The Updates to Will & Grace’s Set

Sep 28, 2017

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How did the Will & Grace set designer replicate the details of a show that had been off the air for more than 10 years? Begin by thanking Emerson College for having the entire set on display since the show said goodbye in 2006.

Peter Gurski, the set decorator of the show, along with Debra Messing gave Architectural Digest a tour of the foursome’s updated, yet still oh-so familiar living and work spaces.

From adding full sliding doors in Grace’s office to replace the freight elevator’s industrial doors to updating all of the lighting which was donated entirely by Fuse Lighting who even custom-made a set of sconces, now named . . . you guessed it, the Will & Grace sconces. The outdoor terrace which was very rarely used in the original series is said to be receiving some extra special attention, and the art as well has been updated to reflect even more sophistication, most of it sourced from New York City’s own Sear Peyton Gallery. Gurski pointed out that while many design studios and decor businesses donated much of the details as they were fans of the show, it still ended up being one of the most expensive sets he has ever designed. In fact the most expensive item on the set is very rarely seen at all (scroll down to find out what it is).

Take a look at a few of updated details below (along with one detail that had to return) on the set of Will & Grace, read the full article and tour here, and be sure to tune in tonight on NBC (Thursday) at 9pm. Critics have been impressed and reviewers have placed it at the top of shows to watch this season which makes it all the more difficult to wait.

~the sophisticated, modern, gentleman painting remains~

~more flourish and woodwork has been added to the mantle~

~the kitchen received Scandinavian upgrades and touches~

~the Hermès Pippa bench in the foyer, at the cost of $20,000, is the most expensive piece of furniture or detail on the set~

~notice the new sliding doors opening up to the freight elevator in Grace’s office~

~notice the new addition? Grace’s office received an expansion. As part of her new story-line, or evolving story-line, Grace’s design firm has done well and new team members are added, thus more space was needed.~

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