This & That: December 15, 2017

Dec 15, 2017

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Dr. Genevieve Lenard mystery series by Estelle Ryan 

Author Estelle Ryan’s Lenard mystery series will interest readers who enjoy a likable protagonist who is challenged beyond their comfort level and masterfully finds success (Dr. Genevieve is described as having high-functioning autistic traits), as well as anyone whose interest is piqued by the international art world. With three books in the series, begin with The Gauguin Connection and settle in to enjoy the sleuthing as each mystery is solved.

Simple Gatherings: 50 Ways to Inspire Connection by Melissa Michaels

New York Times best-selling author of Love the Home Who Have has returned with a new book to share inspiration as we seek out new ideas for gathering with those we love without having to worry about the excess. Affordable, approachable and abundant (all in total there are actually 300 tips), discover how you too can enjoy as many gatherings as you want with the people you most enjoy and have a wonderful time.

A Simplified Life: Tactical Tools for Intentional Living by Emily Ley

Released last month and receiving multiple top reviews, Emily Ley (mother, entrepreneur and wife) shares ideas to perhaps begin anew with the new year. Offering methods, sytems and strategies in 10 key areas of our lives with the goal of living intentionally, discover how to make the most of your days and achieve the goals in life you’ve set for yourself.


Brunch is Hell: How to Save the WOrld by Throwing a Dinner Party by Rico Gagliano and Brendan Francis Newnam

One of the podcasts I enjoyed listening to (it recently said au revoir) was Dinner Party Download, but I was happy to hear the two hosts Rico Gagliano and Brendan Francis Newnam are authors of a new book inspired by the podcast, Brunch is Hell. Inside the pages they offer step-by-step ideas and inspiration for hosting a successful dinner party, albeit with a lot of humor. If you are looking for new inspiration to enliven your dinner parties, be sure to have a look at Brunch is Hell which was just released last week.

Dog Stocking Stuffers


Based in my hometown (all of the images you will see on their site are of the Bend area (Deschutes County)), Ruffwear makes the equipment and coats your dogs need to wear to be safe, warm and well-cared for. You may remember Norman’s life jacket he wears when we go paddle boarding (below) or Oscar’s fleece winter coat (below): Each item is from Ruffwear. There well-made and do the job intended. If you are looking for quality products for your four legged children, I couldn’t recommend more highly Ruffwear.


Phantom Thread

Just in time for Oscar recognition. Critics are quite ecstatic about Paul Thomas Anderson’s film Phantom Thread which stars Daniel Day Lewis in supposedly his last film (as reported this past summer). Set in London in the 1950s, Lewis stars as renowned dressmaker Reynolds Woodcock. Alongside his sister Cyril, the two dress the top socialites of the city from members of the royal family to film stars, heiresses, socialites, debutants and dames. And then comes along Alma. Becoming Woodcock’s muse and lover, Alma becomes the catalyst that prompts his very pragmatic and controlled life to begin to be disrupted by his affections this woman he so adores. You’ll have to wait until December 25th to see the film, but I have no doubt that it will be worth our time to check it out. Have a look at the trailer in the meantime.


Cuyana leather clutch (more colors available)

Classic, quality and well-made, Cuyana’s handbags are right up my alley, and I wanted to share a clutch that caught my eye. Available in three different colors, the envelope style is timeless and the color offers a touch of feminine modernity. Have a look and be sure to peruse further to see their handbags and totes as well.

Banana Republic Italian Melton Wool-Blend Long Coat (navy)

Yet another classic option, navy wool coats. Or just navy anything. Available from Banana Republic, the style, the cut, the color, and even the price are spot on.

~recipe for Ginger Pear Tart with Almonds~

Happy middle of the last month of 2017. Wow. Sixteen more days and a new year begins. I must admit, I am looking forward to discovering what is just around the corner, but I still have some projects and a holiday to tend to and enjoy.

Speaking of projects, big news was just announced this morning about the new addition to TSLL, and needless to say, I am excited about the new content it will bring to you the readers and now viewers of the blog.

With only two more weekends before Christmas, I have on my schedule a bit of holiday shopping, a dance outside to make it snow and putting together the last episode of the podcast of the 2017 year (new episodes return bright and early on Monday January 1st). I hope the holidays are going well for you and yours, and you are beginning to feel truly festive and exuberant about the spirit of the holidays.

Below I have found some holiday, Francophile, travel and even new year inspiring posts. Have a wonderful weekend, and until Monday, bonne journée.

~How to Spend a Luxurious Christmas in Paris

~The Foreigner’s Guide to French Cheese Etiquette

~French Dessert Recipes to Try at Home

~25 Kitchen Upgrades for Under $25

~Spending Time Alone May Be the Best Way to Rest

~9 Ways to Live Healthier in 2018

~7 Ways to be a Positive Person

~Sharon Santoni’s Holiday Shopping Guide

5 thoughts on “This & That: December 15, 2017

  1. That is quite a comprehensive list of desserts.
    Re dinner parties, I recently hosted an “apéritif dinatoire,” a kind of cocktail-cum-buffet dinner, and for about 30 friends to kick off the holiday season. I gave recipes, organization and planning tips. It’s a great way to entertain more of a crowd than for a sit-down dinner but it’s more elegant than, say, a Super Bowl party. It’s very typical here, as the cheese link notes.

  2. Can’t wait to see Phantom Thread! And make the Ginger Pear Tart with Almonds, and read…. this blog will take all day to finish reading… excited….

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