This & That: January 27, 2017

Jan 27, 2017

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Now Go Out There (And Get Curious) by Mary Karr

Commencement addresses are a favorite annual pastime I enjoy each spring – scouring the internet to discover the handful that offer inspiration no matter where you are in life. In 2015 Mary Karr gave an address at Syracuse University and when she did it almost immediately became a viral favorite. Praising passion and curiosity, this best-selling professor’s speech is worth reading if you’re looking for life inspiration for life and a reminder that fear can actually be a very good thing.

Francophile Find

L’art de La Simplicité: How to Live More with Less by Dominique Loreau 

Already a best-seller in France, released earlier this month in the states, Dominique Loreau’s book offers a worthwhile approach to letting go of the unnecessary clutter to enhance the quality of your life.


Halston Heritage marble-effect acrylic clutch

A statement clutch is an essential item to have on hand for that last minute invite to dress up for dinner or a special occasion that needs that perfect finishing touch. Available on sale, Halston Heritage’s marble-effect acrylic clutch is  a beautiful balance of a simplistic statement.

Norma Kamali convertible stretch-jersey jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are a favorite of mine, and Norma Kamali’s royal blue halter version offers versatility in spades. Wear in the summer with beautiful statement jewelry, or wear in the winter with a blazer. With one decision the ensemble comes together and who doesn’t want a simple decision upon walking into the closet?

Tibi silk shirt dress (ivory or black)

Simple silk shirt dress. Classic upon classic. And now at a beautiful price. Already reduced 60%, use the promo code ENDOFSALE to save an additional 15%. Add this capsule essential to your wardrobe and mix and match for years to come.


—Significant Other

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, previews begin on February 14th and opening day on March 2nd at Booth Theater,  the search for love is the focus. The leading man begins to observe his three closets girlfriends gradually pair off and live their lives, and he begins to feel, well, left behind. All the while, he continues his search for Mr. Right, but it’s a far more difficult journey than he had expected. If you’re in New York City this late winter or spring, be sure to check it out as it was a sold out play at the Roundabout Theater before moving to Broadway.


—Mezi (app)

Consider Mezi your personal assistant for travel. Receive recommendations for flights, hotels and other activities straight from the experts themselves. Available for free, it may not be a bad idea to download Mezi and see if the traveling experience steps it up a notch.

~recipe for Honey Cake with Mascarpone, Figs & Pistachios~

When a reader, after reading one of the three Petite Posts this week spotlighting Paris’ Spring Couture Week collections suggested I take a look at Ralph & Russo’s collection, I had to take a look. And I was staring at a sublime collection that I have a feeling you too will appreciate. My favorite item is above, but I have also pulled many more for you to view below. I must say, there is something magical about this particular fashion week. Maybe because we want to refresh our winter clothing for lighter fare or maybe it is because clothing is indeed art, especially haute couture.

The last full week in January is wrapping up and what a month it has been for a variety of reasons. I do not know about you, but this particular weekend is something I ready to experience, savor and enjoy with good company. Perhaps it will snow, maybe it won’t. It doesn’t matter, the past week was the first full week I’ve had this week since the new year began, and I must admit I am exhausted for wonderful reasons: work that is fulfilling, friends and loved ones to spend time with and activities to continue to pique curiosity. However, it’s time to rest, per this week’s episode of the podcast, and I am ready to indulge. I do hope your week has gone well and you are gazing at the next few days ready to indulge as well. Below are a few articles you may enjoy and even more beautiful designs from Ralph & Russo. Until Monday, bonne journée!

~The passing of a barrier breaker and an individual whose intelligence, strength and humor will be sorely missed – the passing of Mary Tyler Moore

~The Devil Wears Prada, a musical??? Yep, it’s really happening.

~Checking ourselves and examining perhaps unconscious reflexes that hurt the movement toward equality – I Am A Feminist, But My Subconscious is Still Sexist

~7 Brutal Lessons that Ultimately Make Life Beautiful

~10 Things Americans Won’t Understand About France

~3 Unique Things Successful People Do Differently



5 thoughts on “This & That: January 27, 2017

  1. That asymmetrical one-shoulder dress in white is a work of art. So simple, yet so amazing. The best combination.
    The list of 10 things in France is funny. My kid is going nuts for Burger King.

  2. Also from the 10 things in France – years ago I was living in German & hadn’t been or even seen a McDonalds. I went to Paris for the weekend on a bus trip. When we passed a McDonalds, it seemed as though the bus tilted to the left…everyone on it was so happy to see a touch of ‘home.’ When I was I Copenhagen, the map of the city showed a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. I walked around that area for 1/2 hour searching, to no avail. Finally I found out all that construction going on was Kentucky Fried Chicken. The map preceded the building.

    1. I so get it Cathy! I too lived in Germany for awhile and my in-laws were visiting and we were walking around Prague one afternoon when I FREAKED OUT because we were looking for a place to eat lunch and we found a TGI FRIDAYS! It’s like manna from heaven. My FIL started to put up a fight but after I explained to him that I wasn’t going back to America at the end of the week, could we please eat there. It was a magical burger and I was so thankful to see a bit of America abroad!

  3. On a sidenote though: my husband and I were just in France for Christmas and the local LeClerc grocery store did have peanut butter. It wasn’t thick like our organic peanut butter here, but it was more akin to a mousse than anything else. We were excited to try it since we hadn’t seen it abroad before except for those “international” sections. (BTW Shannon, I’m over in P-town). I love your local finds!

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