This & That: February 8, 2019

Feb 08, 2019

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The Art of the White Shirt: Over 30 Ways to Wear a White T-Shirt, Blouse or Shirt by Libby VanderPloeg

Illustrator Libby VanderPloeg has a few style books available (one being “The Art of Stripes” which looks lovely), and so I wanted to share her 2017 The Art of the White Shirt as such a staple is always a good idea to have on hand, and knowing how to wear it well is a skill worth knowing.

By the Book by Julia Sonneborn

If you are a Jane Austen fan, and especially if you enjoyed Persuasion, you might just enjoy this modern retelling set in California.

No Time to Spare: Thinking About What Matters by Ursula K. Le Guin

Released in 2017, a year before beloved science fiction and fantasy author Ursula K. Le Guin passed away, a compilation of her thoughts on age, life, as well as the new writing frontier that is the blog were published in her memoir. With the same title as her blog No Time to Spare, discover her insight, thoughtful ahas and many other discoveries late in life. Here is one to ponder, “How rich we are in knowledge, and in all that lies around us yet to learn. Billionaires, all of us.”

British Treat

Agatha and the Truth of Murder

Just this week I stumbled upon a film while perusing Netflix, and oh, I am happy to recommend it today. Purely fictionalized, but inspired by the 11 days famed mystery writer Agatha Christie went missing in 1926, this murder mystery will satiate your quest for a British cozy mystery. Have a look at the trailer below and find it on Netflix now.


—CB2 & GOOP partnership – 2-Piece Bedside Pitcher and Glass Set

GOOP has partnered with CB2, and while modern, cozy furniture as well as wall decor are available, I selected two items that caught my eye that were available at reasonable prices. This simple bedside pitcher set is a necessity, and subtly sophisticated as well.

Belsize Park Butterfly Linen Napkin

With only a limited supply available, I know many of you love butterflies just as I do, and these linen napkins are just delightful.

Francophile Find

Comme des Garçons (Let the Girls Play)

Released in January 2018, Comme des Garçons is a lovely laugh-out-loud, as well as inspiring film. The film is in French, but even if you don’t know the language well or at all, take a look at the trailer as I think you will find it quite engaging. The film is available on Amazon now.


CB2 Large Matte Yellow Mug (other colors available)

I love a good tea mug (or coffee depending upon one’s preference), and this subtle butter-yellow mug caught my eye (pink and navy are also available).

Emilio Pucci printed silk and modal-blend gauze scarf

A signature print at a lovely reduced price. Wear with an early spring trench or tuck into your wool coat.

L.K. Becca Wool Double Faced Coat (on sale)

Speaking of wool coats, a classic camel coat that is on sale is worth a look. Having a camel coat in my closet already, I find myself wearing it frequently during the winter months and loving how it pairs well with very nearly everything I happening to be wearing.

Stella McCartney Ribbed Wool Sweater (50% off)

A simple, yet classic hued sweater, cut in a quietly modern style.

~recipe for Maple Roasted Carrots with Cranberries~

Happy weekend! A week has passed, a new month we are fully in, and 2019 continues to unfold.

I hope your week has gone well, and you are looking to the weekend with a smile. The week here in Bend was a good one with a bit more snow and an opportunity to jaunt up to the mountain for a quick ski with Norman. The weekend looks to be one of leisure and rest, and with plenty of reading to do, I am quite excited. Wishing you a lovely weekend and below are a few articles you might enjoy. Thank you for stopping by today and until Monday, bonne journée!

~Garance Doré speaks honestly about weight and it worth a read

~Not a luxury, but a necessity – The Secrets of Sleep [The New Yorker]

~An article to inspire you to take a deep breath and trust life’s timing [Marc and Angel]

~An argument for Letting Children Be ‘Bored’ to enable their imagination to soar [The New York Times]

~If you are seeking a life with less unnecessary ‘stuff’ but more umphhf- 10 Ways to Live a More Minimal Life [EveryGirl]

~Traveling in France this month? If so, check out Complete France’s Guide to What is Happening in the Country this February

~And a video to remind you that you can accomplish that certain something that may just seem impossible (but … good news – it isn’t!).

14 thoughts on “This & That: February 8, 2019

  1. Thank you for such a wonderful This and that today, I now have a movie selection and a couple of book ideas. Here near Vancouver it is a cold snowy day I am looking forward to enjoying your recommendations.

    Grateful for what you do for your readers!! Have a wonderful weekend.


  2. Dear Shannon,
    Thanks for Friday’s newsletter. I am now looking forward to watch the Agatha Christie’s film (me, being a fan of hers)! And allow me to suggest to all the fans of Jane Austen, in addition to your recommendation, the book “Death Comes to Pemberley”, by P.D. James, to read or re-read ( it’s not a new book, by all means).

    Very much appreciated was the article “Let Children Get Bored Again” (me, being a teacher and all).

    And last but not least, your desk and office look lovely!

    Bonne fin-de-semaine! 🙂


  3. Thank you for your beautiful blog! I so look forward to Friday’s installments. I am also appreciating your podcasts. I was introduced to Mary Oliver through one of your entries. Savoring her poetry has been a joy! In a rushed world, your efforts remind us to create and savor beauty.

  4. I made your maple roasted carrots with cranberries last night, so delicious. I have tried many of your recipes in the past and they have been wonderful. I decided it was more than time to that you! I have also read many of your book recommendations and look forward to reading By the Book. Not to go overboard on my first post but I also put Comme des Garcons and Agatha… on our list to rent and stream.

    1. Deborah, Thank you for stopping by the blog and saying hello! I am so happy to hear you are enjoying many of the recipes shared. I must give credit to the recipe fot he carrots and cranberries as it was from another blog (per the link), but I always love introducing readers to new cooking blogs as there are so many amazingly talented cooks and bakers out there. Thank you again for your comment and I do hope you enjoy the films. 🙂

  5. Hello Shannon,
    I am delighted with your books, blog, podcasts, and photography, especially when you include your furry friends! Thank you so much for brightening these grey winter days.
    Being relatively new to all that you offer, I am not sure if the book “The Gown” by Jennifer Robson has been a Petit Plaisir, if not I highly recommend it for your reading enjoyment.
    Although a book of fiction, the factual history of the gown worn by Princess ( at the time) Elizabeth at her wedding, is fascinating and amazingly well researched.
    I am away to watch the Agatha Christie film. (My petit Plaisir on a cold Sunday afternoon)

    1. Susan, Thank you for sharing The Gown with me. 🙂 It is something I am now most curious about as I had not heard of it. Thank you tremendously. Wishing you a lovely rest of the weekend and week ahead.

  6. Hi Shannon,

    I always, always come to your blog to check out pretty things to look at, great book recommendations, interestng life tips, and just to take an inspiring break in my day. I love your sense of design for this blog, and really appreciate the amount of curation & work that must go into your recommendations. Today is my 40th birthday and I’m feeling really enthusiastic about life and so I am going around thanking people I haven’t thanked, though I should, and you’re one of them. I look forward to more great content from you. Thank you for this blog!

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