This & That: August 17, 2018

Aug 16, 2018

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French Exit: A Novel by Patrick deWitt

A witty, noir new novel by best-selling author Patrick deWitt involving an Upper East Side widow who believes her late husband’s spirit resides in her cat, a scandal upsetting enough for she and her adult son to flee to Paris, and a journey in the City of Light that strays from the norm of romance to instead economic ruin and intrigue. Hmm . . . Being released on the 28th of August, have a look and see if you’re curious enough to discover how it all resolves itself.


L’Occitane Bonne Mère Verbena Soap (other scents as well)

L’Occitane’s Summer Sale is still going strong, and as such, the chic cube soaps are reduced in price for fewer than six dollars. Available in four different scents, have a look and either purchase for use or decor. 

Francophile Finds

Dress Like a Parisian by Alois Guinut

Full of wit and sound style advice, personal stylist and blogger Alois Guinut’s Parisian inspired book, which was released in May, is full of street style photography and illustrations by Judith van den Hoek who has worked with Elle, Vogue, Prada and Hermés. Check out Alois’ blog of the same name as the book to see her insight and approach to style, and then this book may just be a great read as you prepare your closet for the new fall season. 

French Country Cottage by Courtney Allison

You may already follow Courtney Allison’s blog of which her new book is eponymously named, and if so, you know that she has a penchant for all-things French. Living and renovating a 1940s California country cottage in the aesthetic of French country, her first book was just released this past week. Full of rich photography of her home and personal approach to styling, find oodles of inspiration for bringing a touch of old, personality and France (as well as romance) into your home. 

How the French Live: Modern French Style by Siham Mazouz

Today’s This & That books appears to be a day about French-inspired bloggers, and Siham Mazouz’s blog falls right in line. Siham Mazouz is a French woman living in San Francisco and having founded her blog French by Design ni 2010, her new decor book was just released this past May. Offering readers a simple, eclectic approach, discover a new way to look at how to add a touch of France to your abode. 

Travels through the French Rivera: An Artist’s Guide to the Storied Coastline, from Menton to Saint-Tropez by Virginia Johnson

Released this past May, artist Virginia Johnson shares her watercolor illustrations alongside the sights to see – the sights we often hear about when it comes to those well-known world names such as Picasso, Briget Bardot and Paul McCartney – olong the rich and dreamlike southern coastline of France. 


Terracotta wine cooler from Weston Mill Pottery, UK

One of the simple tricks (or should I say ideas) I garnered from my week at Patricia Wells’ cooking class was to how to keep my white and rosé wines continuall chilled during a meal (whiel having them out on the table). Use terracotta!

No ice required. Simply fill the terracotta cooler with cold water for at least 15 minutes, then pour out the water and place the chilled bottle of wine inside the cooler. The terracotta keeps it cool for hours as the clay slowly releases the moisture it has retained. I picked mine up from Amazon (the last link shared here), but there are other options as the ones from Weston Mill or these here from Italy and this design from Amazon.


~The Linen Works, thick linen scarf (multiple colors)

Another ubiquitous style seen on the streets and at the markets in France during the summer months are the linen scarves – on both women and especially men. Available in a handful of different colors, The Linen Works scarves are available for fewer than 40 pounds. 

Hermès Mare Nostrum silk scarf (consignment)

Let’s stay on the topic of scarves and talk about the pinnacle designer of all scarves, those from Hermès. There are many Hermès scarves at discounted prices available at The RealReal, which includes the Mare Nostrum silk scarf. Measuring 36 by 36 inches, peruse the many colors and designs, and perhaps you’ll find one you’ll want to bring home.

Vince Deep V-neck Raglan

Prepping for fall, and I saw these beautiful cashmere v-neck sweaters from Vince. If you love but cannot pay the full retail price, remember to save on Shoptagr and wait for the late fall sales to begin. And be sure to stop by the blog on Saturday September 1st as the annual TSLL Fall Shopping Guide will be shared. 

