This & That: February 1, 2019

Feb 01, 2019

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British Treat

In My Mind’s Eye: A Thought Diary by Jan Morris

A Welsh historian, travel writer and author, at the age of 92, her new memoir is receiving strong positive reviews. Having read a review this past weekend in The New York Times, I was immediately curious to learn more about this adventurous and forthright writer who shares her views on Brexit, the #metoo movement, the “special relationship” between the United States and Britain and much more.


Rebel Talent: Why It Pays to Break the Rules In Work and Life by Francesca Gino

An award-winning Harvard Business School professor, author Francesca Gino shares in her book, which was released last May, how “the most successful among us break the rules, and how rebellion brings joy and meaning into our lives”.


Farmhouse Pottery Coupe Glasses, set of 6

Last week as well, I shared a find for coupe champagne glasses, and this week again, I wanted to share a simple, but no less sophisticated option.

Food52 Vintage silver-plated Eclectic Flatware (sets of 4)

If you are looking for signature flatware, and are unable to shop at brocantes and antique shops (even second-hand shops or yard sales), look no further than Food52 as they are selling exclusive, no-set-is-alike flatware sets of four. Whether you want a salad fork or dinner fork, teaspoon or soup spoon, for $40, four vintage pieces are yours.

Tory Burch Pressed-glass Water Glass, Set of 4

There is something about green glass on the dinner table that has always caught my eye for all the right reasons. Perhaps it is because when we dined for lunch each day this summer during my cooking class on Patricia Wells’ property in Provence, the drinking glasses were also green, but there is just something fresh about them, especially when all of the other dinnerware is simple, white, simply letting the food shine.

Francophile Find

Rabbit Hill Farm Sunday Brocante Pop Up

Speaking of one-of-a-kind finds, Cat is having her monthly Brocante Pop Up tomorrow for 24-hours only. Have a look at her Instagram to get a peek at a few of the items that will be sold, and if you are looking for refurbished French copper pots and pans, this is your place to shop.

Une Olive En Provence Body Scrub

I fell in love with this body scrub when it was delivered two summers ago in Sharon Santoni’s My Stylish French Box. The scent, the quality – truly a luxury indeed. Unfortunately, the company does not ship to the states, but they do ship throughout Europe and the UK, so be sure to take a look at this item as well as many others to bring a touch of Provence to your home wherever it is located.


Love Me Hoop Earrings

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and these hoops are not too cheesy at all, and still quietly express celebration of a fun day. In fact, they add a touch of something different, but with all of the classic, simple design aesthetics.

Ruby Twill Jacket

Having a similar jacket in my own closet that I have worn for years, I love having this casual, yet timeless option ready to be worn during the spring and fall months. With a neutral hue, so many different outfits for either a stroll or weekend getaway work perfectly with its design.

February, how are you? I love seeing February. Full of love, a smidge closer to spring (and yes, my birthday month, so I am somewhat bias). But truly, I have always enjoyed February. A new semester as well will begin with the month, so a feeling of freshness begins, and then it will continue with March and April and so on.

I am looking forward to heading to Portland this weekend, and I hear it might be raining, which makes me all the more happy. 🙂 With the opportunity to meet a talent of an individual in the fashion industry of the Pacific Northwest who will be a guest on an upcoming podcast episode, perhaps an opportunity to pop into Powells, and then just some time for me, I cannot wait.

Wishing you a most lovely and restful weekend, and below, peruse a handful of articles about travel, life and more, as well as one lovely short video that will sweep you away to southern France and ease you gently into the weekend. Until Monday, Bonne journée!

~If you are going to be in London in the coming months, be sure to stop at the Victoria & Albert Museum where a new exhibit will be opened focusing on the French designer Christian Dior – The Formidable Women Behind the Legendary Christian Dior [BBC]

~If you’re a gardener, or simply are a fan, as I am, of Monty Don, check out his new post about what he enjoys about February and what to do in the garden this month.

~If you are going about making travel plans for the upcoming year, read this article When to Go Where in 2019 to find out when you can save and avoid the crowds [The New York Times]

~Looking to travel to Paris in the future? Read this Local’s Guide to Montmartre [Happy to Wander]

~And while you’re in Paris, 10 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Trip [Every Day Parisian]

~Don’t Be Afraid to Do These 10 Hard Things for Yourself [Marc and Angel]

~My Aussie readers no doubt know this Australian scholar, and for everyone else, here is an introduction – 7 Things Learned From Germaine Greer [BBC]

~Escape to Provence and take a peek inside Vime’s Atelier

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  1. Dear Shannon,

    I hope you had a nice weekend. Thanks for another interesting newsletter. 🙂
    From being in equal measure a Francophile and an Anglophile, I was delighted to know about the upcoming English Week! I also particularly appreciated this week: the Letter from the Editor to the Readers of the New York Times, and, on a lighter note, the link to the Rabbit Hill Pop-up.

    Have a great day,

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