This & That: August 18, 2017

Aug 18, 2017

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The Bettencourt Affair: The World’s Richest Woman and the Scandal That Rocked Paris by Tom Sancton

After listening to an interview on NPR with the author of The Bettencourt Affair, Tom Sancton, I became intrigued with the true story of the heiress of L’Oreal, Liliane Bettencourt. While this was not a sexual scandal, this story is certainly full of scandal and intrigue, and it is all set in France.

—Destination Simple: everyday rituals for a Slower Life by Brooke McAlary

If your schedule seems overwhelmingly busy, but necessary for the life you wish to live, author Brooke McAlary shares tips and ideas for bringing more control into the everyday, thus reducing your stress. As we look to fall and a shift in schedules, this may just be the book to make a smooth transition and keep your stress low.


Graze: Inspiration for Small Plates and Meandering Meals by Suzanne Lenzer 

While this cookbook will bring the discussion to the forefront, what the best way to eat throughout the day is, what the author is actually providing readers with is multiple ways to entertain well with small plates that pair well with each other. The casual, yet delicious entertainment opportunities can sometimes be overwhelming to plan when it comes to the best food to offer. But this cookbook will be your guide for easy planning and scrumptious nibbles for your guests (and you!).


—Diana: 7 Days That Shook the World

Over the weekend, I sat down and viewed Diana: 7 Days That Shook the World on Netflix. As a young American who was just about to leave home for college when I learned of Diana’s death, I do remember the shock, but I had no perspective of the depth as it occurred during the seven days following her death in the United Kingdom. If you are curious, want to see new footage previously not seen or simply want an engaging documentary of one of the most well-known and tragic events of the late twentieth century, be sure to check it out.

Francophile Find

—My Part-Time Paris Life: How Running Away Brought Me Home by Lisa Anselmo

A memoir depicting a woman’s journey following the loss of her mother to breast cancer, join Lisa Anselmo as she ventures to Paris, buys a small apartment and seeks her purpose all the while letting go of playing it safe.

Justine LeConte

More than a few readers have emailed me recommending Justine LeConte’s YouTube channel, and once you have a look, you will understand why. Full of episodes on just about any French topic you might be curious about, Justine offers her expertise in the beauty and modeling business as well as the credibility of actually being French to guide those of us who look to the effortlessly French women for inspiration.


SuperSoul Conversations

Last week Oprah announced her SuperSoul Conversations are now available in a podcast format. The conversations viewers have seen and enjoyed on OWN’s Super Soul Sundays can now be enjoyed as you travel, walk the dogs, work in the garden or relax doing as you please. Brené Brown’s two part conversation was my first episode, and I look forward to many more.


Emerson Fry Indigo Polka Dot slip dress

Summer isn’t over yet, Emerson Fry would have us know, and with this playful 100% modal slip dress, enjoy wearing it on your upcoming Labor Day holiday or purchase now and have it ready for next spring/summer, as it is a classic hue and timeless print.

Gabrielle perfume

Released tomorrow on Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel’s birthday, I am most curious to try the scent of jasmine, ylang-ylang, orange blossom as well as a glimpse of grass tuberose in Chanel’s new perfume, Gabrielle. I will be sure to give it a try next week while in Portland and will be sure to report back.


~recipe for Mint Chocolate with Caramelized Cocoa Nibs~

The weekend welcomes the penultimate day before the solar eclipse on Monday. As I live in central Oregon, we are becoming even more inundated with eclipse followers and the celestial curious. Now, this is not a bad thing, but it certainly makes for a unique experience, one of which we won’t witness again for quite some time. So, what is one to do? Embrace it, which we will do in our own way.

No, we won’t be heading to the totality zone (is that what’s it’s called? . . . Nope – it’s the zone of totality), but as someone who had only just been born when the last similar eclipse occurred (1979), I am looking forward to making it memorable in my own small way.

On another note, if you are in the middle of curating or editing your capsule wardrobe, on Thursday morning, be sure to tune in to KATU (the show airs live online, so you can view wherever you live) at 9 am and view AM Northwest (AMNW) as I have been invited to share with viewers my own capsule wardrobe and share tips on how to curate your own.

Now to the weekend! I do hope you have a lovely few days as August winds down. Below are a handful of articles you might enjoy, and until Monday, bonne journée.

~We can do it, yet we can! 5 Ways to Speak French Fearlessly

~If you have plans to visit Avignon, France, save this article – 10 Great Restaurant and Bars in Avignon . . . one is even situated in an old bookshop.

~A French podcast I am looking forward to diving into . . . The Earful Tower

~10 Things to Remember When Everything Seems Out of Reach





4 thoughts on “This & That: August 18, 2017

  1. I love podcasts, but I don’t have many in French or about France. (Two that I do listen to are “Pardon My French” by Garance Doré and “La Poudre” by Lauren Bastide.)

  2. You are so correct in your Friday recap letter to talk about the right resources for particular goals. Our Digital Design Interior Design clients have looked for ways to use a designer and yet implement the project themselves. A DIY project with direction without the high cost and long commitment with a designer. From sites like yours, so many great ideas are set forth that give us all a yearning to recreate what you project! Loving your simple rituals this week.-Laurel

  3. I don’t always comment here at TSLL very often, but I adore visiting This & That. For the past few weeks I have looked at your suggestions and loved each of them.
    Thank you for guiding me to The Last Tycoon and Paris Can wait. I now look forward to Diana – 7 days that shook the World.

    Lisa x

  4. Oh yes! Justine LeConte is truly adorable – she has a keen designer’s eye and a darling personality, plus each video is organized so well. It makes retaining what she presents a cinch. Her French series offers excellent cultural insights, and her fashion posts are incredibly informative.

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