~recipe for Lemon Posset Tart~

What a week it has been here on TSLL blog as the 3rd annual French Week has been in full swing. With more than 17 posts so far since Sunday and at least five more to be posted by the time we wrap up on Sunday, it has been fun to share with you oodles of French ideas, inspiration and conversations (as well as giveaways – there have been three!). Check out the list of posts organized by topic at the end of today’s post. 

While I know many of you enjoy French Week, not everyone who stops by TSLL is a Francophile, so on Monday, we will be getting back to our regular routine. As well, I have already begun preparing for our next themed week which will be (per our discussion a few weeks ago), British Week. Scheduled to take place in May 2019, stay tuned for the exact week as the new year begins. 

But now we look to the weekend, and a celebation to the simple fact that the week has resolved and we are here to pay it homage. Perhaps that sounds silly and unnecessary, but why not celebrate these mini events of completion in our lives. I will be looking forward to slowing down and plan on Sunday to truly wind down after a fun, but quite busy week here on the blog. 

Below I have gathered up a few articles of this past week, as well as two videos I thought you might enjoy (one is a film that immediately caught my attention, and perhaps yours as well). Until a new post goes live in about 12 hours, have a lovely weekend. Bonne journée! 

~Yesterday was Madonna’s 60th birthday, and The New York Times wrote a long list of ways she changed our culture. As a fan of Madonna’s when I was a young girl, it was a wonderful trip down memory lane. 

~One of the greats in the music industry passed away yesterday, and oh, she will be missed. Have a look at Aretha Franklin’s influence over a career that spanned 60 years. [The New York Times]

~A new “old” wall treatment that is becoming quite popular, and may just be what you’re looking for to bring the patina look you’ve been wanting for your home if you are drawn to the French country aesthetic. [Camille Styles]

~Turns out quality is the choice to make again, and this time when it comes to the food we eat. Check out this article in The New York Times about how quality surpasses variety when talking about our diet. 

~What is at least one item in the kitchen we should not spend a fortune? Alex Guarnaschelli shares the item she skimps on and shares her reasons why. [The Kitchen]

~Andie MacDowell is receiving nods of approval from critics for her new film Love After Love which will be released on Hulu next month. Have a look at the trailer below.

~One more video to watch, because, well, why not? And it involves Oprah. 🙂

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TSLL’s 3rd Annual French Week continues through August 19th with at least two posts per day. À bientôt!

~Catch up on all of TSLL’s French-Inspired posts here and French-inspired podcast episodes here.

11 thoughts on “This & That: August 17, 2018

  1. Shannon, have you come across the British Company , The White Company ?

    I think that you would love their products, lovely linens and things for the home, as well as a select collection of garments for adults and children , scented candles and lotions, and delightful Christmas decorations in season.

    They produce a beautiful catalogue, ( available on line too ) and also have retail stores in the UK , which are such a pleasure to visit .

    The story behind the Company is inspirational too.

    (I am not affiliated to them, I just love their products ! )

    Might be something to look into for your British Week !


  2. Have enjoyed French Week Shannon and looking forward to British Week: as a Brit I’m interested in your perspective. I agree with Anne, the White Company is lovely and right up your street!

    I’m loving how the blog and podcast are evolving and it remains my regular read. I thank you for all your time and thought that you put in to your work, it’s a joy.

  3. This way my 1st French week and it was beautiful. Thank you! Your deserve a big rest now but, alas, many of us teachers must get ready to make that last hard turn into the start gates! May these final weeks of August be beautiful for you and all! I am very excited to hear that May will feature a similar week on England. Yay!

  4. I loved this post, full of sooo much good stuff! Thanks for the reminder of Siham’s blog, I had read some before but it fell off the radar, and I’m glad to have it back on my blog roll. I didn’t think I was a true Francophile, but I have enjoyed the posts from your French travels and I may be hooked. Still pretty excited for British week coming next year.
    xo Pat

  5. Shannon this is exciting doing a British week! Even though I am now living in France there is so much I love about Britain especially tea and teatime.Please could you mention Tregothnan Great gardens. Belong to the same family since1335. They grow TEA!! Yes and It’s available to buy on Amazon. It’s in St Michael Penkiwel near Truro. Looking forward to this. Bon weekend?

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