This & That: April 21, 2017

Apr 21, 2017

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Beyond the Label: Women, Leadership and Success on Our Own Terms by Maureen Chiquet

I have just begun to read former Chanel CEO’s memoir/life guide upon its release this past Tuesday, but already I am absolutely fascinated. I found myself picking up Maureen Chiquet’s Beyond the Label during my lunch hour this week and not wanting class to begin so that I might continue to read and be intrigued by the honest revelation of her discovery of her most true self beginning with her first trip as an exchange student from St. Louis to the south of France when she was 16. I look forward to further sharing my discoveries on the blog and podcast in coming weeks, but in the meantime, I do think you will enjoy if you are looking to figure out how to define success on your own terms and listen to that voice inside that refuses to be ignored no matter what society says you must do with your life. Read the article that introduced me to the book here as shared in The New York Times last Sunday.

Goodbye Things: The New Japanese Minimalism by Fumio Sasaki

Just last week, I stopped into a local bookstore for coffee with a good friend and found Fumio Sasaki’s book on the counter by the register. Curious, I picked it up and flipped through a few pages. Organized by simple approaches you can incorporate in your life to let go of items and objects you may have thought you truly needed in your life, if you are looking for a book to inspire you to declutter and reasons to be reassured you will be okay without one more [fill in the blank], you may just find yourself devouring his book which was released earlier this month.

My Mother’s Kitchen: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and the Meaning of Life by Peter Gethers

Earlier this week the Why Not . . . ? post suggested reading cookbooks for pleasure, and Peter Gether’s book while not foremost a cookbook is a book I would without hesitation place in the category of a cookbook as well as a memoir. His mother Judy Gethers is a woman who befriended and mentored well-known culinary figures such as Wolfgang Puck, Nancy Silverton and Jonathan Waxman, upon falling in love with cooking in her 50s. In fact, she even taught alongside Julia Child. As his mother ages, following a debilitating stroke, he wants to offer her a most memorable feast to include all of her favorite dishes. However, there is one minor obstacle: Peter doesn’t know how to cook.

With humor and exploration, My Mother’s Kitchen is a memoir of a son and his adored mother who journey through her memories to learn how to cook. Along the way an unforgettable story and experience takes place.

Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience and Finding Joy by Sheryl Sandburg

On Tuesday April 25, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandburg’s second book will be released. After suffering the unexpected sudden loss of her 40-year old husband Dave Goldberg in 2015, Sandburg’s life, as one would imagine, was completed upended leaving her feeling, for lack of a better word, joyless.

Co-written by Adam Grant, a psychologist at Wharton, Option B is a combination of Sandburg’s personal experience and newfound approach to reclaiming the joy along with Grant’s research on found strength during adversity that will help anyone dealing with large or small everyday struggles, losses or setbacks.


A Quiet Passion

The New Yorker raved about Terrence Davies independent film starring Cynthia Nixon A Quiet Passion, calling it an “absolute drop-dead masterwork”, and after previewing the trailer below, you will see quickly why this film, especially if you are an English major, but even more so if you have read Dickinson’s poetry in high school or elsewhere and perhaps been curious about what we don’t know, is worth your time to see. Depicting the life of American poet Emily Dickinson who spent her life in Amherst, Massachusetts, Nixon’s performance is brilliant, deeply emotive and full of quiet strength. Having had the opportunity years ago after just graduating from college (yes, I am one of the aforementioned English majors), I had the opportunity to tour Dickinson’s museum which is situated in the home she lived in the college town which shares the town’s name. Released last year, put this film on your watch list.



Similar to the film above, Genius, National Geographic Channel’s first scripted series, goes beyond the history we were introduced to in school and dives deeper into the figures that are familiar but perhaps not truly accurately known.

Based on Walter Isaacson’s book Einstein: His Life and Universe, Ron Howard and Brian Grazer team up again to produce the 10 episode series which premieres Tuesday April 25th at 9pm.

Reintroducing the renowned physicist Albert Einstein on a more personal level, Geoffrey Rush stars as an older Einstein while Johnny Flynn portrays him in his youth. Discover his struggles in his marriage and with his children and the wrenching dilemmas provoked by the tumultuous time in history. I am quiet excited to tune in and already have the series scheduled to be taped. Have a look at the trailer below.

Giada in Italy, Season 3, Food Network

In Giada de Laurentiis’ second venture to Florence, Italy, to film her third season of Giada in Italy, all six episodes are in homage to her grandfather. I am a little late in sharing its premiere with you as it debuted on April 9th, but there are still four more episodes to devour. Taped at the same location as season two, the open-air kitchen set aloft the Renaissance mecca in Italy, the food looks scrumptious and the sites will have your clamoring to book your next flight soon.

~recipe/list of ingredients for Greek-inspired antipasto platter~

A beautiful week has unfolded and it all began with a wonderful weekend. And so as we step into another two day respite, I look forward to savoring the leisure and rest that the 48 hours provides and exploring and creating when the moment strikes and simply enjoying spring. Nope, nothing grand, over-the-top or uproarious this weekend. For me, such a calm scenario will be just perfect as the ability to do as I please, appreciate the ordinary moments that often are overlooked when our schedules become too busy is truly something I savor more and more.

I do hope you are looking ahead to a wonderful weekend, no matter how you enjoy most relishing these days of your own. Thank you for taking time to stop by today and below are a few articles and one podcast episode I think you just might enjoy. Until Monday, bonne journée!

~The French language! So many beautiful words to hear, and here is a list of one person’s favorite 24. 

~I will be listening to this podcast episode on my walk today with the boys! Ina Garten was Katie Couric’s most recent guest on her eponymously named podcast, and along with much to enjoy, Ina’s response to why she and her husband Jeffrey didn’t have kids is absolutely refreshing! Thank you Ina!

~In the market for a French Riveria villa? Either way, take the breath-taking tour here.

~Go behind the scenes: With the support of former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, her speech writer (co-owner of Washington D.C.’s beloved indie bookstore Politics & Prose), Lissa Muscatine will be publishing her insider’s account soon. 

~It’s all about sleep, and the graphics make it simple and clear what we all need to do and why.

~And intriguing read for Francophiles, 30 Things You May Not Know About France

4 thoughts on “This & That: April 21, 2017

  1. I love the favorite French words. Many are my favorites, too. Just yesterday, as I was saying pamplemousse I suddenly reflected on how much more fun it is to pronounce than grapefruit. I also enjoy polyvalente (multi-use or multi-talented), pampille (the crystals on chandeliers), pimpante (perky)–all for how they sound–and ordinateur, or computer, because it comes from the word ordonner, or orderly. Isn’t that what computers are supposed to do, get things in order?

  2. Happy Weekend! I am curious as well to look at the book on Japanese Minimalism. I will relay that previous best sellers on this subject have overwhelmed some of our clients….makes organizing too streamlined for some and leaves them feeling guilty. We promote the idea that everyone has a comfort level and the goal is to reach that. Speaking about Geoffrey Rush, I will watch anything he is in. He takes roles to new levels…plus I love all the “Jeff’s” who spell their names like his!-Laurel Bledsoe

  3. I enjoy viewing of the posts; although my Verizon D-link does not load as fast and at times the pages are blank and don’t load accordingly as when we were subscribers of Comcast; no matter, I enjoy what I can is all. Thank you for sharing.

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