This & That: December 22, 2017

Dec 22, 2017

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Judgment Detox: Release the Beliefs That Hold You Back From Living a Better Life by Gabrielle Bernstein 

Being released on January 2nd, best-selling author Gabrielle Bernstein introduces an interactive step-by-step process to identify and eradicate the beliefs that are holding us back. By following this six-step process, Bernstein assures that the pain and suffering caused by such hindering beliefs will be lifted.

Soulful Simplicity: How Living with Less Can Lead to So Much More by Courtney Carver

Being released December 26th, Courtney Carver’s new book Soulful Simplicity looks to be a book ideal for making a fresh start in the new year. Focusing on creating simplicity to benefit our health, build healthy relationships and reduce the stress in our personal and professional lives, Carver’s quest for practical minimalism was inspired by a need in her own life to do so. Diagnosised with multiple sclerosis (MS), it was the stress that amplified similar to gasoline on a fire her symptoms, thus, there was a sincere need to make a permanent shift in her life. Sharing her wisdom with us all, Soulful Simplicity can benefit every reader no matter our situation.


French Patisserie: Master Recipes and Techniques from the Ferrandi School of Culinary Arts Ecole FerrandiIf you have a baker in your family or you yourself are someone who is curious about the baking craft, be sure to take a look at the new French Patisserie cookbook. Named  “the Harvard of gastronomy” by Le Monde newspaper­, readers will appreciate the contents which were written by the teaching team of the renowned international cooking school in Paris. Discover how to make flaky, buttery croissants and much more with practical information shared with ample visuals from graphs to diagrams.


—InnSæi: The Power of Intuition 

I recently learned about the documentary InnSæi after reading the letter from the editor in Porter magazine. And upon viewing the trailer (shown below), I immediately put it on my watch list. Have a look and perhaps you will as well.

The Post

I have been posting a few images of my intrigue and interest in Steven Spielberg’s latest film on my Instagram stories over the past few weeks, and since then, my excitement has only heightened. As I shared in yesterday’s Decor Inspiration about Meryl Streep’s new home, critics are indeed impressed with her performance as the owner of the post, Katherine Graham. And while Tom Hanks’ Ben Bradlee is, well, mehee, it must not be half bad because The Post has already earned six Golden Globe nominations and will no doubt earn a few Oscar nods as well.

As the November cover girl of Vogue, Meryl’s interview about Graham and the film are worth taking a look at. After I read this particular article, I went and picked up Graham’s Pulitzer Prize winning autobiography and am currently enjoying getting to know this woman who was held in great reverence by many beginning with the outcome of the events depicted in the film until her death. Have a look at the trailer below.

Francophile Find

French Touch by Carla Bruni

Former first lady of France, Carla Bruni released this last October her new album French Touch. Covering classic songs such as Crazy, Enjoy the Silence and Moon River, her sultry voice brings some favorite melodies to the modern age. I especially enjoyed her version of Moon River as it stayed quite close to the original. Have a listen here.


Aligheri pendant, fractured cloud gold-plated necklace

Pendant necklaces are having their day in the sun, but it certainly is a long-term trend to take a look at. A simple choice that works with many outfits. Aligheri’s gold-plated pendant is understated, but as well quite stunning.

Anthropologie Monogram Pendant Necklace

As a less expensive option for a pendant, take a look at Anthropologie’s monogram options. Perfect as a gift to another or yourself.

Solar Eclipse Hoop Earrings

A statement item to add to your wardrobe as the New Year’s festivies draw near, wear these solar eclipse hoop earrings with a simple monochromatic ensemble and allow the earrings to bring attention to your beautiful visage.

~recipe for Cranberry Orange Shortbread Cookies~

It’s go-time for the holiday season, or in other words, time to savor, slow down and reflect as we come to the last week of the year. The shopping is nearly or already done, the menu is planned, the guests are coming (or we know where we are going) and now let us all pick up our favorite glass of something scrumptious and lose track of time with good company, delectable food and delicious memories.

Wishing all TSLL readers joyous festivities with loved ones. Below are a few holiday inspired posts, a culture current event as well as inspiring words from a woman who has my admiration as well as a French-inspired post or two to tickle your Francophile predilections.

TSLL will be taking its annual week off beginning tomorrow through December 31st, BUT . . . that means beginning on Monday December 25th, one (sometimes two) posts will go live with a round-up of the top posts/episodes in each topic of the week. Beginning on Monday, discover the top episodes of the podcast, and throughout the week, top posts of Style Inspiration, Lifestyle, Why Not . . . ?, Recipes, Beauty, French-Inspired and more.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by the blog and joyeuses fêtes from TSLL household (that includes Norman and Oscar as well)!

~Have a look inside Le Grand Colbert in Paris through the eyes of a favorite Francophile blogger

~The date is set! Saturday May 19th will be the day Harry marries Meghan, and they just released their engagment photos. In caes you have already seen all three, have a look here. And view their full engagment interview here.

~Discover six worthwhile secrets to consider from a hair stylist

~Words of wisdom from Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg

~The final week of the year begins . . . Take a look at these 10 traditions to help you focus on what is important this holiday season

~Discover French eating habits to feel nourished and satisfied

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  1. Can’t wait to watch InnSaei and those cookies look so yummy!
    Have wonderful Christmas with your furry kids Shannon!:)

  2. I just ordered a copy of French Patisserie. Can’t wait for it to arrive. Thanks so much for the recommendation, Shannon!

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