This & That: August 31, 2018

Aug 30, 2018

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Hyperfocus: How to Be More Productive in a World of Distraction by Chris Bailey

We’re back to work, and if one of your goals or intentions was to improve your productivity, this new book by Christ Bailey may be something to check out. Using neuroscience to determine exactly what distracts the brain and what keeps it drilled down on what it is trying to accomplish, and even sharing how to multi-task strategically (this one I am curious about to see if it is indeed possible while maintaining high quality output), it certainly has caught my attention.

My Morning Routine: How Successful People Start Every Day Inspired by Benjamin Spall and Michael Xander

I am eagerly waiting to read this book as I have it on hold at our local library to be enjoyed as soon as it is returned. Critics and readers are raving about My Mourning Routine which was released this past May, calling it the business book of the year. 

Full of morning routines shared from the best-selling author Marie Kondo, Olympic gold medalists, co-founders in the tech world and many more, the book also shares tips to help you cultivate a morning routine that works best for you.

The Temptation of Gracie: A Novel by Santa Montefiore

A best-selling novel, stumbling upon a week-long cooking course located in Tuscany, the main character Gracie Burton spends all of her life savings and  takes herself, her daughter and her granddaughter to Northern Italy to not only indulge in the culinary delights, but return to a story from her past.

Brit Treat

Royal Wedding Official Album (various artists)

The entire playlist from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s May 19th wedding is now available in an official album. Full of the careful selection made by the bride and groom, including the young cellist who captured the world’s attention, be sure to have a look if you too were captivated by the entire moment in history.

—Sheku Kanneh Mason, Inspiration album

Having mentioned above the new album of The Royal Wedding, I also wanted to share the album of the young cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason that is worth listening to if you enjoy classical music. In fact, one of the classical stations I listen to each morning, WRTI based in Philadelphia, just this week, chose Sheku’s album as their album of the week.

Francophile Find

A Paris Education (film)

Released today, a French film for Francophiles, but also anyone who has ever journeyed to new cultures and contemplated different ways of life – what is best for me – what is best for the world. Etienne, young and never before having visited Paris, leaves Lyon to study film in the City of Light. The movie’s storyline spans the year of his experiences in Paris at school and with his fellow students – their relationships and conversations. Read/Listen to NPR’s commentary on the film and have a look at the film’s trailer below.


J.Crew Labor Day Sale, 40% – new and sale items

There are sales galore this long weekend, and J.Crew is one of them. And it is indeed a pretty awesome sale as new fall items are on sale with the promo code BIGSALE which will save you 40%.

The Outnet Labor Day Sale – Extra 50% off

Another sale not to miss, especially if you enjoy picking up designer clothes at a discount price. 

ShopBop Labor Day Sale, Up to 70% off

One more! And I have picked out a few to get you started below.


The Great British Baking Show on Netflix , a new season!

Okay, this is something I have been curious about for awhile (as I have rewatched and rewatched many of the seasons already available on Netflix of GBBS). As many US viewers know, The Great British Baking Show has aired four of the seasons on PBS, then they also became available on Netflix. But now, it’s changing. As PBS just wrapped up airing season 5 of the GBBS (UK’s Season 3) this past weekend, beginning today, Netflix will air the UK’s Season 8, which aired last year on Channel 4 (the 6th season here in the states).

And, be sure to click the link for the show has Netflix outlined (in a creative recipe style design) that you can expect another season to become available by the end of the year and more in 2019 as well as the Master Class series. Look for Season 5 now on Netflix (all the season numbers are confusing as they overlap, and backtrack and . . . well, just know the new season becoming available on Netflix today has never aired on PBS).

~recipe for Whole Wheat Spinach Artichoke Pizza~

So much goodness to savor in the days ahead! Can you see it? Can you feel the opportunity? Each of our ‘goodness’ feelings will be unique, but I am confident there is goodness available to you this weekend and in the season ahead as well. 

Speaking of this weekend’s goodness, with the U.S. Open to enjoy, a long weekend to savor, as well as time to enjoy the beautiful summer warmth and gradual shifting into fall, there is so much to enjoy. 

I hope your are looking ahead after having a productive, growth-filled week. And no matter how much growth, no matter how much productivity, or perhaps how much rest – as it may have been a week of vacation, I hope it is something you are a still savoring. 

Below are a few articles, one inspiring video and this September’s cover of Vogue to enjoy whenever you sit back and just let time float on by. Until tomorrow (TSLL’s Fall Shopping Guide will be released!), bonne journée!

~I am always looking for ideas to make items in my closet pair well with other items and Jess Ann Kirby shared two great outfits with one dress for fall that do just that.

~A simple habit of successful people we can all practice – take notes! Discover many different ways to do so. [Life Hack]

~The official list of “very best markets” in France as shared by The Good Life France. 

~One more from The Good Life France – foodies, anyone who loves food and loves to cook when they visit France (or anyone who just enjoys looking at food – you know what I mean – the artistry of presentation at markets), put this Paris destination on your list: Grand Épicerie Rive Droite Paris. 

~Serena Williams shared her beauty routine with Into The Gloss this week just before competing in the US Open. 

~This week has found me enjoying eveningsfull of tennis as the US Open is just wrapping up its first of two weeks. Below is a new Nike ad featuring Serena Williams that is worth taking a look at. Wait for the final tagline (and if you’re like me, find inspiration and a box of tissues.)

Read the article and view the entire photo shoot by 23 year old Tyler Mitchell here.

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13 thoughts on “This & That: August 31, 2018

  1. Hello Shannon,

    Just curious- how are you able to view these french films? I have Amazon prime but rarely see the ones you recommend there.

    1. When they are new like this, it usually is quite a wait before they pop up on places like Netflix. Amazon usually receives them a bit earlier. I just keep a list of French films to look out for in the months (sometimes year ahead). Great question.

  2. I second Heather. A list would be great. I will keep my own list going forward, but there have been many french films mentioned over the years, that I couldn’t find at the time and then lost track of the titles. Great website!

  3. When i see something interesting here in your weekly amazing pages of inspiration, I write them down in my planner. Over time I have built a lovely list of books, movies and recipes you recommend I can dip into whenever it suits. And since my little planner is always with me and inspiration may be needed in the library or amazon search box, I am always ready!
    Thank you, Shannon, keep up the inspiring 🙂

  4. Hi Shannon, your podcasts, blog & book are all amazing and I am a huge FAN of everything you do. They are making my life better through all the inspiration and purpose that they add to it. Thank you for that..
    Now.. I am so waiting your second book 🙂 But can you please tell me when it will be available on audible. That is my only way to buy it in my country.
    Thanks again and keep doing what you know best 🙂

    1. Corina, I have good news! The audio version will also become available when the book is released. I am taping the book now and so long as Audible/Amazon accept it as they did the first, you will be listening to it in November. 🙂 Thank you for your comment and interest!

  5. Shannon,
    Love your podcasts! I am a newbie, is there a way I can start with the first one and work my way through them? I have seen the next and previous buttons, but would like to start at the beginning.
    Thank you.

    1. I am watching season 8? (the season that aired last August in the UK) at the moment. And I am loving it! I think a new season has begun in the UK now. I am not sure which you are speaking about, but I do like the new judge and hosts. Noel and Sandi are so much fun!

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