This & That: August 9, 2019

Aug 09, 2019

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If you have ever purchased an item, only to see it go on sale a week or even a day later, you will want to check out the Earny app. Based on the receipts you have in your in-box, Earny scans them and compares your purchase price to the new sales price, crediting you instantly the difference. I don’t know about you, but I am certainly looking in to utilizing this great money saving shopping tool.


Find Your Artistic Voice: The Essential Guide to Working Your Creative Magic by Lisa Congdon

Released just this week, bestselling author, artist and illustrator Lisa Congdon offers her own experience along with other established creatives to help readers along their path of self-discovery to tap into the creativity that already resides within them.

In Praise of Walking: The New Science of How We Walk and Why It Is Good for Us by Shane O’Mara

I love to walk. So when I learned of Shane O’Mara’s new book in this article, I immediately put this book on my wishlist. From sharing the benefits walking has for our physical health, O’Mara also discusses its mental and creative benefits as well.

British Finds

~The National Trust Book of Scones: 50 Delicious Recipes and Serious Crumbs of History by Sarah Clelland

Pour me a cuppa tea! I am ready to nibble on some scones! But first, which one to make? 🙂 While released in 2017, I still wanted to share the National Trust Book of Scones, because if anyone knows how to make scones, it’s the British. With a long list of recipes for savory scones as well as the traditional sweet variety – did they say Triple Chocolate Scone?! Count me in! – Sarah Clelland shares the history along with the ingredients and instructions for 50 different scones. Cheers to that!


Italian Lastra Tavern Pitcher

Unique pieces that not only look stunning but are entirely functional tend to catch my eye, which is why this pitcher available at One King’s Lane had to be included in today’s This & That.

Matouk Avenida Coverlet, White/Azure

Matouk is a luxury bed linen company that I was introduced to about four years ago. In fact, I have slept on their sheets for three years before putting them on my guest bed, and highly recommend them (currently – sleeping on French vintage linen sheets is a game-changer but they are hard to find at an affordable price). Top quality and classic style and designs, this coverlet is simple with a touch of blue around the edges (white also is available if this design and style catch your eye). Perfect for that finishing touch you may have been looking for.

Mauviel Copper Pendant

This pendant is for that one special person with just the special spot for it in their home. The copper material certainly caught my eye, but when I saw that it was a lighting pendant for a home, I couldn’t help but take note. Unique, yet simple and certainly stunning.

Moroccan Woven Tote Baskets, three sizes, Pottery Barn

Baskets – small or large – are wonderful collector items, but also wonderful to have around the home and kitchen for functional purposes as well.


The Farewell

Critics are loving the new film The Farewell that debuted at Sundance earlier this year. The concept is a unique one if you are not familiar with the Chinese culture’s approach to death and how the family manages the news when it comes to telling the loved one. When you take a look at the trailer, I think you will see quite quickly, it isn’t about being direct. However, the topic certainly is a conversation starter around your next dinner party table. The star of the film Awkwafina in interviews has shared that while she would want to be told if she were going to die due to health concerns, etc., her portrayal and exploration in her role is brilliant. Have a look and look for it in theaters now.


~The Outnet 20% off sale

Fall collections are beginning to trickle into online boutiques and stores, and that means sales are beginning as well, even it if it is on prior season’s wares. This weekend, use promo code EXTRA20 at The Outnet to save an additional discount, and while I have shopped a few items below, be sure to check out the entire site as well.

~TODs consignment handbags at The RealReal

Speaking of sales, The RealReal is an online consignment destination, and when it comes to handbags, purchasing a consignment bag is a great way to purchase a top quality designer bag for a fraction of the price. Due to the bag’s construction, if you know the brand, it will last you for quite some time. Case in point, TOD’s handbags are beyond out of my price range, but they are stunning, classic (label-less on the exterior) bags that I have always been drawn to. And at The RealReal, seeing one of their original $2000 bags for $200 is a sweet sight. I have shopped a few of the bags that are for sale below, but be sure to check out all of TOD’s bag at the link above. And to save even more money, be sure to use the code REAL to save an additional 20% off.

~Remember Diane Lane’s character in Paris Can Wait – the tote she carried throughout the entire trip – yep, a TODs tote. 🙂

~recipe for Lemon Blueberry Bars~

Happy Friday! And happy almost French Week! Starting on Sunday, TSLL’s 4th annual French Week will kick-off, and if you follow me on IG you may be wondering why I have been so quiet this past week. In an effort to prepare for a week full of French-Inspiration, producing the upcoming two new podcast episodes that will air next week (Monday and Thursday), and having some fun in the kitchen, the IG pics have been few, but that is about to change. 🙂

Now, Sunday isn’t here yet, so below are a handful of articles, one podcast episode, and two short videos that you might enjoy. Wishing you a lovely weekend, and until Sunday, bonne journée!

~a podcast interview with Sheri Salata about her new book The Beautiful No [Slow Your Home]

~Discover why the French Love to Say No [BBC]

~And if you need some practice to strengthen your muscle ability to say no, a more serious article worth reading, especially for women – Welcome to the No Club [The New York Times]

~18 Important Reminders About Living Up to Other People’s Expectations, in short, it should not be your priority [Marc and Angel]

~25 Healthy Habits for a Fitter Body and Healthier Mind [LifeHack]

~A talent from the literary community of undefinable proportions passed away on Monday – Toni Morrison – In Homage [The New York Times]

~36 Hours in Oxford [The New York Times]

~The Great British Bake-Off is about to premiere its latest season, but we still don’t know the exact date in August. However, the trailer was released, or at least the teaser of the trailer. Have a look and get ready for the baking to commence!

~A short, but worthwhile reminder about the journey you are on and the decisions that have led you to this point thus far, from Marie Forleo

16 thoughts on “This & That: August 9, 2019

  1. I believe Matouk’s factory is in Fall River, MA (worth a trip if you are in the area). I don’t actually think there are any ties to Britain. It is lovely to support a local product with excellent quality 🙂

  2. I saw this Book of Scones when I was in Dover earlier this year, and have regretted not buying it ever since. Never thought to look online! Thank you so much for including it today. Remorse no more. Scone on, Shannon.

      1. I can also recommend the scone book which I purchased recently. I made the scones featuring apricots and they turned out lovely : It features a lot of scones which will be nice around autumn/ fall time.

  3. I am a huge fan of these tasty morsels.A book on scones . Now why didn’t I think of that. What is the preferred pronunciation ‘skones’ or scuns? Cream first and then jam or the other way round. I love making a wholemeal banana and cinnamon scone and a large round of cheese and chorizo scone when I am in s savoury mood. Either way they can be whipped up in a jiffy and are so delicious with a big pot of tea. Long live the scone however iIt’s pronounced?

  4. With applications like Earnly or Paribus, the user is giving an outside company permission to all of her email. I used Paribus at one time, but for privacy concerns, I deleted my membership. The refunds are nice but not worth the access to my inbox. On the other hand, Google reads my gmail to put ads in my feed, so I guess there’s not really any online privacy anyway.

    I always say that we gave away our privacy when we signed up for our first grocery store membership card to get cheaper prices.

  5. My bookshelves are already overflowing, but you post so many captivating titles, I can’t resist adding them to my wish list!! For this week, I’m wanting the creativity book by Lisa Congdon, but would also love the walking and scones books. Then there’s the French mystery you posted recently…thank you for sharing these finds with us. It is a joy to know a kindred book spirit. ☕️???

  6. Thanks for the heads up on the Tod’s sale! I love that site, and just scored an excellent condition shoulder bag for $100. Score!!

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