The Golden Globes’ Red Carpet – TSLL’s Top 8 Picks

Jan 09, 2017

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~Emma Stone in Valentino Haute Couture~

The 74th Golden Globes began with a song and dance number lead by a host who loves to sing and dance (thank you Jimmy Fallon!), included an unexpected glitch for the opening monologue, toss in a bit of political humor from Fallon and political straight talk from none other than lifetime achievement winner Meryl Streep, a heart-warming acceptance speech from Ryan to Eva, a fun repartee between Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn and a record number of wins for La La Land and there you have it: A Golden Globes Award show that captured my interest most of the evening during the wintery weather advisory.

But I am forgetting the best part: the red carpet. The dresses, gowns, and suits were magnificent. Truth be told, how I zero in on a favorite has as much to do with the individual wearing it, how they carry themselves, their conversations with others and the journalists, and appreciation for being part of the evening as it does to do with the dress itself.

With all of that said, I have chosen to include my top eight gowns and women as their personalities as well as their talent were complemented with sartorial choices that cultivated a signature self all the more. Simply because others have not been included does not mean they didn’t look just as radiant – Judith Light you are timeless and stunning, Reese Witherspoon – choose yellow all the time always, you look stunning in your favorite hue – but after some contemplation, these are my choices.

~ABOVE: Emma Stone in La La Land truly shined. Her song and dance numbers in the seven-time award winning musical were playful as well as sophisticatedly sincere, much like her dress. The stars (perhaps an homage to the award-winning song in the film??), the muted hues allowed her red hair to shine and thus Emma to just be Emma.

~If you haven’t stopped into the theater to view Jessica Chastain in her recent film Miss Sloan, go. She is the smart, two-steps-ahead lobbyist that will keep you intrigued until the last scene at the Senate Hearings on Capitol Hill. Upon seeing her in a gown from Prada’s Resort 2017 collection, which caught my eye when it debuted last summer, she jumped to the top of my list.

~Paired with two beautiful speeches, winning for best supporting actress in a drama for Fences alongside Denzel Washington and introducing Meryl Streep for her Lifetime Achievement award, Viola Davis in Michael Kors exhibited the reminder that the right hue can make all the difference. No extra details, no extra textures, just a simple, well-tailored dress in a powerful hue complete a look that allows the amazing women wearing the dress to shine.

~In attendance with her husband Justin Timberlake (nominated for best original song), Jessica Biel in Elie Saab presented the image of strength and femininity, simplicity and regality. The plunging neckline was prevalent all evening (Mandy Moore and Kristen Bell), and while some grew tired of it, I became more and more appreciative. Small busts offer amazing styling options, further reminding each of us to play to our strengths and exude the confidence from within dismissing the naysayers and their calls for more curves. Some may agree, some may disagree, but Jessica Biel keep shining (see her beauty preparation here).

~I will admit, I had never seen or heard of Caitriona Balf who was nominated for best actress in a drama for Starz’s Outlander, but perhaps now I will have to check it out. Wearing a strapless navy and burnt red gown from Spanish design house Delpozo, the look is classic, yet modern, and absolutely gorgeous.


~When I first saw Kristen Bell arrive on the red carpet, I only saw her torso, and quite honestly, I was hoping she had chosen to wear a jumpsuit. However, while her Jenny Packham deep V sequin gown captivates with its drama and its simplicity, can you imagine this as a jumpsuit? I think it would be exquisite, daring and avant garde to be worn at the Golden Globes where more risks tend to be taken most likely to great applause.


~Ruth Negga who stars in Loving wore a custom Louis Vuitton gown. Yes, a custom LV gown. What a dream of a gift to wear. While metallic hues typically don’t attract my attention due to the blatant flash, paired with her pixie coif, winsome Josephine Baker eyes and sincere love for being in attendance, I became smitten with the entire ensemble.


~Oh Sarah Paulson, thank you for breaking the mold and reminding us that beautiful gowns worn by strong, elegant and eloquent women come in unexpected designs. Initially, the shoulder height jaded my full appreciation, but the complementary hue, the magnificent tailoring and the exterior cut-out reminded me that first-impressions can indeed be utterly wrong. Wearing Marc Jacobs and winning for best actress in a mini-series for The People vs. O.J. Simpson, Paulson charmed with her gracious acceptance speech and dazzled with her captivating smile and heart-felt laugh.

The first award’s show of the year has kicked off a bevy more. Mark your calendars for the following red carpet events (oh, and the award shows themselves of course):


Images: Harper’s Bazaar

9 thoughts on “The Golden Globes’ Red Carpet – TSLL’s Top 8 Picks

  1. I was so thrilled Caitroina made your list.
    I adore her as an actress and loved her gown. Give Outlander a few episodes and in certain you’ll be hooked. And if you want, read the books they are of course even better than the tv adaptation.

      1. I was pleasantly surprised to see Caitriona on TSLL as well. She is truly, a lovely human being. Just a heads up, Shannon; the Outlander book and tv series can get very intense -physically and emotionally- for readers and viewers alike. It’s a captivating story for sure, but not one you’d read or watch casually. You will understand what I mean if you choose to read/watch it!

        1. Thanks for adding the disclosure Natalie. I always like to give a heads up with my recommendation, but my iPhone post didn’t completely load. ***Hope this doesn’t scare anyone away.
          Outlander is a beautifully written & acted story on so many levels.

  2. I had not seen Caitriona’s gown at all, so that was a nice surprise. A bit Marion Cotillard-esque (and that’s a total compliment). Sarah Paulson always dresses her amazing figure in something unexpected. Viola Davis is a gem and we need more of her! Emma Stone was perfection. Just marvelous. The rest of the picks here did not excite me. But I give a shout out to Evan Rachel Wood, for: 1. looking FANTASTIC (her skin ,hair, everything), 2. Wearing menswear on the red carpet , and 3. this: “I actually decided this year that I wasn’t gonna wear any dresses to any of the award shows,” Wood said. “This is my sixth time to the Golden Globes, and my third nomination. I’ve worn a dress every time, and I just wanted to be a gentle reminder for young women, dresses are great, I’m not protesting them or anything, but they aren’t a requirement.” So much YES.

    1. Jill, Couldn’t agree more. Rachel Wood looked smashing. I too heard her share this sentiment and I appreciated her thoughtful approach to her sartorial choice this awards season. Thank you for your comment.

  3. Just wanted to add to the appreciation of the Outlander series and books. If you can, read the book first as it adds to understanding the characters and times. It is a series with so much history. I naturally love Scotland, but it made me appreciate American history so much as the books move forward in time. And it shows an enduring love story between husband and wife. All that and kilts!

  4. I love Catriona – she is a wonderful actress and is amazing in Outlander. She is always elegant at these award shoes and comes across as a warm, genuinely happy person.

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