This & That: February 15, 2019

Feb 15, 2019

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British Treat

All Is True

I just stumbled upon this new film which was released this past December And immediately knew I wanted to share. The play begins with the life of Shakespeare after the Globe Theatre burns down. Starring Kenneth Branagh as Shakespeare and Judi Dench as his wife Anne, have a look at the trailer below, and tour the home in Stratford recently shared on House & Garden UK here.


Cozy: The Art of Arranging Yourself in the World by Isabel Gilles

Another Cozy book and this time it is written by bestselling author Isabel Gilles who talks to us about what I couldn’t agree more with: Cozy, true cozy, is found within. “Part manifesto, part lifestyle guide, part memoir”, just released this past week, discover the power of simple choices that can transform our lives for the better.

The First Conspiracy: The Secret Plot to Kill George Washington by Brad Meltzer

For my fellow history lovers, I have put this book on my list to read. Already immersed in and loving a historically based novel that was shared last week, I am always curious to learn more about history beyond what I might have imagined. Brad Meltzer’s book (just released last month), shares with readers a previously unknown plot to kill the United States’ first president as well as the beginnings of what we now call the CIA. I am intrigued.

The Girls in the Picture: A Novel by Melanie Benjamin

Released last month as well and already receiving positive reviews, set in 1914, the protagonist, twenty-five year old, Frances Marion, arrives in Los Angeles with the goal of making a living as an artist. With the new phenomenon being the “flickers”, the films, her career plans become a bit derailed. Making the acquaintance of the actress dubbed “America’s Sweetheart”, go behind the scenes of the burgeoning film industry and discover an unexpected partnership between the two women.

The Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy by William B. Irvine

A bestseller for some time, having been released in 2008, TSLL readers have recommended, so I wanted to share, The Guide to the Good Life. Discover the foundation of Stoicism and how in many ways this approach to living aligns with living simply luxuriously: focusing on living well, letting go of the unnecessary and learning how to live consciously.


Styled: Secrets to Arranging Rooms, from Tabletops to Bookshelves by Emily Henderson

Short and sweet? A New York Times Bestseller, discover 1000 ways to style your sanctuary to reflect what you love, who you are and the atmosphere and moments you want to create.

Francophile Find

Copper Charlotte Molds

I spent the winter watching Julia Child’s The French Chef’s second season, and in one of the episodes, she makes caramel desserts. In doing so, she is using a Charlotte mold, something I had not heard of before – until now. And now, I cannot wait to welcome one into my kitchen. This one is copper, but they need not be. And be sure to check out Esty, as they have a few that are more reasonably priced.


Frances Valentine Large Bamboo Black Tote

Frances Valentine, otherwise known as Kate Spade’s label, has recently partnered with Rachel Brosnahan of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel fame, to share their new collection of bags, accessories and shoes. These bamboo totes (there are three colors) caught my eye as summer will be coming soon, and the level of sophistication is just taken up a notch.

Sergio Rossi suede ankle boots

If you’re looking for a boot to add to your closet, Sergio Rossi’s suede ankle boots will look in style for many seasons to come. And better yet, they are on sale.

~Cream Blueberry Scones from TSLL~

Well, hello Weekend. Thank you for arriving, but to be honest, what an interesting week it has been. Thus it bears repeating, hello Weekend.

How was your week that was? Hopefully, you found moments to feel productive, moments to relax, moments to love and moments just to do as you please. And if not, I hope the upcoming weekend makes room for what you wish to enjoy.

With Valentine’s Day in the rearview mirror and spring around the corner, the weather in Bend cannot make up its mind what to do. But it sure has made for some comical moments. As I shared on Instagram and in my Stories, we enjoyed snow, sleet, rain and blue sky yesterday in a matter of 12 hours. It was quite impressive.

Below, I have gathered up a few articles (and more than a couple of recipes) you may want to read. And with that, let the weekend begin! Until Monday, wishing you a lovely few days of enjoying time to refresh, reboot and rejuvenate. Bonne journée!

~If you have ever wondered where Claude Monet’s waterlilies were grown, find out here

~If you are looking to travel during the shoulder seasons, here are 10 Places Worth Checking Out [Washington Post]

~Traveling to Paris for the first time? This is a wonderful guide from Everyday Parisian

~If you have time and are curious about women in the world of tech, this article is worth reading – The Secret History of Women in Coding [The New York Times]

~And I have to share this article, as it reveals truths that I find to be true in my teaching career as well — Why Girls Beat Boys at School and Lose to Them in the Office [The New York Times]

~A simple delicious dessert – Olive Oil Cake [PBS]

~Is it true? I do hope so! The Rise of Cookbooks in America [Saturday Evening Post]

~I am on a food kick, so I wanted to share this interview with David Lebovitz in Bake from Scratch

~And to wrap up, what better dessert, no matter what time of year, than chocolate – Chocolate Lava Cake for Two [The New York Times]

8 thoughts on “This & That: February 15, 2019

  1. A Guide to the Good Life is a great book! I definitely recommend it. Stoicism definitely lines up with the simple luxurious life! I actually noticed that you seem to practice a lot of Stoic traits, Shannon. It’s one of the reasons why I like your blog so much!

  2. Have a lovely weekend Shannon! You spoiled me this week with an extra podcast (the interview). I think I could get used to it 🙂

  3. Thank you Shannon I so look forward to your Friday posts they are my absolute pleasure I enjoy with my morning coffee with I always

    find a treasure that you share with your readers.

    Your hard work that you share with us is so appreciated.

    Thank you and I wish you and your pups a restful weekend..jk

  4. Thanks Shannon, it’s a pleasure to read your newsletter, as satisfying as to read the best magazine.
    Having planned to bake scones this weekend, I will now try the Cream Bluberry Scones, so thanks for the recipe.
    I wish you a great weekend, and I’m sending here some pattings to Mr. Oscar and Mr. Norman… 🙂

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