This & That: April 19, 2019

Apr 19, 2019

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I Miss You When I Blink: Essays by Mary Laura Philpott

It wasn’t until I read an excerpt from Mary Laura Philpott’s new book of essays a few weeks ago (To the Type-A Person Having a Melt Down) that I learned of her book, and while her interview as well is worth listening to, I Miss You When I Blink is perhaps the book we all need to read to remind ourselves to take it easy and design a life that works for us without asking for society’s approval.


The Bordeaux Kitchen: An Immersion into French Food and Wine Inspired by Ancestral Traditions by Tania Teschke 

Written by food and wine gourmet, photographer, and lifelong student of French culture, Tania Teschke, she shares over 160 recipes for seasonal and traditional French dishes that “deliver not only the nutrition, but also the satisfaction we have been missing in our modern diet”.


Winkie Candle Snuffer, Rowen & Wren

If you are a lover of candles, having a candle snuffer is not only a simple, signature detail to add to your tabletop decor, but also a way to reduce smoke and any residual wax from spraying about, as well as letting the candle burn out naturally, due to lack of oxygen. While it truly doesn’t make much of a difference as I suspect none of us blows out a candle so haphazardly as to leave a mess, having one prevents the need of requiring to bend down or place our face too close to the flame. And, I have to be honest, it just looks quite lovely.

DeVol Kitchen Bum Stools

Literally created by bums for bums, DeVol’s Kitchen Bum Stools won the Design Guild Mark in 2017 for excellence in British design. The design is simple, understated, modern, yet somewhat cozy and welcoming as well without being excessive. With two different heights, learn more about this talented design company as the stools as well here.

Brampton Club Chair, Gray Stripe, One King’s Lane (more colors)

While I won’t be purchasing armchairs for my living room any time soon, when I do, these will be on my list to check out. I love a cozy, large armchair, and yep, stripes always are considered (you probably aren’t that surprised ;)) . Available in two different print styles and colors, the price is a bit steep, but not extreme if you know what you want and will have it for years.


Amazing Grace

Having just learned of this film this past week, Amazing Grace is a documentary that details and shares the footage of beloved and magnificently talented Aretha Franklin performing the classic hymn “Amazing Grace” at New Bethel Baptist Church in Watts, Los Angeles in January 1972.

Why did it take this long for the film to be released? Well, Franklin herself didn’t want it to be. So that part, yes, is controversial. However, critics are beside themselves with praise, and Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 99% rating. The film is selectively being released this month and more widely in May. Have a look at the trailer below, and while it is singularly focused on this performance, it is a 90 minute film.

Francophile Find

Paris: The Secret History by Andrew Hussey

With all that has transpired in Paris this week, a TSLL reader, Sarah M., brought to my attention a book worth reading – Paris: The Secret History. Released more than 10 years ago, I look forward to welcoming it into my library to deepen my understanding of the history of Paris, this time through the Parisian’s eyes themselves.


Ann Taylor Hartley Grosgrain Heeled Sandals and Suede Sandals (three colors)

Well, first of all, if you are looking for new spring items, and want to save some money, Ann Taylor is having a 50% off sale with promo code HOPTOIT, and the good news is that these sandals are included in the sale.

I took the opportunity to scoop up the light blue suede style last week when they were 40% off, and I love them. They fit well, are solid and add a fantastic amount of height without feeling uncomfortable.

M. Marian Laurel Luxury Gift Baskets

Mother’s Day in the states is just around the corner, but really for any occasion in which you want to purchase a special gift for someone special in your life, these M. Marian Laurel Luxury Gift baskets are a gift to consider.

Each seagrass basket (you can buy the basket separatesly for $35) is filled with a theme of goods. Ranging from $85 to over $200, choose what your receiver would enjoy. I selected the Pennyroyal basket which contains a Dandelion 70% chocolate bar, Bill’s Bees raw wildflower honey, Leaves and Flowers ajna tea, La Jolla sea salt, and Theodore Payne Foundation wildflower seeds.

