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Oct 22, 2016


There is a first time for everything, and sometimes doing something that isn’t well-known or what you are accustomed to doing, if my experience on KATU-TV is any indication, just jump in, say yes and give it your best shot.  When producer Katie Arthur reached out this past summer to ask if I wanted to be a guest on a new show airing on Portland’s KATU, I was trepidatious (more because of my reluctance to get in front of the camera than anything else). However, once she introduced the concept of the new show Afternoon Live hosted by Tra’Renee Chambers, I recognized that she was offering something I didn’t want to refuse.

As it was my first time on live television, I didn’t know what to expect; however, all nerves were quickly erased as KATU’s staff, crew and fellow guests were inviting, warm and helpful in walking me through the process. Have a look at the segment below that aired live on KATU-TV yesterday.


~the outfit details: DVF midi dress, Jennifer DeMoro necklace, DVF boots (old), similar here and here~

50 thoughts on “Talking Simply Luxurious Living

  1. Shannon, you were amazing!! It was so nice to put a face and personality to the blog. You are a natural and would expect they will be inviting you back for future shows!! Congratulations to you:)

  2. So enjoyed seeing you “live”. Your enthusiasm for living the simple but luxurious life came across. I just love your blog and podcasts! Thanks for sharing the video.

  3. How fantastic, Shannon! You spoke with such ease and engagement. And you looked fabulous. Well done!
    And might there be a possibility of more videos on the site? I know I would love it!

    Bon weekend!

  4. Shannon, so nice to see you in action; you’re as amazing live on TV as you are on your blog and podcast. Not to mention, you are absolutely stunning and I love your style! The DVF dress is fab and will be an eternal classic. Thanks for sharing your beautiful life with us.


  5. Loved it! Helpful reminders and new ideas; such a great treat for (my) Saturday inspiration. Congratulations for making it on the show and being able to inspire others in your community.

  6. Congratulations, Shannon! I look forward to each blog post, and often save them for reading when I can enjoy it with a cup of tea. I’m happy you got to have this experience and hope it’s the start of more. Keep up the great work!

  7. Shannon, I just watched the clip from yesterday and I was so pleased to hear you speak. I feel like your short interview just touched on the tip of the iceberg, though, and I hope people will click on your website to learn more. After following your blog, and listening to your podcasts for the past year, I feel your message is so much more than you were able to share yesterday. I have learned and grown so much from your talks and look forward to more!! Annette

      1. Hi Shannon

        I torally agree with Annette – it was a great interview but only just scratched the surface. I hope they, and you, think about doing a regular segment!
        I am a longtime follower in NZ 🙂


  8. It was a real treat to “meet” you in person. You are a natural who exudes grace and confidence in your brand. Congratulations on the interview and continued success. We will continue to follow you all the way! Thank you for sharing your guidance and wisdom in so many aspects of living a Simply Luxurious Life.

  9. Fantastic interview!! I’m positive you inspired some of those viewers to embrace the lifestyle you champion for!! I’ve been devoutly listening to your podcast for two years now!! I always learn something new, which is refreshing. Keep up the great work!!

  10. Really loved this interview! What a treat to have this opportunity- I’ve been listening to the podcast forever, and I’m hoping (maybe) you’re thinking about speaking tours? You’re so genuine and thoughtful, and it definitely shines through!

  11. Shannon, hard to believe that is your first time on Live TV, you were so at ease!! I loved your enthusiasm, thoughtful responses and overall confidence. I am sure this is just the beginning… . Additionally, Ms. Chambers was a very solid interviewer, asking good questions while skillfully listening to you, adapting her interview, and responding in kind.

  12. Love the video, Shannon! Congratulations!!!! I agree with the other readers: it was like officially meeting you! I do hope you consider doing more videos (but without stopping your podcast- still love that and listen each week!).

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