This & That: January 11, 2019

Jan 11, 2019

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~Highly Intuitive People: 7 Right-Brain Traits to Change the Lives of Highly Intuitive People by Heidi Sawyer

Granted, this book will only be for a small percentage of readers as intuitive-sensitive people make up approximately 15-20% of the population, but for that percentage, knowing how to tap into their gifts rather than being demoralized due to others not quite understanding their unique gifts of hyper-awareness and perception of the world and people around them, will enable them to communicate clearly and build stronger relationships not only with others, but with themselves. The book is from a few years ago, but it comes highly reviewed, so I wanted to share.

~The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz

I have another book that is older, but well worth your time. Originally published in 1987, Dr. David J. Schwartz who was a professor at Georgia State University in Atlanta and the president of Creative Educational Services, wrote a book to read if you are seeking inspiration for attaining success and satisfaction with your life journey. From leadership skills, mind management skills and understanding how to navigate perceived failures, take a look, read some reviews and maybe you too will find this book perfect to begin a new year as you strive toward your goals.

British Treat

~Victoria, Season 3, premiere

And she’s back! Victoria returns to PBS Masterpiece this Sunday at 9pm. Have a look at the preview below and enjoy!


~How to Cook Without a Book: Techniques and Recipes Every Cook Should Know by Heart by Pam Anderson

While it has been 17 years since bestselling cookbook author Pam Anderson wrote what readers and learners appreciated, How to Cook Without a Book was newly released again this past August.

What will you find in the new edition?  “Ingredients and techniques home cooks love to use today: chicken dishes are revamped by using thighs instead of boneless skinless breasts; hearty, dark greens like kale and swiss chard replace hearts of Romaine in salads; roasted Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes move from side dish to the main event in more meatless entrees; plus, tips for creating a whole meal using one pot or one sheet pan (instead of dirtying multiple dishes)”. So if you too, are looking to deepen your cooking skills, so that no matter what the season you can make something satiating and delicious, this book will help you along that journey.


~The White Company’s Santorini Linen Sheets

I am always looking for linen sheets, and The White Company’s Santorini sheet set is worth taking a look at. Notice the detail on the top sheet, which is actually quite similar to vintage sheets I found in France. Linen sheets are a dream for winter or summer, and will last and last and last. (Read this post on how to care for linen and where it comes from).

~Soho Home Halsted Banker’s Table Lamp

Perhaps you are up to something as I am that involves updating a frequently lived in space in your home. Currently, my office has my attention, which is why I came across this lamp and had to share.

~Sunday Morning Carafes

Water, water, water. Having water at the ready when you wake up or tuck yourself into bed is a simple luxury, but honestly, more of a necessity. So why not make it look as appetizing as it is a healthy habit? Sunday Morning Carafes are available in four different colors with the pitcher and cup pair. Simple, a touch of signature and streamlined.

Francophile Find

~La Parisienne, Box No. 9 of My Stylish French Box

Oh, my goodness. Sharon Santoni’s next Stylish French Box is called La Parisienne, and after watching the video below and knowing what she has included in previous boxes, I cannot wait to see what she comes up with for box No. 9. Be sure to place your orders now, if you haven’t already or don’t already have a year’s subscription. And I must not forget to share with you news about Sharon’s new venture into the digital magazine world! Debuting on January 15th is her first edition, and it looks quite lovely. Learn more here.


~Equipment Abourne polka dot dress

New collections for resort wear are coming to stores and soon spring will be here as well. Since I don’t usually shop for resort, I find that some of it is quite perfect for spring and summer, so I keep my eyes open for just the right item to pick up. And this polka dot dress looks lovely, casual, yet quite timeless. Wrap with a belt or keep loose, layer with a long knit vest or a wide brimmed hat. Perfection.

~Equipment Joslin shirt

Classic white blouses, and this one is loose, with a just-enough V-neck. Stunning and simple.

~J. Crew Drapey tie-neck top in polka dot

One more polka dot find, but this one is more to alert you to a Flash Sale happening at J.Crew at the moment. Use promo code FLASH to save 25% on many of their clothing and home items.

~One King’s Lane, Copper Tea Kettle

A lovely stovetop find for fewer than $90. Use most definitely and add a little bit of luxury to your daily tea ritual.

~Papress Historical Paperclips

Again, back to the office. As I was shopping for unique, yet functional items for purposes that I would indeed need, these paperclips were found. Making a unique, yet subtle statement, being functional makes them a lovely, signature find.

~recipe for Rigatoni with Mushroom Sauce~

The first full week of 2019 has come, and now the momentum has begun to roll us forward into what will be our eventual history. As I shared in Wednesday’s post, with each passing year, I find the start of the new year to be somewhat surreal, but at the same time, this is a gift. A brand new awesomeness to learn, to apply and to see the growth materialize.

I hope your first week of 2019 felt awkward because you are stepping forward into something even better than it was before. Perhaps that is an odd wish, but in order to stretch, we must strain, and eventually that strain, so long as it is conscious and purposeful, has the potential to open the doors to a wonderful new way of living and experiencing life.

Today’s This & That was especially full, but I didn’t want to edit it down as each item offered something that I have a feeling someone is looking for or curious about. Wishing you a lovely weekend, and until Monday, bonne journée.

~This just in! One of your favorite cities has been named the Healthiest City in the World! [The Daily Mail]

~Hint: Discover 18 Wonderful Things About Living in France [Belle Provence Travels]

~If you are looking for a new winter soup to warm you up this season, do look here [The New York Times]

~Love coffee? How to do coffee the Parisian Way [The Good Life France]

~Rather eat like an Italian? Discover how to make pasta like your Favorite Italian Restaurant. [Taste]

~Now let’s hop to Britain where British Baking Isn’t Very British At All [Taste]

~With it being the new year, perhaps food and eating well is on your mind. How to Reboot Your Diet without Resorting to a Fad Diet [The Washington Post]

4 thoughts on “This & That: January 11, 2019

  1. Happy Friday Shannon! Your cookbook reminded me of a goal I’d like to learn more about in cooking – cooking by ratios. I wonder if you have heard of it or have any links/books to recommend. For example, homemade granola or shortbread by ratios instead of exact measurements 🙂

  2. Sliding in to January and trying to get back into a routine after the holidays. Your blog being part of my routine. I love this list of this and that. I can definitely see the Sunday morning carafe on my bedside table. So very elegant and the colours are divine. Wishing you bon weekend from a very damp France?

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