These themed baskets and boxes are becoming quite the business it seems, and with so many great options, they look to be a wonderful gift to give.

Streamline Luggage

If you are looking for sohpisticated, retro luggage, be sure to check out Streamline Luggage. Currently, selected styles are 30% off, but as you will see, there are many different colors and sizes that will catch your eye and leave you traveling in style.


Barefoot Contessa, Season 26 Premiere

She’s back! How quickly Ina Garten produces new seasons of her cooking show is amazing to me, and all the more inspiring. Her 26th season kicks off this Sunday on Food Network, and the first episode is titled “Farm Stand”, with next week’s titled “Seafood”. I cannot wait for both and all that will follow. I know she is working on a new cookbook as well, although they haven’t released the title. Stay tuned.

~recipe for Lemon Blueberry & Ricotta Crêpes with Lavender Honey~

The sprinklers are on, the heat is off and that means I will be soon heading to the local nurseries to begin sprucing up my yard. Oh, I cannot wait! Yesterday, the temperature hit the mid-70s, so the boys and I went out onto our back porch, computer in hand and while I typed away on this post, the birds serenaded us, the squirrels dined on the birdfood in the feeder (oh, well), and the grass was being watered for the very first time. It was delightful and was a taste of so much loveliness ahead in the next five months.

I hope you too had a taste of something wonderful from Mother Nature. She is truly a healer and has the amazing ability to help put things in perspective. With all that has happened this week in the news around the globe and here in the states, sitting down, putting our feet up and just taking in the everyday goodness is a wonderful way to calm the mind. Today I have an abundance of articles and one video I think you will be tickled with. I do hope you enjoy, and until Monday, bonne journée!

~Rebecca Plotnick of the a blog every Francophile should bookmark Every Day Parisian was a guest on a recent episode of The Earful Tower, sharing Tips on How to Photograph Paris (and capture that elusive Blue Hour)

~Let’s stay in Paris for a moment and did you know, The Most Exciting Pâtisseries in Paris Are Run by Women? [Food & Wine]

~Now let’s hop over the Channel for a moment and discover Where to Stay, Eat + Play in London according to Wit & Whimsy

~I found this article to reiterate something I have found to be true for me – Spending Time in Nature Brings Out the Best in Introverts [Introvert, Dear]

~If you were shocked and transfixed by Monday’s fire in Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral, this article from The New York Times is worth a read – What the Notre-Dame Fire Reveals About the Soul of France

~Another idea for helping negate the feelings that we want to let go of . . . How to Change the Way You Feel (Without Changing Anything Else) [Marc and Angel]

~10 Personal Development Goals for Success and Happiness [LifeHack]

~Looking for Garden inspiration? Check out these Lovely Cottage Gardens from the House & Garden UK Archives

~Now to Dating and Why It Should Be Messy according to The Stripe

~While I do read many articles from newspapers online, I still luxuriate in my Sunday mornings blanketed in papers, and this recent article in The Atlantic explains quite wonderfully why – The Joys of Reading A Paper

~Okay, I am going to leave you with a smile. Amy Poehler has a new film coming out in May. And while it is a little crass, it also looks like a lot of fun as well, set in beautiful locales. Check out the trailer for Wine Country below.

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  1. Hello Shannon thank you for the recommendation for the candle snuffer. Another item I find useful is a wick trimmer, used before burning helps stop candles smoking. I’m looking forward to trying the new White Company range of candles, very good value and lovely scents. Best wishes from England, Sue

  2. Dear Shannon,
    Thanks for Friday’s newsletter and another inspiring week of thoughts and images. 🙂
    I wish you and your family, a very Happy Easter!
    Best regards,

  3. Lovely post Snhannon to put a spring in our step. It’s so glorious right now in France with all the blossoms in my orchard. I love the candle snuffers just for decoration. There are some pretty antique ones. Enjoy spring days?

  4. Loved the trailer for Wine Country you shared! As someone who blogs about wine I love when wine culture is satirized – too funny! I’m sure Amy Poehler will do it well. The other articles this week were great as well 🙂

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