This & That: January 25, 2019

Jan 25, 2019

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Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World by Cal Newport

Being released on February 5, Cal Newport shares specific, easy to do tips to calm us down and increase our happiness. Making a valid point that technology is neither good or bad, but rather a tool, and it is how we use it that determines the type of influence on our lives, discover how you too can join the digital minimalist revolution.

Go Suck A Lemon: Strategies for Improving Your Emotional Intelligence by Michael Cornwall

Emotional intelligence is a skill, which means, as I share in detail in my new book, we can improve our lives, specifically our relationships by simply understanding what emotional intelligence is and how to foster it in our everydays. Dr. Michael Cornwall’s book goes even further offering skills and practices to deepen our emotional intelligence and recognize that as Epictetus states, “People are not disturbed by things; they are disturbed by their view of things”. 

British Treat

Beside the Seaside: A Celebration of the Place We Like to Be by Jane Struthers

If you too adore the seaside, and especially the British coast and shores, you will enjoy Jane Struthers book which shares facts, fables, history and reveals mysteries surrounding the British seaside.

Soho Home Country House Teapot & Cups and Saucers

It just so happens that the Duchess of Sussex has entertained with this very teapot and cup & saucer set as was revealed in Country Living (a big thank you to Sue for sharing this article with me!), and it is quite an affordable find (some are out of stock, but be sure to have a look).

Soho Home Roebling Cut Crystal Champagne Coupe

Aren’t these champagne coupes luxurious? Of a different time, it seems, but brand new at Soho Home. As much as I love a good flute of champagne, I am steering back to the classic coupe to drink my bubbly when I have the opportunity. Earlier this year, these glasses were nearly 50% off, and oh, how I wish I had ordered a few. Never the less, at least I am now for certain what has caught my eye.


CB2 Antique Brass Arc Table Lamp

Sturdy, simple and industrial, yet classic in design. If you are looking for a subtle statement table lamp, you may have just found what you were searching for.

Lulu & Georgia Indigo Linen Stripe Duvet Set

Linen and stripes and blue. A trifecta of classic, yet cozy style for the bedroom. (There are more solid colors available if you are looking for a linen duvet.)

Pottery Barn Marble and Copper Serve Tray

I have been on the hunt for more trays to have in my kitchen at-the-ready for serving all sorts of sizes of meals, and while Pottery Barn has quite a few to choose from, this one was on sale, so I wanted to share.

Francophile Find

The Wine Lover’s Daughter: A Memoir by Anne Fadiman

Writer Anne Fadiman’s father – Clifton Fadiman – was a sincere lover of wine, even though his career was in the literary arts as he was a renowned literary critic, editor and radio host. While his daughter’s fascination for wine was not as devout, her memoir received high praise when it was released in 2017. Enjoy exploring “love, ambition, class, family, and the pleasures of the palate by one of our finest essayists”.


La Ligne, NYC – Big Blue Turtleneck

January is still upon us for one more week, which means the turtlenecks are still needed. And this one looks so cozy. I don’t know if I would do anything but snuggle up and read a good book or watch more episodes of Victoria on PBS’s Masterpiece.

Sur la Table Winter Sale

The last weekend of Sur la Table’s winter sale is taking place now, so if you had your eye on one of Le Creuset’s new colors, be sure to stop by as they too are one sale. Have a look at a few items I found below.

Tibi Off-the-Shoulder Ruched Crepe Midi Dress (black also available)

Midi length is a classic go-to in my wardrobe when it comes to dresses, and navy is always a good idea. Add a little off-the-shoulder and summer just became a bit more dressed up.

The final weekend of January has arrived, and it seems to have done so quite quickly! Wow! I hope its pace has been what you had hoped for, and you are reflecting on the first month of 2019 being an opportunity to create a foundation from which to strive forward into the rest of the year: good habits, simplified organization and a pace of life that enables you to be both productive and rejuvenated.

The coming weekend will be spent in celebration as Oscar turns 14 and enjoying time at home as well as out and about with walks a-plenty . . . well, as much as Oscar wants to walk. 😉 I hope you too have a wonderful weekend planned, no matter how much or how little you will be doing. After all, weekends are ours to tailor, as they are the opportunity we are given to rebound, rest and welcome Monday ready to go again. Below I have gathered together articles you might enjoy and one lovely, playful video all about French croissants. Until Monday, bonne journée!

~The start of the new year is a great time to let go of the unnecessary and that includes are digital lives . . . How to Declutter Your Digital Space [Camille Styles]

~Whether you have resolutions to lose weight or simply stick to healthy habits, you may want to read How to Stay on Track with Your Fitness Routine [EveryGirl]

~This article certainly captured my attention as it takes us back in history, but enables us to be in Paris today to see where Simone Beauvoir went in her Paris Itinerary [Here Magazine]

~The Sundance Film Festival may be going on in Park City, Utah, but there is also an online French Film Festival now showing! [Diplomatic French Government]

~Mystery novels I need to begin reading – The famous fictional French detective, Maigret and how he became a French icon [Complete France]

~Letting go is often a gift we give ourselves – 12 Signs It’s Time to Let Go [Marc and Angel]

~7 Leadership Lessons from Mary Oliver About How to Forge Your Own Path [Forbes]

Alex of the French Guy Cooking has a new video and this time, it all begins with Julia Child making croissants!

10 thoughts on “This & That: January 25, 2019

  1. Dear Shannon,
    Your Friday Newsletters are wonderful – just the perfect weekend reading. Together with many books and a cup of tea, of course!
    Have a nice weekend,

  2. It’s funny! For Christmas I offered myself some crystal Champagne coupes and one silver service tray from an antique shop. I’m so proud to celebrate with those luxurious accessories. I was searching since a long time ! A sweet week-end to everyone and to you Shannon. Cheers in case you have some bubbles…..

  3. Thank you once again, Shannon for providing some interesting articles to read. It’s just what I needed today! And I always love the book suggestions and wonderful decor selections. Have a great weekend and happy birthday to your dear Oscar.

  4. Happy Birthday Oscar! May you be up to a nice birthday walk.

    We have a 14 year old lab, Amy, who still enjoys a daily walk although it’s a much shorter route now.

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