The Weekend . . .

Sep 20, 2013

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 ~view the recipe here~

After a first full week back teaching to begin the new school year, I am ready to kick off my heels and indulge a sweet dessert after picking some fresh berries up at the farmers’ market. Often, nothing is so sweet as Friday’s arrival, and today is no exception to that rule.

This week on the blog even more reasons are shared for seeking out our passions, as well as a new Francophile book I am excited to introduce to readers. Oh, and speaking of weekend comfort, I discovered a pair of striped pajamas I highly recommend and have been thoroughly enjoying cozying up in recently as the cool air of fall as begin to arrive.

~The Power of Finding Your Passion
~Style Inspiration: Classy & Trendy
~This & That: No. 76 . . . a new Francophile book I love, my new favorite pajamas and more . . .
~Splurge & Save Outfit: No. 25
~A Refreshing End to the Summer
~Why Not . . . Do Something New Each Year?

And this week’s newsletter – issue #165 – click here to read
Have a lovely weekend, and thank you for taking the time to stop by. Until Monday, bonjour.

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3 thoughts on “The Weekend . . .

  1. Hello. I am a devoted follower to your blog. I clicked the link for the blueberry tart recipe & it was not in English. Is there another link?
    I am looking forward to making this. Thanks so much for all the inspiration you provide.
    Melissa M.of Madison, NJ

    1. It really does look delicious doesn’t it? Your computer should have the ability to translate to English. With Google Chrome, which is what I use, when I arrive on the page, it asks if I would like it translated. Click yes, and it able to be read.

  2. Yeah my Google chrome translated it just fine. Melissa, in Explorer or Safari go to Google Translator and it will translate the whole page, I do this with French blogs when my schoolgirl French fails me.

    Have a lovely weekend Shannon.

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