The Subtle, Yet Dramatic Effect of a Large Round Mirror

Aug 01, 2019

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Four years ago, I found myself with a hallway that needed a focal point. The hallway was dark with little access to natural light, so I chose to hang a large round mirror at the end. It was exactly what the space needed.

Always an advocate for adding mirrors to living spaces in order to enlarge the space, the dramatic effect of a round mirror is both classic and modern. The round lends itself to work with other shapes without having to be exactly like them – inclusive, so to speak. And the lack of rigid edges lends itself to the more modern camp of minimal and simplicity.

Besides a long, dark hallway, where else might a large round mirror work well? I began to ponder this question, and found a handful of inspiring rooms and spaces and shared in today’s Decor Inspiration post.

  • The bathroom – one large mirror instead of two or a wall full of a rectangular corner to corner mirror enabling you to paint or add wallpaper for an extra touch of softness;
  • The foyer or entrance as a functional way of checking one’s attire before walking out the door or adding light to a sometimes darker, small space;
  • The master bedroom to make a statement without having to make a decision about what defines the space.

The larger the better when it comes to wall decor as it reduces the need for excess and cluttered walls and instead solidifies the point, the commentary or the moment the decorator wishes to bring to the viewer’s attention.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a wall collage (my office wall of Inslee illustrations demonstrates this), but sparingly as each wall decor decision reveals the thoughtful intention of the inhabitants who call the space home.

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