The Kitchen Rack: Slightly Rustic, Yet A Sophisticated Touch

Feb 20, 2020

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I can remember stepping into the kitchen in my vacation rental in Luberon, Provence, and seeing the kitchen utensils neatly arranged on the kitchen rack. The copper pans hung from hooks situated above, and I immediately felt the urge to cook something, anything, because everything was at the ready for me to be successful.

Similarly inspired upon having the opportunity while visiting Sharon Santoni in Normandy, her kitchen rack above her stove is home to a handful of copper vintage lids and cooking utensils, all within reach of the cook. As you will see below, her kitchen is gorgeous, and the kitchen rack elevates the inviting aesthetics even more.

Making our kitchen’s highly functional as well as inviting requires a thoughtful choreography of consideration to our needs and our aesthetic preferences.

When I came across deVol’s aged brass kitchen rack (seen above and two images below), I was drawn to the simplicity, the patina and functionality. DeVol offers custom lengths as well as the sturdy S-hooks to enable the cook to fit the space in their kitchen whether above their stove or elsewhere in their kitchen where it best fits. Needless to say, their racks are on my list as I begin to select the items for my own kitchen customization as they serve both needs of beauty and smart design.

Having our necessary tools easily accessible, placed somewhere where we do not have to stoop down or search to find, seems a small difference in design but is in fact quite significant to increasing the pleasure of our experience in the kitchen. We immediately find what we need, we reduce the likelihood we will pinch our fingers, run into an open door cupboard while moving to find what we are looking for and also give our full attention to what we are cooking. When the tools and pans are right where they will be used, they are more likely to be used frequently.

And while trends come and go, so long as the design we choose works well for us and is easy to maintain as far as cleaning and returning to its designated space, the look will remain in vogue for the user. After all, if something only looks good but does not enable us to live well (i.e. comfortably and with ease), then the trend will fade and something new will come to replace it. There is a reason chefs place their tools close to their stations: It is a necessity. Such a necessity begs to be replicated whether in a professional setting or our personal sanctuaries.

May your kitchen customization move forward well and delight you with how it all comes together.

~the cooking rack seen in the vacation rental in Luberon~
~DeVol’s aged brass kitchen rack~

7 thoughts on “The Kitchen Rack: Slightly Rustic, Yet A Sophisticated Touch

  1. I have wonderful copper pots that I use and love. But haven’t found a good product to polish my copper. I used to use Red Bear polish powder but I can no longer find it even online. Do you have a suggestion?

  2. Bonjour!
    My husband fixed a rack for me in the kitchen just 3 weeks ago. Last Saturday, I joyfully polished up all my copper pans & lids and hung them proudly. Just what I’ve been waiting for. In a galley-style kitchen in a 1929 cottage, this is the perfect way to have the equipment quickly available and show-stopping beautiful to! Enjoying your homemaking story in the new house.

  3. I have watched the film, but I now need to watch it again!!! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I cannot wait to enjoy it again. It was lovely. Thank you for sharing Patri 🙂

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