This & That: August 3, 2018

Aug 02, 2018

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FRESH Sugar Lip Treatment, SPF 15 (untinted)

Including sugar, grapeseed oil and other oils such as black currant seed  and meadowfoam, FRESH’s lip treatments have shown to nourish, moisture and repair lips for up to six hours. The untinted is currently quite hard to find at the moment as Meghan Markle once shared in an interview that she recommended the product, but tinted options are also available (however, I did find an untinted stockpile – see the link above).


Dining In: Highly Cookable Recipes by Alison Roman

Maybe you haven’t heard of Alison Roman’s cookbook Dining In (which was released last fall), but you may have heard of her now very famous Chocolate Chunk Shortbread Cookies. Have a look at the recipe that quickly became very well known on Instagram, and then take a look at a cookbook that reviewers are quite loving.


Ceramic Compote Pedestals

During my treasure hunting in the brocante markets and while staying at Sharon Santoni’s, my appreciation for compote dishes returned as I was reminded of the many ways to utilize them throughout the home. It was specifically the ceramic large compote pedestals that I was drawn to for use in the kitchen. And so I have found a page on Etsy which has compiled many beautiful, unique items for you to peruse. Have fun bringing a touch of your decor tastes to the heart of the home.

~inside Sharon Santoni’s guest cottage in Normandy, see more images of the cottage here~


The Wife

I am a little ahead of myself, but this film will be one to watch for a variety of reasons, and I don’t want to forget to share it with you. On August 17th, Glenn Close stars in what critics are saying could win her an Oscar. In fact, Rotten Tomatoes has it earning a 10/10 with 16 critic reviews already published. Inspired by Meg Wolitzer’s novel of the same name which was released in 2003, mark your calendars and have a look at the trailer below.


Honeycomb Honey Jar

Signature touches in the kitchen are something I love to include so long as they are functional as well. And since honey is a regular staple in my morning breakfast routine, this honeycomb jar caught my attention whilst shopping at Kitchen Kaboodle in Portland earlier this week. For less than $10, it not only brings a smile, but offers a natural touch of sweetness as well.


Derek Lam Lace-Up Striped Washed-Silk Top

Sometimes the best items for our capsule wardrobes are found in the off season. Case in point, Derek Lam’s striped blouse would be beautiful in the spring, and now it is at an even better price point.

The RealReal Knot earrings

There is something fetching, curious and timeless about knots when it comes to design. And these earrings did just that. Available at a variety at different price points, I could see myself wearing a simple pair quite often for everyday and evening outfits.

White Linen Night Dress (30% off)

With August expected to offer some seasonally high temperatures, sleeping well is not always easy, but when we sleep in linen, it often comes more swiftly (more on linen sheets will be shared in a detailed post during TSLL’s annual French Week – Aug. 12-19). The Linen Works shop currently has a sale which includes this white linen night dress with an elegant low draped back. Have a look at the dress, but be sure to check out the entire site as well.

~recipe for Pistachio Rosewater Cake with Labneh Frosting from Yogurt~

Slowly but surely, settling back into a leisurely, yet productive, work schedule has found me, and I must say, I am quite enjoying it. Especially now that the temperatures have dropped a bit and sleep is being found to be more restful. I have been having much fun in my kitchen lately (stop by this weekend for a new and updated recipe of one of my go-to week-night dinner favorites), and am continuing to tape the first season of The Simply Luxurious Kitchen. Needless to say, my appetite is being spoiled and my kitchen is becoming quite the sanctuary, moreso than it already was.

On this first weekend of August,  I hope it finds you well. I have been enjoying sharing glimpses of my walks with the boys in the morning on Instagram as that is the one pleasure I truly missed while I was traveling. I am doing all that I can to keep this appreciation at the forefront of my mind, as while it can be easy to slip into taking what we love for granted, so long as we remain conscious of this, we can elevate our everyday far more. Below are a few articles and a cheese making video that even if you don’t want to make cheese, I think you will enjoy. Alex is a hoot! (Did you know his first cookbook is being released this fall?). Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend. Bonne journée!

~It never hurts to improve as clear and kind communication makes a tremendous difference – 17 Ways to Improve Your Communication in Relationships

~Tiny Buddha shares the Key to Happiness: Compare Less, Be More

~Sometimes it’s about what we do not keep that increases the quality of our lives – 10 Things Mentally Strong People Give Up to Gain Inner Peace

~Ever wondered how long a truly relaxing vacation should be, or how often you should take vacations? Well, the findings are in.

~Ever wanted to learn how to make your very own Mozzarella cheese? Well, now you can. Check out this playful, yet detail specific video by Alex, the French Guy Cooking.


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4 thoughts on “This & That: August 3, 2018

  1. Hi Shannon, Happy Friday! I enjoy so many things in your This & That this week, especially the specific compote you have pictured. It’s absolutely stunning! Would love to know where that is from.

    I also love that you’re expanding your repertoire from all things French to now include a British flair. Having been lucky enough to travel to both countries, I agree that it’s easy to love both and what each brings to a (simply) luxurious life! And to combine them…croissants with tea? Love it!

    1. I should clarify, I refer to the compote in the This & That collage, not the one pictured separately (although also beautiful).

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