The French Stove to Have for a Lifetime

Mar 15, 2018

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~a new remodel in photographer and cookbook author’s home in Berkley dons a traditional size La Canache, via @remodelista of @erinscottstudio Instagram~

If you are a cook, someone who loves to tinker in the kitchen and need to trust your oven will do as you expect for the duration of your lifetime and most likely beyond (oh, and if you are an avid Francophile and a lover of history), you may want to save up for a La Canache stove.

Before you shake your head “no” because you know the price of one of these pieces of culinary art is extraordinary, dream with me for a while.

Currently, I am dreaming because I don’t have a kitchen that is mine to remodel, but I am confident I will someday again (tour my previous kitchen and home) and hopefully someday soon. And if I might dream, I would adore to install a classic Rully or Cormatin range from La Canache. Not a double oven similar to Barefoot Contessa’s below or even Patricia Well’s (also below), simply a single range with one oven that will look as good as it performs for the duration of many generations.

Yes a $6500 and upwards pricetag is tremendous, but we are dreaming here, and if quality is the goal over quantity and we do not want to have to replace it (so long as we can afford it), why not take a look and dream? The first step to making anything a reality is to dream, non?

Have a look below at two of the new stoves iconic cooks Garten and Wells just had installed in their kitchens this winter as well as the one above that is just to my liking in color and size. (And learn more about the history of La Canache here.)

Happy dreaming!

~Ina Garten’s (aka The Barefoot Contessa) new La Canache stove in her New York apartment, via Instagram~

~Patricia Wells’ new La Canache stove, set against a 1850 exposed wall in her French home, via Patricia Wells’ Instagram~

11 thoughts on “The French Stove to Have for a Lifetime

  1. Simply gorgeous. I am dreaming a Lacanche with you Shannon. It’s on my wishlist. Mine wil be in a burgundy colour. Bonne cuisine.?

  2. I love that the French call these stoves “pianos de cuisson.” Preparing a dinner party can feel like directing an orchestra.
    Happily there are less-pricy options than Lacanche.

  3. We are a year out from a kitchen remodel and a la canche stove is on my splurge I I’ve their Instagram account; lots of beautiful inspiration.

  4. Hi! I have recently added a refurbished Lacanche to our new kitchen. A fraction of the price of a new one and completely beautiful. Try eBay!

  5. Bonjour Bonjour !

    So beautiful!

    The first photo with Diana Argon is in fact not a Lacanche, but a La Cornue Range. Both French, but Lacanche (named for the village in Burgundy where they are made) is definitely different 🙂
    All gorgeous, and thank you for the Lacanche love !!

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