This & That: April 28, 2017

Apr 28, 2017

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How to Pack: Travel Smart for Any Trip by Hitha Palepu

Readers have already scooped this book up when it was first mentioned on this Outfit of the Week and for good reason. So many of us love to travel, but making sure we have the proper clothing and necessities without bringing items we just don’t want, along with the desire to make it seamless and simple, on top of the primary desire of just having a lovely getaway, often we get in our own way. Not any more. How to Pack: Travel Smart for Any Trip is here to offer its assistance. Bon voyage!

Manolo Blahnik: The Art of Shoes by Cristina Carrillo de Albornoz

Lovers of fashion and all artists will enjoy the new book chronicling iconic English shoemaker Manolo Blahnik. Discover where he derives inspiration and also learn of his careful and attentive shoemaking process.


La Vie Rustic: Cooking and Living in the French Style by Georgeanne Brennan

A James Beard award winner, author Georgeanne Brennan’s new cookbook goes into the forest, back to the sea and out into the fields to deliver delicious, casual meals organized by the seasons in which food, full of flavor, is readily available.

Simple Nature Cookbook: 150 New Recipes for Fresh, Healthy Dishes by Alain Ducasse and Paule Neyrat 

If you are looking for a French cookbook that dispels the myth that all delicious food must be rich and decadent, look no further than Alain Ducasse’s new cookbook Simple Nature. Full of recipes inspired by classic French recipes, discover how to keep the flavor and the nutrition (with the help of nutritionist Paule Neyrat) and eat in season as well as sustainable food.


Perch & Parrow

While I am always dreaming about my dream cottage home that will someday become a reality, I am regularly scouting out destinations that sell furniture that speaks to my predilection for simple, but classic, beautiful as well as subtly unique aesthetic. Perch & Parrrow, described as offering “beautiful furniture for unique homes” is one such destination. Located in London, they offer furniture and accessories that are reasonably affordable for beautiful quality. Be sure to take a look at the entire selection.

Francophile Find

2018 Parisian Chic Weekly Desk Planner 

While not being released until July, Ines de la Fressange is offering another weekly planner similar to her first a handful of years ago. Inspired by her über successful first book Parisian Chic (and released to coincide with the release of her second book which was discussed in detail here on the blog and podcast), discover style tips and ideas throughout the planner as well as a stylish all-in-one location to keep your simply luxurious life organized.


Tea Time

As I was editing and reevaluating my magazine subscriptions recently, a reader introduced me to The Cottage Journal (of which I am now subscribed) which unveiled to me another magazine I am toying with: Tea Time magazine. For fewer than $20, receive six issues each year full of beautiful tearoom profiles, food features offering recipes and gourmet tea to welcome the daily ritual into your way of life. I don’t know about you, but it looks like the ideal simple pleasure read.  Have a look at one post that caught my interest about how to coordinate a quintessential English cottage tea experience.


Up First

As I mentioned in this post, I have been become to appreciate less time spent tuning into the news; however, I am most certainly want to stay informed. And with the recent release of NPR’s new podcast “Up First”, I found exactly what I needed. No longer do I need to tune in for two hours in the morning if time or interest doesn’t allow. Instead I can upload the latest episode (available each day) and in less than 10 minutes be caught up on the most recent politic to pop culture news from around the globe. Perfect! Non?

~as it is lilac season, discover a handful of delicious lilac recipes here~

I do believe spring is here. With my sprinklers turned on, my lawn acquiescing to the needed first mow of the season, birds waking me up each morning rather than my alarm clock, and the buds on my trees slowly revealing the protected foliage, I am quite excited for May’s arrival.

As such, spring recipes have been dancing around in my mind, so look for a spring capsule menu to be shared soon (view the all-season and fall menu here – scroll to the bottom of the post). After taking care of some spring cleaning last weekend (the garage has more square-footage – I swear!), this weekend I will be tending to some grading, creative projects involving flowers and food and of course whatever leisurely pursuits catch my eye. Be sure to follow on Instagram for the weekly #tsllsundaymornings as most Sunday early hours find me reading my newspapers and nibbling on a croissant paired with my favorite black tea after a walk with my boys (see a few of the past Sundays below). And if you’re looking for intriguing articles to dive into this weekend, I have a few below: travel, Francophile, health topics are covered as well as an upcoming film for you to discover and put on your calendar. It is always lovely to know you’ve stopped by TSLL Friday post which continues to be one of readers’ weekly favorites. Thank you for your time and interest. Until Monday, bonne journée!

~the abounding, buttery croissants are all from one of my favorite local bakeries~

~A healthy and worthwhile suggestion to living well and being more productive: Take Time Off

~Thinking about Italy for your next travel adventure? Why not head to Genoa instead of Florence, Venice or Rome?

~But maybe France is calling your name – Discover what to do in Provence in the spring

~Want to live in France? Discover how good your French should be to do so

~Never forget your health and try to reduce the sugar drinks in order to reduce aging of your brain.

~Back to food and France, a new documentary will be debuting on PBS in May. James Beard is the focus and Frank Bruni’s op-ed, Food, Sex and Silence is worth a read to prime you for its content.

~Looking for calm. Read these 52 Good Morning Meditations from Marc and Angel.

~Saving the best for last — Paris Can Wait, starring Diane Lane, directed by Eleanor Coppola (her narrative feature debut and wife of esteemed director Francis Ford Coppola) and most likely the next much-beloved Francophile travel film to top your list, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival this week. Needless to say, I cannot, absolutely cannot, wait for it to hit theaters next month (May 12th). Have a look at the trailer below, make a date with a good friend and put it on your calendar now.

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  1. As much as I love Mondays and a fresh start each week…I savor your Friday list of goodies! It’s Derby week in Louisville so we are ablaze with all our finery but I will find time to delve into your Friday as usual. Check our site today for the History of all the big, literally over the top Derby Hats. What fun!-Laurel Bledsoe

  2. Lots and lots is covered in this post; it is so lovely and conjures many memories for me ; of when I blogged about tea and such things. I failed at blogging and now merely view what professionals are doing and they are remarkable; more than I could ever do. A little treasured book gotten from library is on one’s secret German garden ; time spent alone in the garden and at times having tea…for she exist on merely tea, salad and bread; daintily a mother of three, existing happily in her German garden. What more could one ask for, indeed…if there were to be anything else more endearing. No matter, thank you for sharing and lovely weekend!

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