The Perfect Length for All-Ages — Midi Length

Feb 05, 2019

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Flattering, feminine, functional and fantastic for all seasons and all stages of our lives.

Midi length dresses and skirts.

This particular hem-length has stayed around for a few seasons, and I for one, am quite happy with its stronghold.

It is interesting from a historical perspective to watch the trend of hemlines – when they rise and when they fall. Typically, when we look back over the 20th and 21st century, a country’s economic wealth prosperity and overall well-being for the masses ran fairly consistently with the theme of prosperous times – shorter hemlines; and recession and depression eras – lowering of hemlines.

Since the Great Recessions, hemlines gradually did fall lower, below the knee. Only time will tell where the hemlines are going next, but regardless of the economy, I will take my hemlines at midi length year-round.

Below find some style inspiration (click through each image to learn more about the entire outfit), and at the end of the post, shop more than a handful of midi-length dresses for a variety of occasions.

~Sézane’s Justine Dress~

SHOP MIDI-Length Dresses below:

7 thoughts on “The Perfect Length for All-Ages — Midi Length

  1. Hi Shannon!
    I am all for that length! I think it is very attractive and I feel comfortable in that length. I love the first two dresses.

  2. This is a beautiful length, but sadly as a height compromised person at 5’1″ tall and averse to wearing heels, it’s difficult for me to pull off!

  3. A very ladylike, comfortable length of dress. Practical. I’m tired of seeing female undies in public and especially on television. Thank you for this blog. Loved it!

  4. Hi,

    Love the blog and this post., especially the 2nd photo of the floral dress. Can you provide the designer and other details? Many thanks!

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