The Bed-Side Table – A Necessary Comfort

Nov 14, 2018

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The evening ritual of easing into bed, with an hour or so to unwind before falling asleep is something I look forward to each night.

The decor detail that needs to be thoughtfully tended to to enable this comfort, but also a beckoning sleep sanctuary, is the bedside table (aka the nightstand, etc.).

In a remodeled Washington D.C. home by interior designer Darryl Carter, it was their bed-side table that caught my eye (the rest of the home is worth tourings as well). There isn’t anything especially unique about it, but it is the character of the English chest of drawers, the ample tabletop for a lamp, a vase of flowers, glass drinking bottle as well as books without creating a cramped space that was, well, for lack of a better word, perfect. 

As I share in my new book, daily rituals and routines you look forward to simply, but dependably, elevate the everydays. So when it comes to what I love to find on my bed-side table each night, I thought I’d share a list below. I would love to hear what you include that makes the evening all the sweeter.

Do I have fresh flowers every night throughout the week? No, but I do make a habit of trying to have them in the bedroom as often as possible. Sometimes my candle needs replacing and sometimes my book stack is low, but I have discovered what makes me feel welcomed to bed, to begin to unwind, to begin to relax and to begin to step into a stress-free moment of my everyday life that is a true comfort and helps to cultivate a restful night’s sleep. 


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13 thoughts on “The Bed-Side Table – A Necessary Comfort

  1. Good morning Shannon. I love my bedside cabinets, French style with drawers. Although not locked, the drawers are where I place special things that I consider as private. As was your beautiful bedstead, they were found after a long wait for just the right thing. Best wishes, Sue, UK

  2. I have three books right now by my bedside.. Two of yours and one of patricia wells.. Can’t wait to go to bed at night and spend an hour reading. Truly a luxurious life!!!!!

  3. Shannon you have a great timing! My Dad just renovated bedside – table for me, so thank you for some much neede inspo !

  4. Great timing as I was just thinking about making my bedside more appealing. A couple of essentials for me are Bobbi Brown lip balm and moisturizing eye drops. And flowers make any environment more appealing!
    (Love the new book BTW.)

  5. Fantastic essentials, love rituals, my addition would be sleep spray from The White Company – oh and a luxurious hand cream – Bon nuit

  6. A bedside table. Ah, so special. I have an vintage chest of drawers instead, as space is limited, for me. But, last thing each night, before I hop into bed, is the evening hand and cleavage anointing ritual with some rich Astral cream. It is time to add foot massage too, I’m feeling. A water bottle is there too, for a quick drink before bed, plus more if I wake up during the night.

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