This & That: August 11, 2017

Aug 11, 2017

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Cooking for Picasso: A Novel by Camille Aubray

After reading this post of my favorite 10 French books earlier this week, a reader shared a few of her own and one which I had not heard of, so I wanted to share. Cooking for Picasso was released this past June and involves French cooking, a bit of mystery and a dash of romance. Spanning three generations, it is young Céline whose grandmother cooked for Picasso in 1936, and it is Céline who upon learning of her grandmother’s story, decides to make a trip to the small village in France where it took place. Let the plot begin!

The French Gardener: A Novel by Santa Montefiore

While written in 2009, my local book shop recommended this novel as an ideal summer escape for the Francophile. Involving a young couple who purchases a French country home that needs much love and care, it is a charming Frenchman who arrives to help them work with Mother Nature. Along the way much more is discovered about this mysterious gentleman, and the lessons of love and life come forth.

Local Eats Paris: A Traveler’s Guide by Natasha McGuinness

Released this past May, discover the highly recommended bistros, restaurants, cafés and patisseries to visit in Paris, as well as what to pair for your picnic to be enjoyed at one of the many jardins or along the Seine.

Rosé All Day: The Essential Guide to Your New Favorite Wine by Katherine Cole

We couldn’t have French Week here on the blog and not talk about rosé wine. As many of you may have noticed, rosé is having a resurgence as the wine of summer. With delectable price points and delicious options, I don’t know why it ever wasn’t the wine of summer. Discover the history of this pink wine and where to find the good stuff in this playful, yet resourceful, new book.


Voilà! The Effortless French Cookbook: Easy Recipes to Savor the Classic Tastes of France by Cecile Delarue

Well, if Mireille Guilano recommends it, I may just have to take a look. Released on July 25th, Cecile Delarue’s new cookbook begins with a recreation of teachings that will offer the cooking skills one might find in a Parisian culinary class. Creator of the blog French and Parfait, readers will discover 125 recipes, each offering a pairing of the best choice of wine. As well, learn how to prepare the French staples such as quiches, a poached egg and delicious sauces.

France: The Cookbook by Ginette Mathiot

A reader recently shared with me and recommended quite whole-heartedly this cookbook, which if I am recalling correctly, I may have mentioned on the blog earlier this year. France: The Cookbook is a reprint of the 1932 original cookbook which has sold more than six million copies. Now available with an updated translation by Chocolate & Zucchini blogger and cookbook author Clotilde Dusoulier, this cookbook is one to have in your kitchen if you enjoy traditional French fare.


The Midwife

Released this past July, the past returns in a French film with two outstanding French actresses. Catherine Deneuve and Catherine Frot star in The Midwife which focuses on the unlikely friendship later in life of the midwife (Frot) and her father’s former flambuoyant mistress (Deneuve). Have a look at the trailer below.


Tous les Soleils

Released in 2011, I wanted to share what looks like a truly lovely and heart-warming movie. Starring Stefano Accorsi as an Italian widower who teaches music in France, is still gripped by the passing of his wife; however, his young daughter is living life, and so too do those who love him wish he would do as well. Have a look at the trailer below (my apologies, as I couldn’t find a trailer with English subtitles, but I have a feeling the visuals will give you a taste of the tone and the plot) and be sure to add to your watch list.



Jacques Pepin & Sur La Table

The highly respected French chef Jacques Pepin has paired up with Sur La Table to offer his own line of cookware (copper!) and tableware (I believe he loves chickens).


Raey superfine cashmere cornflower scarf

I came across this cashmere scarf while putting together yesterday’s Outfit of the Weekand I could not resist including it in this week’s This & That. The cornflower blue is ideal and epitomizes southern France to me. And the price isn’t that bad either.


Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce, season 4 premiere

I know this show isn’t French or French-inspired, but I wanted to make sure you knew it was premiering next Thursday on Bravo. With only two more seasons left (they’ve finished taping both already), enjoy some summer laughter and life’s ups and downs with the girls of GGTD.

The Tunnel

Some of you may already be fans or know about this series as it is on its second season here in the states on PBS and originally began on BBC. I just became aware of it through a friend who highly recommended it, and once I knew Clémence Poésy was starring in it, I wanted to have a look. If you enjoy modern crime dramas, a dash of French language from time to time (but not all the time), and good rapport with the chosen actors, as well as a mind-boggling plot, be sure to check out The Tunnel.


~recipe for Easy Crusty French Bread~

Freshly made bread, the thought of the smell alone makes my tastebuds dance, so when a TSLL reader (Thank you Sue!) shared the above recipe with me, I wanted to share with you. After all, bread making can be quite simple, and the results are worth giving it a try.

Speaking of simple, yet luxurious, the second annual French Week on the blog, based on readers comments and feedback has been going very well, and I want to thank you for stopping by, taking in the posts or episodes of the podcast thacalught your eye and sharing what you loved. While it was a busy week, I honestly loved every minute as I had the opportunity to be introduced to so many long-time but first-time commenters and new readers as well as share what I love about the French-inspiration in my life and hear yours as well in the comments. And the good news is, the week isn’t over yet. There are still four more posts (one of which is another episode of the podcast with none other than the woman behind Comme une Française, Géraldine Lepère) for you to enjoy. We had an enlightening conversation about the differences between the French and North American cultures, and I do think you’ll find her tips reassuring regarding travel especially if you are contemplating going beyond Paris.

Don’t forget to enter both of the GIVEAWAY opportunities (here and here), and enjoy an ample selection of reading material for the weekend. Until later today, bonne journée!

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~Did you hear the exciting news this week about the über successful memoir by Isabel Vincent, Dinner with Edward (listen to my review of the book in this Petit Plaisir of the podcast)? David Suchet (aka Hercules Poirot) will be starring as Edward in an upcoming film adaptation of the book!

~One of the foods I miss most and cannot wait to enjoy upon returning to France is Comté! Read why it really is the Queen of French Cheese in Susan Herrmann Loomis’ post

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TSLL 2017 French Week continues through August 12th. Amusez-vous bien! 

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5 thoughts on “This & That: August 11, 2017

  1. “The Midwife” is rife with wordplay: the term for “midwife” in French is “sage femme,” which could also be “wise woman.” But “sage” also means well-behaved, and the midwife character (Catherine Frot) lives up to all of it, being wise and serious and careful, while the Catherine Deneuve character is an adventurer.

  2. Shannon, “The Midwife” is a must see film. I was fortunate to see it at our annual film festival in northern CA. The acting is outstanding.. Enjoy your weekend.
    Karen H.

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