The Signature Statement of Varying Chairs

Apr 09, 2020

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The more I virtually tour British interior decorator Ben Pentreath‘s projects, the more I discover the power of varying and investing and seeking out unique, beautiful and statement making chairs. Nothing too garish or unexpected, mind you, just thoughtfully chosen.

From the two matching club chairs above in the salon to the dining room chairs seen below (you can see the source of each of the chairs in the original post in House & Garden) to the atrium chairs that immediately captured my attention as I am searching for two patio chairs to surround a small bistro table, chairs as we have known can be beautiful and functional, but remembering how beautiful is captured in this Georgian house in London.

I have chosen just a few of the rooms that contain varying chairs, but please do tour the entire home here.

Key Decor Takeaways:

  • Any time you see a chair in a decor magazine, on Pinterest, in a blog post that immediately captures your eye for all of the right reasons, save it. After all, if it had such an immediate effect for you, it is worth hunting for to include in your own sanctuary.
  • Not all of your chairs have to be expensive. Find treasures at secondhand shops, yard sales and consignment. Repair as necessary to ensure the chair is also functional as well as eye-catching, paint or stain if that is your style, and welcome a “one-of-a-kind” piece of furniture into your home.
  • Find the style of chair you want, and do not be deterred if the fabric is not to your liking. Take time to find the fabric you want to cover your chairs with and invest. These will be chairs that could last your lifetime with the right attention to construction, fabric and care.
  • Choose matching dining room chairs that beckon your eye and your derriere to sit down. Just as important as the table you will be dining at are the chairs you will be sitting in. Invest well. Lately, I have been drawn to checking out the chairs more than the table to see the little subtle details that people have thoughtfully considered with their purchase.
  • Don’t leave your chair empty – fill it with pillows, anything that will make the “sitting” experience perfectly comfortable for the guest.

Enjoy touring my favorite images below and tour the entire home here.

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