neck sweaters look mighty cozy.

~recipe for roasted grapes with Thyme, fresh ricotta and grilled bread~

What an amazing first week of 2018. Full of sun, exploration, travel, conversation and time to, well, let go of time, I am tickled pink that the new year is here, and I am determined to make it as magnificent as it can possibly be. I have a feeling you are thinking along the same lines, and I do hope your first week went very well indeed.

This past week took me to Portland for two segments on KATU to talk about resolutions as well as how to discover your signature style, and it also found me on New Year’s Day, going about it gently, peacefully and simply. And discovering this restaurant certainly was an unexpected highlight. However, now I am home, and the boys as well as myself, are delighted to be home enjoying a leisurely weekend. Perhaps a movie, maybe a nap or two and maybe even a delicious and warm French Onion Soup recipe to give a try. Wishing you a lovely first weekend of 2018 to set the tone for a magical new year. Below are a few articles, a video and a podcast episode you may enjoy, and until Monday, bonne journée.

~Hoda Kotb! The new co-anchor of The Today Show, now maybe I will tune in once and a while, just to enjoy Hoda. Love her.

~History may just have something to teach us, from none other than Jane Austen. What Can Jane Austen Teach Us About Sexual Harassment?

~The Earful Tower explores the 10 Top Ten Things to See in Paris (for your second trip)

~And if you’re traveling to the south of France, the Village Where Provence meets the Côte de Azur

~You’ll want to take some time with these, but it will be worth it. Perhaps on that train ride down to Provence from Paris – 18 Thought Provoking Questions that Will Free Your Mind in 2018

~If you’re looking for inspiration regarding whether it is too late to chase your dreams, read this by Roxane Gay

~Now you can actually have Breakfast at Tiffany’s– yep, it really is a place to dine amongst diamonds (preferably nibbling on a croissant, Audrey Hepburn style). Have a look at the video below.

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  1. Happy New Year, Shannon! I’m looking forward to your continued inspiration in 2018. Your blog, your podcast, your lifestyle…they are gifts that keep on giving. Thank you!

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